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Beauty Tears |Harry Potter


Harry Potter immediately became friends with an interesting girl he met on the train. A Lupin, strange how that works out. She was a tad sassy, but overall funny and someone he saw to be a life long mate. But when first year starts to come to an end, he starts to realize these feelings aren't so secret anymore. But Madilyne isn't normal, she special. Dangerous creatures bow down, Humans know there place. A heavily worshiped girl who is falling apart at the seams, someone needs to put her back together. Harry doesn't mind being the one to do it. But between her 'special talent' and having the dark lord completely and utterly obsessed with her, she just might go mad. He learns to find her backstory harsh, and how she's keeping a grip on herself is beyond him. Madilyne Lupin sure is something special, and soon, Harry hopes she'll be his something special. He's just got to win her over before Malfoy does. Harry Potter x OC Years 1-7 5 year slowburn Love triangle : Harry and Draco Also on Wattpad and ao3 User: Madilyne_Potter Before reading, do beware of many sensitive topics. There are very many dark chapters. Including hearing voices, going crazy, homophobia, violence, group homes, death, dark thoughts, and mentions of depression. Bits of gaslighting and manipulation.

Adventure / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

This is J.K. Rowings fan world

These are her characters

This is not me stealing her idea

All credits go to her

Have a good day

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