All Yours - Kenji Futakuchi x Reader


6:27 pm

"Hey sweetie, whatcha doing?" Your aunt said as she walked into the room you'd been staying in.

"Looking for an outfit. I'm gonna go out tonight with a friend." You said as you searched through more of your clothes.

"Well then I won't be making your dinner then. Have lots of fun." She said with a bright smile. You nodded as she walked out of your room. You heard a ding from your phone and walked over to pick it up.

What're ya wearing out?


*insert photo here*

Chefs kiss*

Go get ready and call me at 7

You go it <3

Wait what are you wearing?

*insert photo here*

Cutie <3

As you waited for Futakuchi to get done you decided to scroll through his profile. A little Instagram stalking couldn't hurt.

The post you clicked on was one of his bedroom in the dark, only illuminated by a single lamp.
Tf is on your wall lol?
- @sour.kenji
They're lights dumbass

Why's your bedroom so girly captain?
- @sour.kenji
Stfu moron

Lmao your room seriously looks like that?
- @sour.kenji
Your hair seriously looks like that

As you continued to scroll through comments a large notification appeared onto your phone.

@sour.kenji IS CALLING

"Hey, you at a restaurant yet?" He said into the phone as you heard the noise surrounding him, letting you know he was already there. You looked around to see the restaurant only a few feet away.

"Yeah hold on, I'm about to talk to someone." You said into the phone and put it in your pocket. You opened the door and were greeted by a host as the restaurant.

"How many?" He spoke and handed you a menu.

"Table for one." You said and began to follow him to your table. You sat down and put you menu on the table.

"To drink?" He said casually and with patience.

"Just a water please." He nodded in understanding and began to walk off. After a few minutes he came back with your order and said that a waiter would be by soon to get your food.

"So, I'm back." You said into the phone waiting for Futakuchi to respond.

"Hey, at the restaurant then?"

"How could you tell?" You said with a soft laugh.

"I heard you order a water." He followed up his sentence with a laugh.

"So, what are you gonna order?"

"I don't know. A salad." He said casually.

"A salad seriously?" You laughed but tried to keep it quiet in the middle of the restaurant.

"Yeah, seriously dumbass." He said both aggressively and playfully.

"Speaking of dumbasses, why are you so mean to everyone?" You laughed at the end of your question despite wanting a serious answer.

"I don't know what you mean." He said awkwardly. You wanted to correct him but the waiter had approached you.

"I'll take...pork curry please." You said as you say the large photo on the side of the menu. He nodded and took the menu from you as he walked off. You put the phone closer to your ear and listened.

"Just a salad." You heard Futakuchi say in his usual jack ass tone. You giggled into the phone as you heard him.

"Oh shut up, and I'm not mean to everyone ya know." He said when he heard you laughing into the phone about his salad.

"Your Instagram comment section says otherwise." You said with both spite and flirtation in your voice. You didn't plan on losing this argument, yet you also weren't gonna make it a big deal.

"It's not like they don't deserve it."

"Maybe you think that, but they probably don't mean any harm ya know."

"Whatever." He said with a huff. You didn't say anything as you heard him take a bight of his salad.

"Here you go miss." The waiter said, he had arrived and put your plate down without you even realizing. You nodded your head and began to eat your food.

You two didn't say anything for a while, just silence while you age.

"Hey, I'm done eating." You heard Futakuchi mumble in a quiet tone. You let out a laugh as you swallowed your food.

"Why are you laughing at me?"

"It's just- you're pouting right now and it's really funny." He let out and sigh but the more you laughed at him the more he began to laugh too.

"Just hurry up and pay for your food, I wanna leave this restaurant." He said casually into the phone for you to hear.

"Why can't you leave now?"

"It makes more sense to leave at the same time as you." He said causing your agreement. Just a few moments later the waiter approached with the check. You left the money and stood up to leave.

"I'm leaving." You said in a sing song voice to him. He gave a small laugh and you heard some noises that indicated he was also leaving.

You pushed the door open and felt a cold breeze slowly go through your hair. You gripped onto your phone as the cold air attacked you.

"It's really cold."

"Same here." He said through the phone to you. You both paced through the sidewalks trying to get back home.

"You wanna play a game?" You asked curiously over the phone.

"What game?"

"Pick up line competition." You spoke flirtatiously as you wiggled you're eyebrows despite the fact he couldn't see it.

"I'll go first?"

"Yes please!" You said with excitement. You listened closely and looked around at the sidewalk. The only person you could see was a guy in the distance who was also in the phone. You looked away as to not be awkward and focused on the phone.

" you have a name or can I just call you mine?" He said with an audible grin on his face causing you to start laughing.

"Oh my god no- that's so basic. Okay okay, try again."

"Alright, alright. I might not go down in history but I will go down on you." He said mischievously and playfully. You gave off a small laugh as you felt your face heat up a little.

"My turn, Mario is red, Sonic is blue, wanna press start and be my player two?" You said in a sweet and happy tone causing Futakuchi to laugh quietly.

"That was really cute." He spoke. Yet, it sounded like you were hearing double of him.

"I think I'm hearing two of you or something." You said confused as you looked at your phone.

"Yeah, I'm having the same problem. It's all good though, probably just the service since we're walking around." He said trying to come up with some explanation.

"Yeah yeah, say another line, this is fun." You said hopefully causing him to smile without realizing.

"Do you play volleyball? Cause you look like you're good on your knees." He said flirtatiously. You immediately looked up as you were sure you had heard him twice. Not just twice over the phone, you heard him in real life. You looked up to see someone passing you.

"Hey Futakuchi." You said into the phone, but equally out loud causing the boy to turn around. He turned and looked at you with his mouth hanging open and wide eyes.

"That's a nice outfit, but it'd look better on my bedroom floor." He said as he looked into your eyes. You heard him twice again, once on the phone, and another right in front of you. You moved the phone from your ear and stared at the male standing across from you.

"It's you," he said still in obvious shock. "It's really you."
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