All Yours - Kenji Futakuchi x Reader


"It's you," he said still in obvious shock. "It's really you."

You felt your jaw drop before curving up your lips into an obvious smile. He did the same as you to looked at each other with delight. You laughed a little as he shoved his phone down into his pocket and came closer to you.

Futakuchi then wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you into his chest. You immediately wrapped your arms around his waist closed your eyes as you peacefully rested your head on his chest.

"It's really you." He said for the third time with a smile on his face.

"It's really me." You said serenely. He pulled away just enough to be able to look down at you. He stared into your eyes as he pushed a strand of hair behind your ear.

"Just gonna stand there?" You said playfully not really minding him holding you. He let out a sigh and inched a little bit closer, filling in the small gap that separated you two.

"I'm just admiring the beautiful view." He said implying that you were the beautiful view he spoke of. He leaned down and pressed his forehead against yours causing you to giggle.

"I really didn't think this is how we'd meet."

"Me either, but I don't mind." He say peacefully. "Oh fuck- your shoes untied. Lemme get that." He said, pulling away from you. He kneeled down as you stuck your foot out. As he tied your shoe in concentration you took out your phone and snapped a few photos before quickly putting it back.

He stood back up and grabbed one of your hands. You both let a small laugh escape your lips. His big soft hands held onto your small hands perfectly. His short nails not getting in the way as he rubbed small circles on your hand with his thumb.

"Hey, you wouldn't mind if we met up again after this right?" He said blissfully as he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead onto yours again.

"I'm only gonna be here with my aunt for a few more nights," you said with a sound of sorrow filling your voice up. "But I'd love to. And when I go back home...we'll work something out." You let out a breathe as you ended your sentence. He let go of one of your hands and wrapped it around your waist comfortably.

"Don't worry, I'd walk to Tokyo if that's what it takes." He said calmly. Though he immediately shot his head up and moved his arm from around your waist.

"Fuck." He shouted as he took a step away from you.

"What is it?" You said frantically as he looked down at you.

"I'm gonna be late for practice."

"Oh my god- hurry up and go already." You said failing to hold back a laugh. He smiled and rolled his eyes at you. He leaned down and gently left a kiss on your forehead causing you too blush.

"Sorry for kissing you, but I gotta go." He said and began to quickly walk the other direction. When he made it to a place he had to turn he looked back at you and smiled.

"You looked beautiful today!" He shouted as he took the turn and began to run, in what you assumed, was the direction of where he practiced.

"You're looked great too!" You yelled back with a smile. As he ran off you could see his faint smile on the distance. For a guy with such an aggressive attitude, he sure seemed to smile a lot around you.
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