All Yours - Kenji Futakuchi x Reader


You let your hands fall to your sides as the aura of the lake illuminated your surroundings. You stood near the edge as the clock struck two thirty in the morning. You awaited your dates arrival, not excepting to have to wait so long. Then again, you did come quite a bit early, and it just hit the agreed upon time.

"Hey lover." Futakuchi's voice called out from behind you. You turned around to see him dressed in a grey sweatshirt, blue cuffed jeans, Air Force Ones, and a lock necklace. His brown hair looked dark, almost black, in the little to no lighting.

"Don't call me your lover." You said jokingly as he approached you. You reached your hand out towards him and as he came closer he grabbed it. You turned back towards the lake and faced it with him.

"Nice shoes." He mocked as he moved to stand closer to you. You turned your head to my right to see him looking down at your pale blue converse. You nudged him with your elbow and he looked back up to you.

"You too." You mumbled and moved closer to him. Both of you now stood shoulder to shoulder as you held hands, staring at the lake. He leans his head on top of yours, not bothering to look at you.

"You know your gorgeous." He said to you monotonously as his brown eyes stared out into the glowing blue-ish green of the lake.

"Whatever you say, Kenji." You spoke with a gentle tone in your voice as he squeezed your hand. He wrapped one of his arms around your shoulder and without even looking at him you were able to tell that he was smiling.

Before either of you continued the conversation Futakuchi wrapped both arms around you and gave you a hug. Your head was rested on his chest as he took deep breathes. You let yourself relax in his comforting arms. Slowly you brought your arms up and wrapped them around him. He let out a soft sign and you heard his heartbeat through his chest.

"Hey, y/n."

"Yeah, Kenji?"

"You wanna lay down?"

"Right here in the middle of the grass?" You responded and pulled a little bit away from him. You could feel the cold air brush up against you softly.

"Yeah." Futakuchi had a nonchalant tone in his voice that showed the idea of laying in damp grass in the middle of the night didn't bother him. You unraveled yourself from his arms and looked up at him with curious eyes.

As you watched him carefully he moved back and sat down next to your feet. You awkwardly say down next to him and faced the lake. He leaned back and rested his head on his hands.

Futakuchi softly hummed as you stared out at the lake. The stars shown down causing a small twinkle to exist in the waters reflection. A few trees stood around the lake, casting a large shadow over everything surrounding it despite the lack of sun.

"I can't believe it's almost three in the morning." Futakuchi said with his eyes closed as he laid there.

"Me either." You said laying back next to him. He opened his eyes and looked over to see you laying there. He smiled softly and closed his eyes again. He slowly put his arm around you and pulled you closer. You pressed the side of your head to his chest and gently laid there listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

"So, are you gonna be my girlfriend now?" He asked you cleverly as you listened to his heart pound against his chest. It was obvious to you that he was nervous.

"You ask that so weirdly." You stated to him. He didn't respond but his heart rate only seemed to increase at your lack of definitive response.

"Yes Kenji, I'd love to be your girlfriend. That means your my boyfriend though." You said letting out a small laugh, knowing full and well you were probably irritating him with a statement that implied he wouldn't wanna be your boyfriend.

"Shut up," He said laughing to hide behind his irritation. "Of course I'd be your boyfriend." He says, sounding like a total idiot of course. You two both laugh along side each other. As the laughter dies down it because painfully obvious that it's three in the morning. You both start to become more drowsy that before, falling asleep very quickly.

You both seemed very content and happy with the idea of this relationship. The feelings both of you felt towards each other were immense. Futakuchi hadn't always been the nicest or the best by anyone's measures. But with you, something clicked for him. You both felt important and needed. You were both loved, that much was obviously. And for some reason, laying here at three in the morning by a lake, in a park you never would've gone to before, you felt your happiest.

"Are you tired?" He asked you, clearly only half awake himself. You nodded your head yes and moved a little closer to him, keeping both of you warm in the cold weather. He stretched out a bit and slowly began to get more drowsy.

As he laid with you in the dark, Futakuchi heard soft snores coming from you. He smiled softly and opened his eyes to find you curled up to him. Your head was laying on his chest, listening to the calm rhythm of his heart beat. One of his arms wrapped around you in an attempt to keep you warm. He saw you had on of your legs intertwined with his and he let out a small laugh.

"Goodnight." He mumbled to you softly, still having a small smile. He closed his eyes and let the cold air brush past him.

"God, I love her." He said to himself with a stupid grin. Without opening his eyes he lightly smacked his palm to his forehead and laughed.

"She loves you too." He heard you mumble, despite thinking you were asleep. He moved his hand away from his own face and brought it closer to your head. Kenji slowly stroked back some of your hair with open eyes and smiled. He relaxed his hand, letting it rest on his stomach neat you, and allowed you to fall back asleep. After a bit he slowly fell back asleep himself. He only said one final thing before falling asleep with you beside the lake.

"I'm glad."
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