My Yellow

Part 2 - Rose

After Makayla and I get back from getting coffee, we go into the practice room where the boys are. Makayla and I talked about the fact Theo probably did that on purpose and I'm determined to thank him. I take a deep breath and walk into the room. I hold three drinks and Makayla also holds three. I go up to Keeho, Intak and Soul. "Here you go," I smile and hand them their drinks.

"Thanks," Keeho nods and gives me a small smile. "You should teach me how to skateboard sometime."

"Okay," I laugh a bit. "Name a place and time I will."

"I'll text you," Keeho takes a sip of his drink.

"Alright," I turn my attention to Soul. "Hi Soul," I smile to him. He smiles a bit and bows his head.

"Hello," He says quietly.

"Are you better at speaking in Japense than Korean?" I ask him in Japense. "I know both, so don't be afraid to talk to me, also Makayla knows some Japenese as well," I give him a thumbs up, and his face beams with happiness.

"Okay," He nods and smiles more. "Thank you," He says happily. I tuck hair behind my ear and turn around, I look at Theo from across the room. I walk up to him.

"Hey," I start. He turns around and gives me a weird look. "Thank you for helping me back there, I really apprcaite it."

"I didn't help you," He says and takes a drink of his drink. "I was just thristy." I purse my lips together and nod.

"Oh," I lick my teeth. "If you don't want to admit you helped me that's fine."

"I don' have to admit anything, I didn't help you, now leave me alone," He turns his back to me. I furrow my brows.

"But- whatever," I turn my back to him and walk to where Makayla is. "What else do we have to do today?" I ask her.

"Nothing I don't think, besides moving into our dorm room," She nods.

"Are we sharing one?" I ask her

"No, but they are right next to each other," She smiles a bit, but I guess she can see the anxiety in my face. "If you get a nightmare or something just come to my room, I'm not going to abandon you," I laugh a bit.

"I know," I take a breath. "I just haven't had my own apartment or anything since.. yanno," I shrug.

"Since John I know," She pats my shoulder. "He doesn't even know you're in Korea, he can't come hurt you Rose," She says gently. I smile a bit and nod.

"Okay, I'll be fine," I take a deep breath and clap. "Let's go get settled in." Makayla nods and gives me a soft smile. I know deep down she feels sorry for me, and that bothers me. Makayla and I walk out of the practice room and go to the dorm area. I look for my room number, once I find it, I take the key that's in my pocket and open the door. I watch Makayla open her door, then go inside. I look into the dark room in front of me and go in. I find the light switch and turn it on. I walk to my bed and see a welcome basket. I go up to it and look at what's inside. There is a blanket, some candy, body lotion, a few Korean sodas and a notebook. I smile a bit and move it off of the bed. I sit down and untie my shoes. I lean back up and look around the room. There's a bathroom, and a big closet. I laugh a bit and nod, that's really all I need. I look to my left and see a TV. "Sweet," I whisper to myself and lay down. I stare at the ceiling, then remember I brought something. I sit up and go to my bag. I go through it until I find the glow in the dark stars. I open the bag, and go to my bed standing on it. I start sticking the stars onto my ceiling. I hear a knock at the door and jump slightly. "Come in," I call expecting it to be Makayla. Keeho walks in and gives me a weird look.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He laughs a bit.

"Stars," I say simply and go back to sticking them on the ceiling.

"What is she doing?" I turn my head and see Intak standing in the door way.

"Stars apparently," Keeho raises his eyebrows and crosses his arms. "But why?"

"They glow in the dark and are fun to look at," I laugh a bit and move, stepping to the side to place more stars in a different area.

"I mean go off I guess," Keeho sighs and sits down on my bed. "So do you like your room?"

"I do, it's nice," I nod and step again. "Not really homey, but I'm sure I can change that."

"Like how?" Intak walks in and sits on the floor. I look in the doorway and see Theo.

"Uh," I look back to the ceiling. "Posters and stuff probably," I step again, and feel my foot slip off the bed.

"Whoa," I feel hands around my waist. I look at Theo, he looks at me and lets me go. "Be careful," He says in a monotone voice and walks back to the doorway. "I came to tell Keeho food is done."

"Yum," Keeho says and stands, Intak standing with him. I just stare at Theo. How the hell did he move that fast? I shake the feeling of falling off of the bed off and stand back on it. I keep sticking the stars thinking about certain things.

"Hows it going?" I hear Makayla say walking in.

"Good, I almost died," I look at her. She furrows her eyebrows. "I fell off the bed but Theo some how caught me," I laugh a bit and look back to where I left off.

"That man keeps saving you somehow," She laughs a bit and sits where Keeho was.

"Did you finish unpacking and stuff?" I ask her

"Yup yup," She nods and flicks my calf. "Maybe instead of doing these stars you can unpack too."

"Nah," I look down at her. "I need these more than organized clothes."

"I will never understand your obsession with the stars," She stands up. "Food is done downstairs, you should come eat," I grab the last star in the bag. I pause staring at it.
Hey Munchkin, I love you is written on it. I rub my finger over the words and look up to a big spot that was missing among the stars I put up. I reach up and place it in the empty spot.

"Okay," I say looking at the star then at her.

"Okay," She smiles. "I'll meet you down there," She walks out of my door and I nod. I look back at the star, then jump off of my bed. I go to my bag and pull out my slippers. I slide them on my feet and get my phone out of my shirt pocket. I see a text from Keeho.
Come eat star lady
I laugh a bit and set my phone on the dresser. I get my sweat pants out of my bag and change into them. I grab my phone again, then grab the key to my door and walk out. I shut the door behind me and lock it. I turn and head to the kitchen and dining area. I stretch my arms and take a deep sniff of the air, the food smells delicious. I walk into the dining room and freeze seeing Han Sungho at the table. He stares at me and I stare at him. I hear someone clear their throat and I look at Theo, he moves the empty chair besides him out, not even looking at me, he takes a bite of his noodles. I bite the inside of my cheek and sit down next to him, I scoot my chair in. I'm no longer hungry.

"What do you want to eat Rose?" Han Sungho says to me.

"Nothing," I don't look over to him. "I'm not hungry, I had a big lunch."

"You should at least eat something," He says and I glance at him, he winks at me. I look away and try so hard not to gag.

"If she doesn't want to eat, she doesn't have to," Theo says with a mouth full of noodles.

"I know but," Han Sungho leans back. "She needs to eat to grow big and strong."

"I'm not a child," I say harsh then correct myself with a small forced giggle. "I'm grown." Keeho raises his eyebrows at me. Makayla was trying not to laugh.

"Okay," Han Sungho chuckles and goes back to eating. I sit there silently wanting to die. I look down at my hands and pick at my hangnails.
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