My Yellow

Part 8 - Two

Time skip - 2 days

I sneeze into my arm and groan. I sniffle and look around the room the managers threw me into. Makayla and I are both sick, and we have to be quarantined until we get better. I knock on the wall once, then hear Makayla knock back from the room she is in. “Makayla!" I call dramatically. "I miss you!"

"I miss you more!" She calls back, and I hear her cough.

"I'm sorry we got sick!" I call.

"It's okay!" She yells. "We get to just lay around now! Plus Jiung has movies on his laptop!" I laugh. Makayla got Jiung sick, so he's quarantined with her. I look across the room seeing my quarantine buddy. Theo.

"How are you feeling?" I ask him. He says nothing, just keeps scrolling on his phone.

"Can we trade men? Mine is boring!" I yell to her.

"No! Jiung has Disney movies!" She taps the wall. I tap back.

"No fair!" I groan and lay back onto the bed and cough, holding my chest.

"I have Disney movies," Theo says suddenly. I sit up.

"You do?" I ask, a smile on my face.

"Yeah," he nods.

"Never mind Makayla!" I call. "Theo has Disney!"

"Okay!" She yells.

"Can you please shut up?" Theo looks at me, he looks very sick. "If I have to be stuck with you, can you be quiet?"

"Hey! Be nice to my best friend!" Makayla shouts and hits the wall. I laugh a bit and nod to Theo.

"I'm sorry," I tuck hair behind my ear. "What Disney movies do you have?" I ask him softly. He grabs his lap top and opens it, he then stands up and sets the laptop in my lap. I look at him. "Are you sure?" He doesn't say anything, he just sits back down on the floor. I look down at the movies, and see they were downloaded this morning. Did he remember I like Disney? "You remembered, didn't you?" I look at him.

"Remember what?" He coughs and stands back up going to the bathroom.

"That I like Disney," I look back at the movies, my heart feeling warm. "I told you about it in the car, and it says you do-"

"It's just a coincidence," he says blowing his nose. "I didn't do it for you." His voice is quiet. I nod and look back at the movies. I scroll through until I find Princess and The Frog. I double click it and set it on the night stand. I move over so Theo can sit down on the bed and not be on the floor. He walks out of the bathroom as the Disney theme plays.

"Come sit," I pay by me. "The floor will hurt your back," Theo looks at the bed then the floor.

"I'll take my chances with the floor," he says coldly and sits down. I frown.

"Okay," I sigh and lay down. I position the laptop so I can watch the movie, I shiver feeling cold. I pull the blanket on to myself and smile listening to the start of the movie. "This is my favorite Disney movie," I say to him. "This and probably Coco," I nod and look at him, he's back on his phone. "Yanno you remind me of a Disney prince," I say with a small smile. He looks up at me. "The type of prince who is cold and heartless at first," I wave my hand. "But he's really sweet and caring deep down," I smile more. "And he's a great knight in shining armor."

"Hm," he looks back down at his phone. I sigh and look back at the computer.

"Are you breathing!" I hear Makayla call. "Is theo abusing you?!"

"Only mentally!" I joke and look at Theo, he rubs his eye. "How are things going over there?"

"Good!" Makayla taps the wall five times, five taps meaning 'I'm glad you aren't far' I smile and tap five times back. I look at Theo who is just staring at me.

"Why do you guys tap?" He asks.

"It's like a code system," I sniffle and curl up more under the blanket. "We've had it ever since we were little, fun fact," I swallow my spit. "Our parents are best friends so we grew up together," I sit up a bit, Theo is keeping eye contact with me. "And we decided when we were like 2 we would have our own way of talking, so the adults wouldn't know," I laugh a bit. "And we came up with the taps. Obviously it changed a lot since we got older, and it helps with my anxiety if I can't communicate properly, and it helps her anxiety too," I tilt my head, seeing Theo smile ever so slightly.

"That's really dumb," he looks back at his phone.

"Admit it Theo grumpy pants, you find it cute," I tease. He shakes his head and doesn't look back up. I lay my head back down and keep watching the movie. "It's funny," I start. "Makayla and I were mute to everyone but each other up until we were like five," I smile a bit. "Sometimes I wish I could go back to that."

"Yeah me too," Theo looks up from his phone. "I wish you would go back to being mute."

"You're so mean!" I take the pillow from behind my head and throw it at him. He takes it and puts it behind his head.

"Thanks," he holds his phone up to his eye level. I huff and roll on my back feeling like the room is spinning.

"Knock knock!" I hear someone at the door say. I stand up and whistle blinking fast.

"The world is spinning," I whisper.

"Lay back down," Theo says standing up. "I don't want you throwing up on me." He walks to the door, and I peak my head seeing Keeho. I stand up so fast and walk to the door. Keeho is wearing a mask and gloves. He hands Theo a tray that has two bowls of soup and some crackers.

"Keeho," I whisper dramatically. "I miss you," I stand behind Theo.

"I don't want your germs on me," Keeho laughs. "Don't step closer," he tilts his head. "Have you been getting my texts?" I pause. I turned my phone off. The unknown number won't stop texting me.

"No," I shake my head. "My phone isn't working," I lie.

"Ah okay," Keeho then hands Theo two bottles of sprite. "Well if it works, text me." He smiles. I nod and wave him a good bye. Theo shuts the door with his foot. I step back so he can turn. He walks and sits down on the floor, and I sit across from him. He hands me a bowl and some crackers.

"I feel like a married couple," I say happily grabbing a spoon. I look at Theo who is paused mid motion staring at me with a weird look. "Sorry," I look down at my soup and stick my spoon in it. I take a spoon full and blow on it before eating. "Did you get soup?!" I yell behind me to Makayla.

"What?" She yells back, the wall muffling her.

"SOUP!" I scream. "DID YOU GET SOUP?"

"OH YEAH!" She screams. "I DID!"

"GO-" I start coughing. Theo groans.

"If you keep coughing your throat is going to give out, plus it's really annoying," he takes a spoon full of soup.

"You're annoying," I say in a mimicking voice. Theo ticks his head, looking like he is trying not to smile. I pick up a cracker and dip it into the soup. I take a bite of it. "Do you like the soup?" I ask him.

"Hm," he nods and eats more. I nod and eat more too.

"It's really warming," I whisper. He furrows his brows.

"What?" He says with a mouth full of food.

"It's.. warming.. like it's warming my body," I cough a bit.

"Oh," he holds the bowl to his lips and drinks the rest of the soup. I grin and copy him, but immediately regret it.

"Hot!" I set down the bowl and fan my mouth, swallowing.

"Dumbass," Theo shakes his head, standing and taking our empty bowls and the tray. He takes the crackers and sets them on the dresser. He opens the door and sets the tray outside, then shuts the door. I cough more and stand up, feeling myself start to fall backwards. Theo puts his elbow on my back and pushes me forward, then he sits down on the bed. I turn around.

"Thanks," I whisper and crawl past him. I lay back where I was laying before and go back to watching the movie. Theo gets up and lays a pillow and blanket on the floor. I look at the time, 8pm. I yawn a bit and curl up more into the blanket. "Are you going to bed?" I whisper to him, but he doesn't say anything. I sigh and try to keep my eyes open, watching the movie. I blink, then my blinks become longer. I shift, feeling like I was in an ice cube. I shut my eyes and let my body sleep.

Theo's POV:

I hear her soft snores and sigh relief. She's finally asleep. This is only day one and I'm suffering. I sit up a bit and plug my phone into it's charger. I look over to her, seeing the light of the laptop reflect onto her skin. Her eyelids flutter, her chest moves up and down with her breathing. I look away from her and stand up. I walk to her and feel her forehead, she's burning up. She needs to sweat out this fever. I go to sit back down, when I hear her teeth shattering. I turn to her, coughing a bit. I look down at my blanket.

"Why is it so cold?" I hear her mutter. I pick up my blanket and throw it at her. "What.." she opens her eyes. "This is your blanket," she says sleepily. "Won't you get cold?" I don't say anything, I just sit down on the floor. I grab my jacket and lay it on myself. I lay my head on my pillow. "Theo.." she whispers.

"Just shut up and take the blanket," I say and start coughing. I turn my back to her and stare at the wall, listening to the songs of the movie. "It's not a coincidence by the way," I whisper when I hear her snore again. "I downloaded them for you," I shift in my jacket and shut my eyes. I hear her cough, and I sigh. I take deep breaths, feeling my body ache, wanting to sleep. But I'm scared if I sleep she's gonna need something. I open my eyes and turn on to my back. If she needs something, I'll be awake.
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