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Various Anime X Reader Songfic Oneshots


What the title says song fic oneshots of various anime characters, both male and female.

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A few things we should get straight first.

For those of you who don't know, a song fic is a fanfiction based off of and around a certain song. The scenerio of what is happening will relate to the words and meanings of the songs. They will also sometimes include the lyrics.

1. There will be various anime characters. Of all genders.
2. This will have mature themes such as mature language, sex, suicide ect.
3. These are all song fics.
4. I do take requests. For both characters and songs.
5. I will do most characters minus maybe a few.
6. I am aloud to deny a requests if it makes me uncomfortable. I probably won't cuz I'll feel bad but I'm aloud to. For example I feel uncomfortable doing Neko stuff sorry it won't happen.
7.Please no getting mad if I mention a ship you don't like. Just deal like it like big guys, gals, and nonbionary pals.
8. I try to make my stuff gendernutral. Having said that unless it specifically says female or or male reader it is gendernutral.
9. Please be nice to each other in the comments. This is a place where everyone is welcome and can be happy and safe, (unless it's angst then cry all you want I'll probably cry writing it lol). I just want everyone to feel welcome and like they belong on here. Having said that, if you're a homophobe, transphobe, racist, bully, ect. leave now you're not welcome here. Bye.
10. I will do both character x reader and character x charcater. However I will not do incest, necrophillia, rape, or pedophilia.

Oh and before I forget I can also do songs and situations from musicals.

The animes I will do are:

Fairy Tail
Angels of Death
Ouran High school host club
Black Butler
Soul Eater
Assassination Classroom
Diabolik Lovers
Tokyo Ghoul
Danganronpa (both the anime and all games)
The Future Diary
RWBY (even though it's not an anime fight me)
Angel Beats
Snow White With the red hair
Fate/Stay Night
Maid Sama
K Project
Scums Wish
Kill La Kill
Date Alive
Anohana The Flower We saw that day
A Silent Voice
Death Note
Saiki K

All that being said, thanks everyone for reading. Love you extras. Later Skaters.
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