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Rose is the newest staff member for p1harmony. She is 18 years old and from LA. Rose is a talkative and sweet girl who ends up falling for a cold and closed off boy. TW: Mentions of Drugs, death, abuse and rape.

Romance / Drama
Unknown Writer
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Part 1 - Rose

"I still can't believe this is happening," I whisper to Makayla. "It's so weird," I look around the meeting room, spinning in the chair I'm sitting in slightly.

"Me too," Makayla whispers back and nibbles her bottom lip. Makayla and I have been best friends practically since birth, and we both got hired to work at FNC Entertainment to work with P1harmony who debuted October 28, 2020. I look around the room once more before people start walking in. Makayla and I stand at the same time and bow to the people walking in. My eyes trail to the 6 boys walking in. I look at Makayla who is also watching them. We bow when they get to the table, then we sit down.

"Starting out," A man in a very fancy suit says. "I'm Han Sungho," he smiles at everyone sitting at the table. "Today we have two new staff members," he motions to us. "Makayla and.. sorry dear I forgot your name."

"Rose," My voice cracks, I clear my throat and speak up. "Rose." I nod, I glance to the boys and one of them is laughing. I look back to Makayla, embarrassment filling my body.

"Yes, Rose," Han Sungho nods and sits down in the chair that is at the front of the table. "They will be here to help with English and to help with singing and dancing. Rose," He winks at me, I cringe a little. "Will help with Singing and English, while Makayla will help with dance and English."

"So how is the English thing gonna work?" The boy who laughed at me earlier asks.

"Well Keeho, if you would just wait a second or two I would explain," Han Sungho laughs a bit. "Keeho speaks fluent English so I'm sure he can help you guys if you need it, but English classes will be every week, at 6 pm. You are obligated to go at least twice a week and on whatever day works for you," He nods to the boys, then clears his throat. "The girls will also be getting things for you when you need them, like coffee, food, etc." He smiles at us and I give an awkward smile back. "So now, boys why don't you introduce yourselves." The boy who I now know as Keeho stands up.

"I'm Keeho, I'm from Canada, and I'm 19 and the leader," He looks us over. "I'm sure this will be fun." I raise my eyebrows and lean back. Another boy stands up, he looks like a porcelain doll.

"I'm Soul, I'm 15," He nods, you can tell Korean isn't his first language. "I'm from Japan. Yup," I smile and wave at him, he smiles and waves back before sitting down again. Then two boys stand up at the same time and laugh.

"I'm Jiung, I'm 19 " The first one says, he has very soft eyes and a pretty smile. "I'm from Korea," He laughs a bit and sits down. I look over to Makayla, she isn't taking her eyes off of him. I stifle a laugh and look back to the second boy who stood up.

"I'm Jongseob, and 15 years old," He smiles and I smile with him, his smile is adorable. "Also from Korea," He sits down and hides his face. I laugh a bit and shake my head. Soul and Jongseob are adorable. No one else stands up for a few seconds, then a boy that has a round soft face stands up.

"Intak," He nods then slaps his forehead. "I'm name is Intak," He laughs a bit and rubs his arm. "I'm 17, and also from here in Korea." He sits down and gives us a small wave. I smile and wave to him. The last boy stands up, he doesn't smile or even look at us.

"My name is Theo," He says then sits down. Keeho nudges him. Theo gives him a look then sighs. "I'm 19," he crosses his arm.

"Alright cool," Han Sungho smiles and looks at us. "Why don't you girls stand and give us some fun facts about yourselves."

"I'll go first," Makayla stands up. "As you know I'm Makayla, I'm from LA, and I can speak Spanish." She sits back down. I nibble my cheek feeling anxiety creep up into me. I stand up.

"Hi," I clear my throat. "I'm Rose, I'm also from LA and I..." I pause and think. "I'm kind of boring um," I glance at the boys and see Theo snicker. "I love to skateboard," I nod and sit down, I can't feel my toes from anxiety.

"Well nice to meet you both," Intak smiles at us. I nod and keep looking at the table. Makayla pats my shoulder three times. We have a code system, one tap is 'are you okay?' two taps is 'I'm uncomfortable and want to leave' three taps is 'do you need to leave?' I look at her and shake my head.

"Yeah it's nice to meet you," Jiung nods. "I can't wait to get to know you guys better," I look back up and give him a forced smile.

"Well that concludes today's meeting," Han Sungho nods. "Rose if you don't mind can you stay after for a few minutes?" I glance at Makayla, she can tell I'm clearly uncomfortable.

"Can I stay too?" She asks. "I have some questions," She leans back in the chair. Everyone else is starting to file out.

"I can answer them later," Han Sungho says quite stern. I don't want Makayla to get in trouble. I nod my head at her to show her I'll be fine.

"Okay," Makayla gets up and points to her phone, I tilt my head. 'record it' she mouths. 'oh' I mouth and look down at my phone as Makayla walks out. I secretly open the voice memo app and hit record.

"So Rose," Han Sungho moves and sits in the chair next to me. "Do you have a husband or boyfriend?" His hands creeps to my leg. I shift uncomfortably. I know after this meeting I won't have to see this man ever again, so I bite my tongue.

"Hey Sungho," I turn my head seeing Theo in the doorway. "The members want coffee, can Rose go get us some?"

"Why can't Makayla?" Han Sungho's hand lifts off of my leg and I stand up. I glance at my phone and realize it shut off, meaning the voice memo stopped.

"She's helping the choreography teacher," Theo doesn't look at me. "So she can't."

"She will in a second," Han Sungho says and looks at me. I shake my head and clear my throat.

"Nope I'll go now," I say and nearly run out of the room. As I'm running I don't look in front of me, and I run into Makayla.

"Whoa," Makayla holds me steady. "What happened?"

"I tried to record it but my phone shut off," I take a deep breath and whistle. "Why am I so out of shape?"

"You're not," Makayla laughs. "What happened?"

"He like asked if I had a husband and then touched my leg," I shiver.

"What a creep!" She shakes her head.

"Yeah luckily that Theo guy came in wanting coffee, it was nearly perfect timing," I pause. "I thought you were helping the Choreography teacher?" She looks at me funny.

"No," She laughs a bit. "Why did you think that?"

"Because Theo-" I say then feel someone push past me. "Because of him," I point to Theo. "He came into the room and said I had to go get coffee because you were busy," I furrow my brows.

"Weird, but I'll go with you to get coffee," She nods and gets out her phone. "They sent me their coffee orders on a group chat we are in." I stare after Theo, did he do that on purpose?

"Okay," I look back to Makayla and hook my arm with hers. "Let's go get our job started."
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