My Yellow

Part 3 - Rose

I wake up the next morning with my fingers hurting. I groan and look at my phone. It's 6:50am. I look down at my hands seeing dried up blood. I sigh remembering how at dinner I picked at my fingernails until I went back to my room. I stand up and stretch, yawning a bit. I walk over to my still packed bags and dig for my shampoo and conditioner, I find them and go into the bathroom. I set them down on the sink, then turn right around and go back to my bag grabbing my body wash. I go into the bathroom and shut the door, locking it and unlocking it three times, then on the fourth lock I pull the door to make sure it's shut so no one can get in. I undress, and open the shower curtain. I grab my bottles and go into the shower. I start the water and hum to myself. I let the water run down my hair and my back. I reach and grab my shampoo, lathering my hair with it. I massage my scalp and yawn again. I rinse my hair clean of the shampoo, grabbing the conditioner I put it on the ends of my hair and let it sit while I wash my body. After I'm done washing I rinse out my hair and wash off my body, then I just stand there, letting the warmth of the water relax my body. After a few more minutes I get out. I grab the towel on the hook of the door and wrap my body. I step out of the bathroom and shiver at the cold air. "Who turned up the AC?" I complain to myself. I go to my bag and take out my blue jeans and a nice white top. I dry off my body, then put on my bra and underwear, afterwards I put on my pants and shirt. I use the towel and ring out my hair. I grab out my socks and slip them on, then go to my flats and slide them on. I grab my phone and room key off of the nightstand and walk to my bedroom door. I pause, looking at my phone. 7:15 am. I have 15 minutes before I technically need to be there. I open the door and shut it behind me. I lock it and check the handle to make sure it's locked. I go over to Makayla's room next door and knock. No answer. I knock again. No answer. I sigh and hold my phone. I walk down the wall and to the practice room. Going inside, I see all the boys, a few managers, but not Makayla. Where is she?

"Rose!" A manager greets me. "Can you go get coffee?"

"Of course," I nod then pause. "But makayla isn't here, I don't know how I'll carry all the drinks," I laugh a bit.

"One of the boys can go with you," the manager nods. "Theo! Can you go with Rose to get coffee?" He calls.

"Why?" Theo calls back.

"She's gonna need help," the manager smiles at me and I smile at him.

"Okay," Theo sighs and walks over to us, still not looking at me. I tap my fingers against my leg and nod.

"Same car as last time?" I ask the manager.

"Yup, here are the keys," he hands me a set of car keys. I bow a thank you and walk out of the room. I glance behind me, seeing Theo following from a distance. I turn back around and go out the back door of the company and to a black company car. I get in the drivers seat and start it. Theo gets in the passenger seat.

"Ready?" I ask, he doesn't respond. He just buckles his seatbelt. "Okay good talk," I purse my lips together and start driving. "Thank you for doing what you did last night at dinner," I glance at him. He stays quiet. "When I get mad anxiety I don't eat," I say and focus on the road. "Or sometimes I just don't eat at all," I sigh. "Like I forget to or just don't want to. I know it's bad, but I don't know," I turn left at a light. "Wanna know something crazy?" Silence. "I actually hate coffee," I nod. "A lot," I tap my fingers on the wheel. "Makes my stomach hurt," I take another left. "But Makayla loves it," I laugh a bit. "Yanno when we were younger, we would sneak into her kitchen late at night and drink a whole pot of the stuff," I laugh a bit more. "I'm guess that's where her addiction started." I glance at Theo, he's just staring out the window. "Are you a robot or something?" I ask. He looks at me. "Cause like you have no emotions," he looks away from me and back out of the window. I huff and stop at a red light. "What's your favorite candy?" I wait for a response but don't get one. "That's cool," I nod. "Yeah I don't really like that candy, that candy is gross." I hear him clear his throat. "I really like sour candy," I nod. "Not a big fan of chocolate," I say as I hit the gas when the light turns green. "What kind if movies do you watch?"

"Action," he says.

"Yeah me- wait," I smile a bit. "You talked!" I happily tap the wheel. "Action is cool, do you have a favorite type of action?" Back to silence. "Wow what a great answer, I like superhero action movies," I turn into a parking lot, then go to the drive through line of the coffee shop, the line is huge. "I also love Disney movies," I look over at him since we're stopped. "Do you like Disney?" He crosses his arms not looking at me. "Okay," I lean back and set my hands in my lap. "What about your favorite animal?" I ask him. "I like Elephants," I take a small breath. "When I was little," I put my hands on the wheel and move up when the cars move. "My dad would take my sister and I to the library everyday so she could do homework, and I was too young to have homework so he would get out so many books on elephants and read them to me," I look down at my lap, feeling tears form in the corner of my eyes. "And so because of him I love elephants," I look up and feel him looking at me, then looking away. "Anyways," I move the car up again. "Can you pull up the drink orders for me?" I watch him out of the corner of my eye get out his phone. I move the car up again and now I'm at the ordering box. Theo shows me the orders and I turn, ordering. I get myself a lemonade. I roll up the window and move up. I get out my phone and pull up the company card on my wallets app. When we get to the window, I roll back down my window and show them the phone. They scan it and I put my phone on the dash. Then they start handing me the drinks, they hand me one drink carrier, then another. I hand them both to Theo, then say thank you and start driving. "Do you have a favorite song?" I say trying to start a conversation again. He doesn't say anything again. "I really like all music besides country music," I tap the wheel again. "Country music just rubs me the wrong way yanno? Something about it screams racist," I hear him stifle a laugh. "And now he's laughing wow I'm winning," I shake my shoulders and glance at him, he's completely straight faced. "This is like talking to a brick wall," I sigh. "Like I could say anything to you right now and you won't respond," I glance at him then back at the road. "BOO!" I yell and glance at him again. He just stares at me. "Sorry, just trying." I turn right a stop light. "Do you believe in god? I don't know if do," I stop at a red light. "Also what's your favorite flower?"

"A rose," he shifts the drinks.

"Wow I'm honored," I grin a bit. "What kind of roses?" Silence. "Like... white roses, black roses, pink roses..."

"Just roses," he sighs.

"I have never heard of just roses," I laugh at my own joke, he's quiet. "Sorry," I huff. "I really like daisies," I nod my head. "All types of daisies."

"I've never heard of a daisy called all types of daisy," he says quietly.

"Hahah," I roll my eyes, then laugh a bit. "I like it when you talk, you're fun." He doesn't say anything. I pull back into the company parking lot and park the car. Theo without even a glance gets out of the car and heads inside with both drink carriers. I turn off the car and get out as well. I run to catch up to him, but he shuts the door in my face. I roll my eyes and open the door. I go to the practice room, and watch Theo hand out the drinks. Keeho walks up to me.

"How was it?" He asks with a laugh.

"He doesn't talk," I sigh. "Why doesn't he talk?"

"He's like with everyone," Keeho shrugs. "Mainly at first," I nod and bite the inside of my cheek. I look to Theo who is coming over to us. He stops and hands me by drink. I bow a thank you and take it.

"Thank you," I say as he walks away. I look around the room, still not seeing Makayla. "Do you know where Makayla is?" I ask Keeho.

"With the dance instructor," he says and takes a sip of his coffee.

"Ah," I nod and itch my nose.

"Did you finish the stars?" Keeho smiles.

"I did," I nod. "I have a moon lamp I need to set up," I tilt my head. "Do you wanna help me?"

"Sure," Keeho nods. "When?"

"ASAP," I take a sip of my water.

"Okay after practice?"

"Sounds great," I smile and turn my head, I feel my body tense, Han Sungo and I make eye contact.
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