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My Only Regret


“I regret going anywhere near you” “You don’t mean that” “Oh... but I do” • • • (Modern Au) - - - College life.... what a bunch of bullshit Y/N L/N was a second year college student living in a house with her Friends: Sasha, Historia, Mikasa, Ymir and Annie It was a dream for you, you was had alright grades not the top but enough to pass and was the life of the party as people would say, you had no intention of ever being in a long term relationship more like a hit and run situation but even then that was a rare occurrence. That was until a you caught the eye of a certain boy... Eren Yeager; he was the definition of player he went to parties fucked whoever he wanted and always somehow got his way. He was only still on college and your class because his dad was head doctor and respected by everyone in the town so money was never a worry. But Eren never listend his grades where enough to barley keep him in the class. He only really cared about parties, drinking and smoking. So what happen when you catch his eye at a party..

Drama / Erotica
Age Rating:


Y/n pov-

You was slowly falling asleep, you head on the desk as your eyes closing.

That was until a pencil was thrown at your head, you picked you head up off the desk and turned around to see who threw the pencil, to you annoyance the snickering and laughter from the back of the class gave it away. You narrowed you eyes at then flicking then off before turning around and looking at you friend Historias notes quickly copying them down.

Out of the group of boys in the back you only really liked two the rest you had a dislike to them, Armin was one you liked, he was kind and helped you revise sometimes. The other was Bertholdt, he was quiet and extremely tall he kind of just followed Reiner around but overall was a really nice kid.
Connie was the next boy, you didn't mind him he spent a lot of time with you friend Sasha, but he was just an idiot who did a lot of stupid things.

Reiner; he was you average high school jock. He was built and at times was nice but majority was a jerk with attitude. He played around with girls but not as many has the next two. But everyone knew about his crush on Historia, he had told the boys and Connie being a big mouth told Sasha, and she obviously told us. When we found out we thought it was cute that he thought he had a chance. Only the girls knew but Historia and Ymir had been dating since their Junior year of high school.

Next we have Jean his family was loaded his dad worked as a lawyer so all their money came from there. He was a fuck boy who didn't care about girls feelings he was also a cocky asshole who thought he was the shit. He was good looking you can't deny that but his ego is too big for head.

Finally the king of dickheads Eren Yeager. He was the worst of them all. He was that cocky player you read about in all the books he has money for days and enough fan girls to fill a zoo, all thinking they can change his player ways but end up heart broken. Personally I find it funny, some even come back to try again I never really knew why, but its not my problem. His grades are terrible but just because of his dad he is allowed to stay in this class. He smokes he drinks basically everything I do, but unlike me he has no consequences.

Anyway back to now I was copying notes on the board while stealing a chip from Sasha every now and again.

"Alright class, that's all. There's only 5 minutes left so I'll dismiss you now. Enjoy you weekend everyone!"

I gathered all my stuff and left the class waiting for the rest of the girls to come out

"WHOOOOO! Weekend time party time!" Sasha came out shouting with a smile on her face and bag of chips in one hand. You laughed at her behaviour watching Mikasa and Annie follow behind her having a conversation, and soon after Ymir and Historia.

"Ok girls who still has a class left?" You questioned
Historia raised her hand, " Me and Ymir have statistics then we're free for the weekend" Ymir smiled down at her before looking back up at me

"Me and Mikasa have boxing right now so we'll meet you back at the house after" Annie said, her and Mikasa waving walking away.
"Okay!" You replied waving back

You turned back to Ymir and Historia before seeing a certain blonde approach them, you rolled your eyes smiling knowing what's about to happen.

"So, Historia," Reiner started " me and you should go on a date maybe to that café down the street. Then maybe we can go back to my-"
He was quickly cut off but Ymir; "she's not interested back off"
A glare from Reiner was thrown her way " I wasn't fucking talking to you"
"Yeah? Well I was so fuck off Historia's not interested in meatheads like you" she snarled before grabbing Historias hand and dragging her down the hall to their last class. They group of boys laughed at his failed attempt

"Shut up!" He glared there way making them laugh harder
You let out a little giggle before turning around to Sasha
"Sasha you ready to-" you stopped realising she wasn't there but was having a fight with Connie over her bag of chips
"He must of tried to take one" you mumbled to yourself

You watched them wrestle for about 2 mins before Sasha kicked Connie in the stomach causing him to double over, you gasped before a laugh escaped your mouth as Sasha stood there proud of her achievement. That was until your laugh faded into a nervous one and Sashas smile dropped as we turned to see Connie smirking

"Shit" you whispered

Sasha grabbed your hand and you two started running down the hall

"SASHA GET YOUR FUCKING ASS BACK HERE" you heard Connie shout making you and Sasha laugh you turned around to see Connie and the rest of the boys chasing you.


And that brings us to now, me and Sasha running threw campus laughing our asses with Connie, Reiner, Jean and Eren chasing us. (Armin and Bertholdt had another class)

Sasha and I turned the corner and ran up the stairs to the house goofing in and closing the door just in time locking it and hearing the 4 boys bang on it

"Cmon Sasha, Cmon Y/n we ain't gonna hurt you..." connie started
"Yeah we ain't going to hurt you, just have revenge!" Jean finished

"Hey I have and idea" i whispered to Sasha, i told her the my plan before going upstairs I grabbed one bucket and Sasha another. Me and her filled it with ice cold water before waddling to the bathroom right above the doorway with the empty buckets in hand. The boys stopped banging and where taking, thinking of ways to get in.

"I have the best idea we can-" Connie started but was cut short by ice cold water slapping the top of his head. Him, Jean and Reiner let out girly screams as they stood their now soaking wet.
Eren was lucky and didn't get hit since he was only on the first step out of the 5 and also the others where right next to the door and Eren was around 3/4 feet away. He only got the back splash of the water hitting the ground. But there he was laughing his ass off at the three boys soaking wet. He stopped laughing as soon as the three gave him death stares.
They took one step forward and Eren was running with them right after chasing him back to their housing.

Me and Sasha started laughing having to sit on the bathroom floor, your stomachs hurting so much
"That was the best thing ever!" She said laughing harder
I nodded having to use the bath to support me in order to stand up. I helped Sasha up;
" wanna watch a movie while we wait for the others to come back from their classes?"
Sasha hummed in response before running down stairs
"I'm gonna make some popcorn" she called
"Can you make some for me?"
"Of course"
"Thanks" i replied reaching the bottom of the stairs and going into the living room to turn on a movie.

I scrolled threw my phone waiting for Sasha to come in with the popcorn,
"Hey, Hitch is throwing a party you wanna go?" I questioned turning around to see Sasha walk in two bowls in her hands
"Of course I wanna go! Hitch always throws the best party's" she sat on the couch handing me a bowl,
"Yeah, she does" I muttered in agreement

I turned on the movie watching it and eating popcorn.

About 30 minutes later the rest of the girls came in.

"Hey guys, how was class?" I asked them turning the tv off and turning round to face them. A chorus of "goods" and "fine" was heard

"Umm why is the floor outside wet?" Historia wondered

"Oh we poured water on the boys cause they where chasing us." Sasha casually said finishing the last of her popcorn.

The girls started laughing before I interrupted
"Do you lot wanna go to a party Hitch is having?l

"Yeah sure"
"I'm down"
"I'm only going cause Historias going"

"Great!" You smiled. "It doesn't start till 11 and it's only 4 now so we have a lot of time"
There was some hums in response as everyone parted ways to do there own thing as you sent a message to hitch telling her whose coming.

You felt giddy as if something interesting might happen

~1489 words

Ok so this is the first book I've written and I'm so excited!
Anyway I hope you enjoyed it's just the first chapter so it's like a intro but it gets more exciting I promise. Also wanted to say that the characters look like a mix of season 4 and season 3 just wanted to put that out there. And it's modern so no Titans and shit. I will involve the other characters including ones who are dead such as Marco, Marlo and Erwin etc....

Anyway see you in the next chapter ❤️
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