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Hurricane | Peter Parker


Penelope finds herself in the middle of a battlefield filled with people that were her family on both sides. On the team with her adopted father and a masked hero who she just met that shoots webs out of his wrists. But little did she know that the webslinger is the same person she had talked to at school a few hours earlier... ❅❅❅ | Peter Parker x OC | | Civil War - | | Marvel MCU | ❅❅❅ Moved from wattpad user is @Loki-NeverSleeps Cover by me

Romance / Action
Age Rating:


Francesca Capaldi as Penelope Ambers | Hurricane

Tom Holland as Peter Parker | Spider-Man

Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark | Iron Man

Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds | The Guy In The Chair

Zendaya as Michelle Jones | The Girl Who Know Everyone's Secrets

Katherine Mcnamara as Mary Jane Watson | Best Friends Since Forever

Kiernan Shipka as Gwen Stacy | Emotional Support Friend

Froy Gutierrez as Harry Osborn | Best Guy Friend Not My Boyfriend

The rest of the avengers cast as themselves


Authors Rambling

All rights to Spider-man and Captain America: Civil war goes to marvel and there amazing movies and comics, I am in no way shape or form claiming it as my own. However, Penelope Ambers is my OC and her additional storyline is my own so please don't steal or copy my work thanks. :)

This story takes play during CA: CW and forward. Also take note that this is Tom Holland's Spider-Man but I have used other characters from the comics and there other Spider-Man Movies for reference for additional characters such as Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. But they are just there so that there are more characters to the story, so saying that I mean that there previous storylines are no more *Gasp*. So don't worry my harry is not going evil.

Also, if you don't like the faces claims I used for the cast, then just use your imagination and simply picture them at someone else.

I moved from wattpad and I'm still getting used the software. Also someone teach me to put pictures!!

This story will most likely be updated once a week, don't rush me cause I have to do online classes still. So without further ado, lets begin.

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