All Yours - Kenji Futakuchi x Reader


2:58 am

Hey queen

Oh hey king lol

Having fun with your aunt and uncle

My aunt's cooking is so good

Lolol yum
You're the real snack tho

Wkksjwiwiwiw stop
That's actually embarrassing lmao

Ur dumb haha

Ur childish haha

Let's ask each other questions
Let's play truth or truth

Yep, ur childish lmao
But alright

Mines Nov. 10

So what's your star sign?

I'm a Scorpio

Lmao I knew you were toxic

Stfu babe
What are your hobbies?

I play a lot of mobile games
Honestly I'm usually with others or talking with others, I don't spend a lot of time doing stuff by myself.
What position do you play in volleyball?

Outside hitter
And I'm the captain

Ooh- dominant ey ;)

Lmao wouldn't you like to know

Maybe haha

Oh shut up, I'm going to be now.

Goodnight handsome

Goodnight baby girl

'He seriously just called me baby girl.'

45 minutes later

@sour.kenji IS CALLING

"Hey there lover." Futakuchi whispered into the phone as he shifted in his bed.

"Futakuchi- I thought you were asleep?"

"I woke up." He mumbled quietly.

"Oh- well then, what's on your mind?"

"You." He said bluntly as he spoke to you, half asleep. Your face had a slight red tint to it as he spoke in his groggy half asleep voice.

"I wish I was holding you." He said with a loud yawn near his phone. He shifted again in his head.

"You're being very direct."

"Just speaking my mind." He said and ran a hand through his hair. Slowly he started to become more and more aware of what he was doing. Though, as he was gaining more consciousness it never occurred to him what he said.

"Sorry for calling you this late, I didn't even realize." Futakuchi spoke as he stretched out on his bed.

"It's okay, I mean I don't really like. Is there anything you wanna talk a-" You paused and looked down at your phone.

"Futakuchi, did you just turn your camera on?" You asked as you saw him laying in bed on your screen.

"Yeah, is that okay?" He asked as he pulled one of his blankets closer to himself.

"Yeah, hold on-" you said and propped your phone up on the nightstand next to your bed. Quickly you turned on your camera and looked at him.

"Oh hey, good to see you babygirl." He said and wiggled his eyebrows up and down causing both of you to burst out in laughter.

"Aren't you tired Futakuchi?"


"Y'know we'll probably fall asleep on the phone then."

"I won't mind." He said and smiled at you through the camera. You smiled back and closed your eyes. He watched as you slowly drifted to sleep. He hadn't realized you meant you were going to sleep right now, but didn't really mind. He closed his eyes in an attempt to fall asleep too.

His eyes gently opened as he heard soft noises coming from his phone. He turned to look at it and say you laying asleep as light snores escaped you. He closed his eyes with a smile and pulled the blanket over him once again. He could hardly think in his half asleep blur as he listened to the peaceful sounds of your light snoring.

'That's so cute ... she's so cute.'
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