All Yours - Kenji Futakuchi x Reader


@sour.kenji posted

*insert photo here*

Caption: Prettiest girl in the world < 3

Who is she?

Mind if I join y'all?

You have a girlfriend?

Good look Futakuchi. I'm sure she's a keeper.

No way lmao- you definitely got this pic online

Fake news lol

Good job
- @koganegawa.k
He spoke!
- - @obarabarabara.yu
He spoke!
- - - @taro.onagawawawa
He spoke!
- - - - @take.sasayayaya
He spoke!

She's not my fangirl- huh!?

According to the other comments, she is not real.
- @monster.tendou
We know Wakatoshi lol

It's not April first already is it?
- @prettysetter.akaashi
No Bokuto-San, it is not.

She's very lucky < 3
- @sour.kenji
Glad you think so

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