All Yours - Kenji Futakuchi x Reader


You anxiously stood on the sidewalk waiting for Futakuchi to walk up. You opened your phone to pass the time but were met with what seemed to be the time then passing slower. You gently tapped your foot as you swiped through your apps to distract yourself. Futakuchi wasn't that late, it had only been a few minutes. You closed your phone and shoved it roughly in your pocket.

As your head filled with thought of where he may be you began to pace out of nervousness. The ideas flooded your mind were extreme, that's usually how it is in these situations. The thought of him getting into an accident, a medical emergency, getting killed. Of course, you doubted the possibility of all of those things. While they were scary thoughts, your aunt lived in a very safe town with a low crime rate. Futakuchi was also very fit, you knew that from paying attention to every inch of his toned athletic body so the chances of a medical emergency seemed low.

Though the thought that made you most nervous, was that he has stood you up. Decided you weren't worth his time. You hoped it wouldn't happen, and thought that even if it did he'd be kind enough to let you know first. You really didn't think he would intentionally hurt you. Yet the idea still made your heart pound like a drum line as you anxiously awaited the brunette. You let out a sigh and looked up at the clouds in the sky. It felt like he would never arrive.

"Waiting for me?" You heard someone say in a daunting voice. When you looked over you saw the tall brown haired male you'd been waiting for standing a few feet away from you. You smiled and quickly made your way over to him.

"Hey handsome."

"That better be platonic." He commented as he rolled his eyes with a chuckle. You playfully hit his shoulder causing him to turn away from you. You walked next to him down the sidewalk in anticipation. Sure, it was just a walk around, but you couldn't help but feel excited to be with him.

"So, what've you been up to?"

"Making little kids cry." He said without hesitation or remorse. He looked dead serious, but you laughed along which caused him to let slip a smile.

"What, don't tell me you're a douchebag who just happens to be nice to me?" You playfully mused. He didn't reply so you came to a slow as he kept walking. He turned around and stared at you with one eyebrow raised.

"Oh my god, you are then!" You shouted jokingly as he stared back at you. He let a smirk dance across his face before turning around to keep walking. You quickly caught up with him. As you matched his pace he didn't turn to see you, instead keeping his gaze on the sky.

The crisp wind blew through your hair and set the mood for a chilly autumn night. Soon the sky would fade to black and you'd be sleeping at home. Though, before you could rest in your cozy bed you needed to spend your time wandering around with Futakuchi.

"So are you just a simp or something?" You questioned as you looked up to him.

"Excuse me?" He commented without bothering to look down at you.

"I mean you're a jerk aren't you, but you act all nice to me? So, you're a simp aren't you?"

"No, you're just tolerable." He answered in an unreadable tone that seemed normal to him as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder. You internally laughed at his antics.

As a breeze of cold air rang through you felt one of his slightly toned arms slip around your shoulders. You turned your head to look at him and see him looking back down at you. His eyes stared back into yours with a soft glow. His slim fingers brought back a piece of your hair as he moved down towards you. As he bent down to kiss you, he paused. You heard a ringing come from his phone as he pulled back. He nervously fumbled with the phone and answered with a sign.

"It's Kogenogawa." He whispered to you as he brought the phone to his ear.

"What's up?" You watched as Futakuchi talked on the phone. He listened annoyedly with somewhat wide eyes. "You're kidding me." He said as his eyes grew wider. You raised an eyebrow as he spoke a goodbye into the phone, stating he'd be there in fifteen minutes. You directed your eyes back at his as he shoved his phone into his pocket.

"Aone just passed out on the court, I gotta go help." He said with an irritated tone. You gave him a half smile and nodded in agreement. You sighed and hugged you by pulling you into his chest.

You took in the scent of his cologne and he stroked your hair.

"I hate this." He mumbled as he pulled you closer to him.

"Me too." You said thinking of the fact his manager issues were getting in the way. He pulls away from the hug and gently kisses your forehead. You blush at his actions but smile up at him. He smiles back trying to mentally photograph this moment.

"I'll get going then." He says as he finally let's go of you. You hummed in agreement and you both began to walk away.

You both turned around and looked at each other at the same time causing him to smile, and you to giggle along. He waved. You waved back.

You both turned around again to leave, making the short walk back to your house.
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