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Beauty Tears |Harry Potter

Praise the Chosen One

“Maddie,” her dad said while crouching down to become eye level with her. “You are going to be just fine.” They had already run through the brick wall, and were now officially inside the station that would present to her the Hogwarts Express.

“Oh,” she said, tearing up a little. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

“Maddie, once you get there you will forget all about me.”

“I don’t think so” she sniffled. She didn’t think she was over reacting, but she was not going to push it.

“Come here,” he said while pulling her into a bear hug. “I promise, it is all going to be okay, your going to love it!”

“Promise to write me....” she choked while blowing small snot bubbles into his shoulder.

“Always,” he smiled, pulling away and putting his hands on her shoulders. “Not one day will go by that I won’t miss you.”

“Same here” she wiped her nose and gave him a nice smile. The train made an obnoxiously loud toot to announced it is time to get on. They both turned their heads to stare at the black and red express.

“Go on,” he smiled, handing her the trunk. “Make friends, learn magic, and promise to write.”

“I love you,” she told him while picking up her trunk.

“I love you too my beautiful big girl” tears formed in his eyes, but they weren’t sad tears, they were proud tears. “Now go on, and have fun.”

“Goodbye,” she said, hoisting her trunk off of the ground.

“Goodbye darling.” He grinned, standing back up from his crouched position.

she took one last deep breath before turning around and carrying her trunk along with her. It was pretty heavy, but she was pretty strong and was able to lift it. She was one of the last people to enter the train when she lifted her trunk up the stairs. She looked around for the most empty compartment, and all of them were full; except one. This one emptyish compartment contained two boys, one with red hair and the other with black hair and glasses. She reminded herself of her fathers words, ‘make friends,’ before knocking on the door. The boy with glasses and an over sized flannel waved his hand, motioning me to come in.

“Sorry to bother you,” she blinked back the tears. “But do you two mind if I sit in here, everywhere else is chaotic.”

“Of course not,” the boy with the round glasses smiled, moving over his stuff making room for me next to him. “We don’t mind.”

“Thanks,” she shut the door behind her and lifted her trunk above her head and on to the shelf. The boys watched, astonished. She figured none of them could lift their trunks.

She moved her caramel hair out of her face before sitting next to the kind boy.

“What’s your name?” He asked, readjusting his glasses to get a better look at her.

“Lupin,” she said, putting her hand out for him to shake. “Madilyne Lupin, but you can call me Maddie,”

“Nice to meet you, Maddie,” he shook my hand. “My names Harry, Harry Potter”

“Nice to meet you too, Harry” she smiled before taking her hand back and leaning her head up against the wall.

“What?” The red head asked.

“Yes?” she turned to him, raising an eyebrow.

“You just met Harry Potter, and that does not surprise you! Are you muggle born?”

“Let me guess, your a pure blood?”

“Er- Yeah, but I don’t care if you are muggle born, I was just surprised, nobody has ever met Harry before!”

“Halfblood,” she corrected, “Dads a halfblood, mum was a pureblood,” she shrugged “No offense Harry, but I’m not really in the mood to worship the ground you step on.”

“No worry,” he smiled. “I don’t know how I feel about all the fame anyways, so its nice to have someone who doesn’t care.”

“Good, because I don’t think I will ever be in the mood to join your little fan club.”

“I can tell we are going to be great friends”

“You know what, why not.”

“Great, I can tell you’re a very fun person,”

“Er- thanks,”

“I’m Ron by the way,” the red head extended his pinkish hands. “Ron Weasley”

“Nice to meet you,” she shook his hand and retook the position of hugging her knees close to her chest. She tried to hide her pain, but clearly she wasn’t doing the best job of this.

“Maddie,” Harry started. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m great, just living my best life you know!” she spoke in fluent sarcasm.

“Erm- alrighty then”

Maddie wasn’t the most emotional person, and she felt weak in the moment.

They had little conversations on their backstorys a little bit, and finally, it was her turn.

“So what are your parents like?” Asked Ron.

“My dads awesome, I already miss him a lot. My mom, er,” She fiddled with her fingers. “She died giving birth to me.”

“Oh Maddie,” Harry comforted. “Its okay, my moms dead too, I know how it feels.”

“Thanks Harry”

“So tell us more about your father, what is he like?”

“Well he’s really great. He’s fun and warm and makes you feel better when your sad. He would laugh with me and give me muggle soup when I’m sick, he’s the type to act like your father even if you aren’t his own.” She specifically left out the part where he is a werewolf, that’s his only flaw.

“Well he sounds awesome,” Ron smiled.

“He sounds like the type of person I wish I had in my life,” Harry admitted, reminding her of the part where he told them of the awful muggles he was living with.

“Anything from the trolley dear?” The women was pail and wrinkly, but she seemed sweet. Maddie jumped at her voice, she hadn’t seen her walk past.

“No thanks,” Ron hung his head while his ears flushed scarlet. “Mum made me a sandwich.”

“I’m good...” Maddie tucked her head into her knees as Harry slipped out the door to take his pick from the trolley.

“No money either?” Ron asked.

“Erm-” she said uncomfortably through her knees. “I have some...” that was a lie, she had a great deal of money; It was packed away in her trunk. It was in her mother’s will, all of her money was signed off to Maddie and her dad.

“Oh,” she could practically feel the heat rising off of his face. “Sorry, didn’t mean to assume.”

“Dont be sorry,” she told him, through her knees, yet again. ” I would go get something if I didn’t feel like I was about to hurl.”

“Maddie?” He asked concerned. “Are you alright?”

“Just don’t tell anybody alright?” she lifted her head from her knees. “So I might be a little homesick, stupid right. I know...”

“No, no! Its not stupid... I get it, I don’t know what I would do without my brothers.”

“Thanks Ron,” she smiled. Harry slipped back in through the door with his pockets full of candy. Well then, he was rich rich. She was glad to know she’s not the only one, her money makes her a bit uncomfortable.

He took his seat back next to her and spread the candy’s out over the empty part of their shared seat.

“Take anything you guys want,” he moved his hands around the top of the candy. “I got enough for both of you.”

“Oh, no thanks, I don’t feel to well.” she told him as Ron looked over to her, but he didn’t spill her secret.

“Okay then, Ron?”

“Oh, why not” he reached over and took a sugar quill and started nibbling on it. They both ate there candy’s and laughed while she sat in the corner, wanting to go home. But not once did they forget that she was here, and for some reason that made her day a bit better. Maybe she could become good friends with these two. It was a while before a girl barged into the compartment. She was around Maddie’s height and had bushy, brown hair.

“Have you seen a toad?” She asked. “A boy named Neville’s lost one.”

“No,” said Ron. “We haven’t” she didn’t look as if she was listening, and Maddie followed her gaze down to Ron’s wand. She didn’t even notice that he was doing magic, and neither did the fat rat sleeping on his lap.

“Oh, your doing magic! Let’s see it then.”

“Oh, em... okay.” Ron cleared his throat and pointed his rough wand at the rat. “Summer daisy, butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow!” The rat jolted awake, but he didn’t turn yellow.

“Are you sure thats a spell?” She crossed her arms. “Well, it wasn’t a very good one is it?”

“Oh, lay off him, he hasn’t even been taught magic yet.” Maddie scoffed.

“And your name is?” She asked.

“Who is asking?”

“Hermione Granger”

“My names Lupin,” she crossed her arms to match the girls. “Madilyne Lupin”

“Nice to meet you Madilyne,” her gaze wondered from me to the boy sitting next to Maddue.

“Holy cricket!” She exclaimed. “Your Harry Potter!”

“Yes, that’s me...” he said awkwardly.

“And,” she turned her head to the red head. “You are?”

“Um, Ron Weasley”

“Pleasure, well I best be off, we will be arriving soon, so you too best change into your robes. I see Madilyne is already prepared. ”

“Go enjoy yourself,” Maddie told her, giving her the most innocent smile. She looked at her with kind eyes before walking away.

“Well,” said Harry as she put her head in her knees again so they could change. “She is sure something.” she could hear them ripping off of there clothes, it was quite uncomfortable.

“As annoying as she is,” Maddie said. “She seems like she just needs a good friend for character development. ”

“I sure hope so” Ron scoffed as she felt them sit back down. She slowly opened her eyes as they were finally dressed into their robes. After about 20 minutes, they came to a stop.

Well, here goes nothing

She’s here

Hogwarts, here she come

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