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her flame ; FATE: THE WINX SAGA (SKY)


“Why is everyone lying to me?” “I trust you...”

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I look at the school with wide eyes. Bloom next to me I grab her hand hiding behind her slightly. She looks at me with a smile "It'll be fine bug. I know your scared" I stay silent. She starts leading us to where we are supposed to meet Stella. I look around with a curious look and I let go of her hand l her. I starts to panic and someone comes up to me. "Excuse me, are you lost?" It was a male definitely, he has a thick British accent. I look at him and nod "So who are you looking for?"

I bite my lip and take out my phone and start typing 'I'm looking for my sister, she has red hair and her name is Bloom'. I show him and he reads "I can try and help, let's take a look around shall we" He holds onto my lower back and starts walking towards me to the main grass area. "Quit pervin' on the first years would ya" Another person walks towards us and I blush grabbing my hair making it cover my face "Shut up Riven, she's lost" I turn around and uncover my face and see my sister and I start walking at a quick pace towards her. I grab her hand and she looks at me and I look at Stella "I heard of your situation Y/n. So has Headmistress Dowling, we will make sure that you can leave class anytime you want if you have an attack."

I rest my chin on Bloom's shoulder and nod agreeing with her. Stella starts walking us towards our suite talking to Bloom about our trip here. People are looking at me weird since I'm holding her hand so I grip on it tighter shutting my eyes. She looks over at me and takes her hand out of mine and wraps it around my shoulder pulling me closer to her making me smile. "There's the bug I know, cmon we're almost there. Then you can lay down alright, I'll just FaceTime Mom and Dad by myself" I nod and lay my head on her shoulder.

We soon reach the suite and we enter our room we share with someone else, there is a queen size which I assume is for Bloom and I. Since the accident I haven't been able to sleep by myself. So Bloom and I have been sharing a bed since then. I put my bag down and lay on the bed and I look at her. She can sense my anxiety and lays next to me and grabs my hand holding it with a smile. "I'll take care of you and protect you alright. Maybe you can open up while we are here? Talk again, I miss your voice" I smile mouthing 'I'll try'. I squeeze her hand.

Maybe I will talk again, maybe I will open up
myself again. I mean this is a new school
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