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ビネット vignette (n.) vi·gnette /vinˈyet/ a brief description, illustration, or actions that describes one's past or story. in which the genderneutral!reader is paired with a certain ex-assassin by the universe. i felt as if there aren't many stories for non-binary people on this platform, so i hope this reaches anyone who is non-binary and searches for comfort in killua !! (slight) SPOILER WARNING !! HXH SOULMATE AU !! lowercase intended. slow updates. yes

Romance / Fantasy
RAY !!
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"granny..." a small child furrowed their brows. pure curiosity rushing throughout every part of their small frame. the grey haired woman had hummed in response as a signal to continue with whatever they'd have to get off of their chest. "do you believe in soulmates?"

"of course i do, sweetie..." the older woman paused for a second. her last intention had been to break the young child's fragile mind and heart. "when you meet this person something magical and funny will happen to your-"

"mom! i thought i told you to stop spreading around your fairytales to y/n!" the small child's mother hissed at their own. she had felt as if it had been to early to expose y/n to such a concept this early in their life. y/m/n had spent her entire lifetime searching and worrying about when or who her soulmate was. 'what a way to spend my youth...' she didn't want her child(ren) repeating the same lifestyle as her.

"why not momma? i want to know about what i'm going to have to put up with when i get old!" y/n pushed some of the skin on their face together in attempt to make it seem like they've aged a bit.

"you'll know when the time has come, my love... you'll know...."

"b-but! what if it's someone i don't like? what if they smell bad?" the small child's face scrunched up in disgust. the thought of having to spend the rest of their life with someone who smelt bad or acted rude towards people. 'what if they even have crusty feet?' their arms crossed, their lips pursed into a tiny pout. "i guess i'll just be patient then." chimed the child's high pitched voice in a mocking manner.

'i'll just have to wait...'

~ word count; 302
~ part six; coming soon :3
~ author-chan; please critique
my writing. constructive criticism is
greatly appreciated !!
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