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Read the title. Just so you are clear, I only do bottomkook!! I can't really write him as a top, sorry :) !!More info inside!!

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

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Important information located at the bottom of the chapter. Please read.

Hello! I do plenty of stories with pretty much anything and everything. If you wish for your request to stay personal and only between us, we can do that! Just dm me. Otherwise if not spoken about, you will be @ in the request you put in. I respect you, and I would love it if you respect me. So with that in mind, do NOT re-publish my work. If you see it anywhere else, please let me know! This is all my own work, and only will be my work. It all will stay in my Wattpad, Inkitt, and AO3.



- For xReaders - State whether male, female, transgender, non binary; afab or amab and any surgeries.


What the request will have to include:


-If any warnings/dark themes/kinks will be present

-Setting and type of AU

-Small description stating what you would like to happen in that chapter



Jikook, non-bts au: Jimin was overly stressed, his pent-up anger causes him to burst out randomly at everyone. Including his best friend, who, he’s always had a crush on. Not being able to tell him that, it doesn’t help when he randomly burst out at him, his anger causing him to not only admit but talk about his feelings to him in a raging way. Jungkook, his best friend and crush since they were young children, didn’t know what to say at first. It was all a shock but the shock will soon turn on Jimin when Jungkook does something he doesn’t expect.

-Top Jimin

-Bottom Jungkook

-Hair pulling


-Light Bondage

-Aftercare included.



[ This book is not to sexualize koreans, kpop idols, or anyone mentioned within this book. This is simply a book of imagination and fantasies put into a collection of words. Again, this is purely IMAGINATION. No way is this meant to offend, harm, nor sexualize anyone purposefully. If anything is found offensive or a need to talk about, direct message me so we can handle it. If you have anything to say; positive or negative, I’d love to hear your opinion.

I’m saying this again, this is purely, and only IMAGINATION. FICTION. Please don’t take anything in here literal and if you choose to take anything said within this book serious, that’s your own choice. However, You have been warned. This book is FICTION. DO NOT SPREAD HATE OR NEGATIVE THINGS INTO THE COMMENTS. If you have something to say, about my book or me, we can handle it in direct messages. Drama and fussing is childish; you will be deleted/blocked from my page and books. ]


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