My Yellow

Part 7 - Rose

"Why are you here?" I ask John, my heart racing.

"You didn't think you could hide from me forever," He grins stepping close to me. I back up, but I feel a wall behind me. He pulls something from his pocket, and I shut my eyes feeling his hand creep up to my face.

"Please leave me alone," I feel myself whimper.

"If I can't have you, then no one can," I feel a blade go into my side, I scream.

I wake up screaming, clenching my heart. My throat is dry, my legs feel numb. I search for my phone, and once I do I see the time, it's 3am. I stand up and wipe the sweat off of my brow. I hold my throat. I groan a little and walk to my door. I open it and walk out, not shutting. I'm too groggy to care. I walk to the kitchen and grab down a cup. I go to the fridge and get some water. I set the pitcher down on the counter, then chug the glass of water. I grab the pitcher again and fill my cup back up. I put the pitcher back and stand in the kitchen holding my glass with both hands. I stare at the pattern on the floor and but a hand to my side, feeling a pain in it. That dream was too realistic for my liking. I take a small sip of my water and head back to my room. I see the door closed and my heart skips a beat. I look down the hallway and see Theo turning a corner. I hold my glass and go after him. "Hey!" I call. Theo stops walking and turns to me. "Did you shut my door?"

"Considering it was just wide open," His eyes look tired. "Of course I did. It's dangerous to leave your door open," and with that, he starts walking away. I run in front of him.

"Why do you keep doing this?" I move with his steps so he can't go past me. "Why do you keep like protecting me?"

"I'm not," He says with a scoff. "You just need to be smarter." I look at him offended.

"Excuse me?" I huff. "I'm plenty smart!" Theo looks me up and down and walks past me. I stand there baffled. "I am smart!" I whisper yell at him. He waves his hand in the air dismissing me. I turn back around and go to my room. I go in and slam the door. I walk to my bed and sit down. I get out my phone and take a sip of my water as I do so. I look at the unknown numbers text and set my phone down. It might just be someone messing with me. I take another drink of water, then reach and set the cup on my night stand. I brush my fingers against the elephant and pick it up. I lay back and hold it above my head. I squint at it in the dark, then move my hand and look at the glowing stars. I set the elephant on my chest and smile a bit. "I know you're watching over me," I whisper and pick the elephant back up and kiss it. I set it back down. I get back under the covers and curl up. I shut my eyes and let the warmth of my bed over take me.

Time Skip - 2pm

"Girl are you still sleeping?" I wake up to pounding at my door. "Rose! Wake up!" I hear Makayla shout. I rub my eyes. "Don't make me bust in there."

"I'm up," I yell, my throat hoarse. "I'm up."

"I thought you died," I hear her sigh. "It's 2pm come on! Patrice is gonna start soon for them." I blink my eyes and stand up. I slept way longer than I wanted to. I go to my bag and grab a white shirt, then black skinny jeans. I change quickly and throw my hair into a ponytail. I walk back to my bed and grab my phone. I go to my door and open it. Makayla stares at me, then grabs my arm. I pull the door shut as she pulls me.

"Ow," I laugh a bit and slap her hand away.

"Sorry," She huffs. "You had Keeho worried sick."

"Oh," I frown. "I needed rest," I rub my eyes again. We walk into the practice room and I feel arms immediately wrap around me. I tense up.

"If you scare me like that again I swear to god I will die and come back to haunt your stupid ass," Keeho lets go of me.

"I'm sorry," I laugh and turn around. "I really needed the sleep."

"Apparently," Keeho shakes his head. I glance to the door seeing Theo walking in. I purse my lips together and grab Keehos arm walking to Theo. Theo stops and stares at us.

"If you had to choose one of us to die, who would it be?" I ask Theo.

"You," Theo says simply. I raise my eyebrows.

"But.." Keeho starts laughing. "But I'm so much cooler than him!" I say.

"No you aren't," Theo looks away from us.

"Why do you hate me so much?" I ask him. He says nothing and starts walking away. I walk right by his side. "Huh? Huh? Huh?"

"Can you go get me coffee?" He furrows his brows at me, clearly annoyed.

"Why do you need coffee? Bro you're wide awake and it's 2pm," Makayla says walking to my side.

"Coffee actually sounds really good," Jiung calls from across the room.

"Okay," Makayla smiles at him. I look at her funny.

"Whatever, this isn't over Theo grumpy pants," I point my finger at him. He turns away from us and walks over to Soul and Intak. I turn sharply on my heels and go to a manager. "Can we have the keys to go get coffee?"

"Sorry ladies," The manager frowns. "The car is getting fixed right now, you'll have to walk." I groan.

"Hey it's okay, there's a walk in coffee shop like right around the corner," Makayla says. "Plus you need fresh air," She laughs.

"I guess," I sigh and smile at the managers. Makayla bows a thank you and we walk out of the practice room. We walk out of the front doors and start walking to the coffee shop.

"It looks like it's gonna rain," Makayla says looking at the sky.

"I doubt it," I say, looking at the white clouds. "It's a nice day."

"Yeah you're right," She laughs and looks back in front of her. I whistle a bit as we walk, letting myself energy the cool and fresh air. Makayla and I walk in silence, until we reach the entrance to the shop. She holds the door open for me, and I smile at her walking in. We go to the counter and order the drinks we need to. I get out my phone pulling up the card, they scan it, then we move to the end and wait for the drinks.

"I like it in here," I whisper to her, looking around at the place, there are bookshelves and fairy lights all around. It has a really nice atmosphere.

"Me too," She nods.

"Order for Rose!" The server calls and slides two drink holders of coffee to us. I pick one up and Makayla picks up the other one.

"Thank you," I say to the server with a smile, then turn to the door. It's pouring down rain.

"Told you!" Makayla sighs. "We should just wait it out," She looks over at me. I furrow my brows.

"No, it's not that long of a walk," I say with a nod. "We can do this." I straighten my shoulders and walk out. The rain is coming down harder than I thought. I look at Makayla who puts her jacket on her head. She walks out, and we start speed walking back to the company. I look down at my shirt, seeing it getting soaked and my bra is showing. I pick up my pace, starting to shiver from the cold air mixed with rain.

"Rose this is a dumb idea!" Makayla calls. I stop and look behind me, seeing her far away. I wait for her to catch up.

"No it's not," I grin. "Plus rain doesn't hurt!"

"Until we get sick," She shivers, her teeth are shattering. We are just standing in the rain. I shake my head and start speed walking again. I see the company building, and start running, holding on to the drinks for dear life. I pull open the door waiting for Makayla to walk in. She runs inside and I go in after her. I smile.

"We did it," I take a deep breath and head to the practice room.

"Rose.." Makayla calls. "Your shirt!"

"What?" I call back and walk into the room. Theo turns around and looks at me, he looks at my shirt and spins around. He takes off his jacket and walks backwards. He throws the jacket at me and takes the drinks. I blink and immediately cover myself with the jacket. Makayla walks in with the other drinks.

"I tried to warn you," She hums and sets the drinks down on the table by the wall. I slide on Theo's jacket and zip it up. I clear my throat, knowing my cheeks are red. I move my soaked hair off of my shoulder and wave to Keeho, who is laughing his ass off at me.

"Okay!" A manger calls. "Theo and Rose, go to the vocal studio and practice for at least an hour. The rest of you will work with Makayla." I nod and watch Theo set the drinks down where Makayla set the others. I walk to the room in the back of the practice room and flick on the lights. It's an old room, lots of dust. There are a few chairs and one music stand, then an old piano in the corner. I wipe off the music stand and tap my fingers on it. Theo walks in and shuts the door, then sits down in front of me. I clear my throat, then feel a sneeze coming into the back of my throat. I push it down.

"Okay vocal warm ups-" I sneeze, and I sneeze right on Theo. "I am so sorry," I look around the room and find a box of tissues. I throw them at him. He catches the box and wipes his face off. But he stays silent. "Anyway.." I clear my throat. "Repeat after me," I walk to the piano and sit down. "Mama Made Me Mash My M&M's," I play a note and sing it. Theo sighs and sings it as well. I smile, and repeat the phrase doing a higher note. Theo follows suit. I keep doing this until he can't go any higher. "Okay," I look at the clock on the wall. Five minutes have passed. "Come sit by me so I can hear you better," I move over on the bench, but Theo pulls a chair next to me instead. I sigh. "The next warm up is just mouth vibrations," I say and demonstrate. He follows. I do a lower note, and he follows. I do this until I can't go any lower. "Very good," I smile and look down at the piano. "So what do you struggle with?" I ask him. "Singing wise."

"High notes," He says with a shrug. I nod and think.

"Have you ever done a siren yell?" I ask.

"No," He says looking at me weird.

"Okay it's where you yell like a siren, you go from high to low," I do one and he snickers a bit.

"That's dumb," He says.

"It's not," I shake my head. Theo rolls his eyes, clears his throat and does it. "Okay again," I smile and do it with him. As we are doing it, I look at the clock. 20 minutes have passed. I roll up the sleeves of the jacket he let me wear and play a few notes. "Repeat them."

"I can't," He shakes his head. "Those are too high."

"You can," I nod to him. "Just try." He moves his shoulders back.

"Play them again," He says. I play the notes again, and he mimics them perfectly.

"See!" I smile and play a few happy notes. "You can do it." He laughs a bit, then stops and clears his throat.

"Thanks," He looks down at his hands. I crack my neck and play more notes, he mimics them perfectly again.

"Stop being so hard on yourself, you sound great," I smile and play a few more high notes, and he mimics them. "Believe in yourself more," I nod to him. He looks at the lock.

"We have like 15 minutes left," He says and looks at the piano.

"Is there something you want to try?" I ask him.

"No," He shrugs.

"If I brought my folder, I'm sure I would've thought of more stuff," I laugh a bit.

"Yeah well be more prepared next time," Theo stands and hits a low note on the piano. "This thing needs tuned." He turns and walks out. I furrow my brows and stand up, going after him. I look over to my left and see Makayla and Jiung super close, she's teaching him a move. I smile and don't pay attention to where I'm going. I jump into someone.

"I'm so sorry," A girl says, I steady myself and watch her pick up papers.

"No no that's my fault," I bend down to help her, but we both move our heads at the same time and headbutt. I hold my head.

"Oh god," She whispers and moves to me. "Are you okay?" I close one eye and look at her.

"Yeah yeah I'm good, here," I hand her some papers. She takes them. "I'm Rose by the way."

"I'm Nicole," She smiles. "This was quite the first meeting."
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