Draco Malfoy imagines


A collection of Draco Malfoy x Reader imagines and preferences

Teah Beck
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How you meet

It was your first day at hogwarts and you were the new transfer student. Right after you had arrived you were ushered into professor Dumbledore and you guys spoke for a good half an hour going over the differences between hogwarts and your school in the United States. You were away from your parents because of personal reasons and missed them terribly. Because of it being in the middle of a school day and all students were in class he had decided to sort you in his office. He had sat you on a chair as him and Harid watched the hat eagerly. After about a long painful wait finally the hat said Slytherin out loud and you received sorry smiles from each professor. You were confused but a professor with black hair and brown eyes entered. He had a very monotone voice but he told you to follow him which was a bit of a struggle. You were told his name was proffesor Snape .

"Uhh professor can you slow down some my legs aren't as long as yours you know ," you called almost five steps behind him because he was walking so fast. He turned stopping with a sigh and waited for you.you quickly said a thank you and you two arrive at the dungeon. He quickly pointed you in the direction of the girls dorms and left. You spent most the day in the room until you heard commotion down the stairs in the common rooms. Curious you head down stairs to see what was going on . As you entered the common room you weren't watching where you were going and bumped right into someone . "Watch were your going," hissed a male voice and you looked up meeting pretty blue-grey eyes. He had platnimum blonde hair and wore quite an annoyed look but it quickly changed when he met your Y/E/C eyes. "I never seen you around before . I'm malfoy Draco malfoy and you are ?" He raised an eyebrow scanning you from head to toe.You felt sort of embarrassed and felt heat rush to your checks. He was really hot. "Oh uhh I'm Y/N Y/L/N. I just transferred from the states." A grin suddenly formed on his lips and you couldn't help but smile also. "Well it's a pleasure to meet someone so beautiful."
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