All Yours - Kenji Futakuchi x Reader


6:42 pm


"Hey, back from dinner or something?" Futakuchi said immediately answering the phone call from you. He had looked at his clock to see you usually eat dinner around this time.

"Yep, my aunt says hello." Futakuchi nodded but realized you couldn't see him. He instead spoke a quiet yes and kept listening.

"Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner sometime?" Futakuchi perked up at your words and began to think over what you said.

"I would love to, but I thought you weren't ready to meet?" He questioned, of course he wanted to meet you, but he also didn't want to make you do something you weren't ready for.

"I was thinking an over the phone date."

"Sounds good. I'll call you tomorrow at 7:00pm then?" He asked hopefully.

"Sounds good with me."

"Make sure to wear something nice cutie." He said lowly into his phone and heard a soft giggle on the other side.

"I will Futakuchi, don't worry." You said into the phone, obviously smiling wide just from the sound of your voice.

"Oh, so you do dress up nice for your man?" He said flirtatiously.

"Of course I do." You said back playfully to him.

"Alright, well your man has things to go do. But I can confirm he'll miss you." Futakuchi said, sounding like a kid in a candy shop.

"I'll miss him too."

"Bye y/n."

"Bye Futakuchi."

'She's too cute.'
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