All Yours - Kenji Futakuchi x Reader


"What're you smiling at your phone for Futakuchi?" Koganegawa asked as Futakuchi walked onto the volleyball court. Futakuchi looked up at him a little startled, he hadn't even realized he had been smiling while he talked to you.

"It's nothing, just think meme." Futakuchi said and looked at Koganegawa impatiently.

"Can I see?" The boy with bi-colored hair questioned. Futakuchi immediately turned off his phone and stuffed it into his gym bag. He wasn't embarrassed by you, more so the fact that you could make him walk around smiling by just being yourself.

"You wouldn't get it." Futakuchi mumbled as he picked up a stray volleyball by his feet. He held the volleyball in his hands and thought of ways he could impress you.

'She probably doesn't even like volleyball. Doesn't matter.'

He tossed the ball to the boy across from him and turned around. Koganegawa stared at him in confusion, but didn't question his actions too much.

"I'm gonna go grab some equipment, just wait for the others." Futakuchi said and began to walk to the storage closet. He grinned his gym back as he made his way to the room. He entered and set down his bag on an empty shelf. He reached down for the nett and held it before moving again.

'Should I invite her to a game?"

He paused and shook his head.

'No, it's too soon for that.'

Futakuchi gripped the nett tightly and began walking back to the court. He looked down to see his untied shoe and paused to tie it. He set down the nett and kneeled on the ground. He took the laces in his hands and focused on tying it.

"Hey guys, what does it mean if Futakuchi was smiling at his phone?"

"Probably something funny." One of the members responded to the team mate who had asked.

"That's what he said but...he was sorta red. And he didn't look like he was laughing either, he just sorta looked...happy I guess." His team member explained to the others in confusion.

"So he was blushing?" One of the players asked curiously.

"Maybe it's a girl." Another responded quickly.

"You think he's got a girlfriend?" The same team member who started the conversation asked.

"No girl would date him, he's a prick." One of the members laughed along with a few others.

Futakuchi perked up his ears at there conversation and stood back up. He looked down as his now ties shoes and sighed. He picked up the nets that were to his side and slowly walked towards the court.

"Oh hey captain, what's up?" Sakunami said while standing in the group of players.

"Oh...hey. Do you guys think you could set up the nett? I think I'm just gonna go home."

"Did something happen?" One of the members asked.

"I'm just feeling sick." He said emotionlessly. Aone stared intently at him but didn't say anything. The players nodded and wished him on his way.

He turned back to the storage closet and quickly walked towards it. He grabbed it from the shelf and threw it over his shoulder. As he made his way back to the court no one said a word.

He felt his phone buzz in his bag as he got closer to them. He quickly unzipped the bag and grabbed his phone from it. He unlocked his lock screen quickly and clicked the notification.

Good luck at practice btw <3

As he read your message and walked past his team mates it took everything he had to start smiling like a fool. He kept the best straight face he could until he made it out the door.

As the door closed behind them Futakuchi smiled widely and let out a small laugh. He immediately thought of how to respond back.

I'm skipping
Call me cutie pie




"You're skipping?" You said in concern as soon as the boy had answered your call.

"Yeah, I'm not having the greatest day. Just didn't feel up to it I guess." What Futakuchi had said hadn't been a complete lie, just not the full truth. Admitting the full truth was too embarrassing for him. Plus he'd have to admit you made him smile more than he ever had, and he didn't wanna seem like a creep.

"Well alright."

"Sooooo-" Futakuchi said into his phone with a laugh. He continued walking cheerfully as he heard you laugh along with him.

"So, what's with all these dumb nicknames you give me?"

"It's my way of making fun of other couples." Futakuchi said with a smirk as he continued to walk back towards his house.

"You say it like we're a couple." He heard you say the words that were followed up by your laugh. He felt his face heat up at the idea of getting to be your boyfriend.

"-Futakuchi, hello?" He heard your voice come out of the phone as he came back to from his thoughts.

"Yep, still here." He said as he shook the thought of you dating him from his mind.

"You've really gotta stop losing focus on me like that."

"Oh trust me, I never lose focus on you." He said in a low mumble as he thought about how you never seemed to leave his mind.

"What's that mean?" He heard your curious tone and mentally cursed himself for not leaving the words in his head.

"Nothing sugar, just saying words." He said and heard the laugh he found so angelic on the other end.

"Sugar? Seriously?" You managed to say in between laughs. He laughed along with you as he tried to respond.

"What, baby girl work better?" He said causing both of you to erupt in laughter. As the laughter died down he looked up to see he was standing in front of his house.

"Hey y/n..." he said as he stared at the sky just about his rooftop.

"Hey what?"

"You wanna meet up?" He asked honestly without bothering to take his eyes of the clouds.

"Futakuchi, don't take this the wrong way, but I just don't think I'm ready for that. I'd love to but I'm just pretty nervous about it and-"

"It's okay." He said knowing that you didn't have to explain yourself. Any answer you gave him, with or without explanation, was good enough. He finally pulled his eyes away from the sky and looked onward at his front door.

"Hey, I gotta go I just got back home from my walk." He said with a tone of sadness you hadn't even picked up on.

"What, scared your mommy is gonna hear us on the phone when you go inside?" You said with a few giggles that broke up your sentence.

"A little." He said with a small laugh, causing you to let out a loud laugh. He smiled as he listened to you laugh.

"Bye Futakuchi." You said into the phone with a low whisper that made him blush.

"Bye y/n." He said with an audible smile and clicked the button to hang up. He walked into his house with a smile still spread across his face.

'She's too cute.'
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