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her flame ; FATE: THE WINX SAGA (SKY)


Fixing my makeup with a smile as Terra looks at me with amazement in her eyes "How are you such a natural at doing your makeup!" I shrug and bloom walks in "She's been doing makeup since we were 13, so she's pretty good, if I can't do it she helps" I give myself a proud smile at the both of them with my eyes closed making them laugh "You two ready?" I nod and so does Terra after grabbing a Tupperware.

We soon arrive at the party and Terra sets down her Tupperware opening them making me go wide-eyed at how strong the scent was of the brownies. Dane walks over and starts talking to Terra taking a bite of a brownie and his eyes go wide. He looks at me confused "Who are you?" "Oh this is Y/n, she's Bloom's twin sister. And one of my s, she's uh. Mute right?" I nod my head at Terra "Wanna hang out with me and my friends?" I look at Terra and she nods "I'll be fine, go have fun! Be sexy! Or whatever it is you First Worlders do"

I walk over to Dane and he starts leading me to 2 people. A guy and a girl. "Guys, meet Y/n was it?" I nod and the boy looks at me up and down and runs his thumb over his lip "You look hot right now" I stand behind Dane "Ignore Riven, I'm Beatrix, but you can call me Bea. What type of fairy are you?" I take out my phone and open my notepad typing and showing it to them 'Fire fairy, sorry I can't talk. I'm mute'. Bea reads it out loud "Your mute? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Riven says

"It means she can't talk. Is it a punishment for something or?" Bea asks me and I nod. Taking my phone back and typing down something else "I lost control while at a party because my ex was fucking my current best friend. Seeing gay actual porn is kinda gross" Bea reads out and Riven chuckles "Yeah? I would expect so. So you used to party?"

I grab my phone back and start typing again "A lot, I've been sober for a couple of months now but I still have my urges" Bea reads out loud again and Riven's eyes widen "Holy shit! Sober? How are you and Bloom related?" I smile and blush "So. Y/n, wanna play beer pong?" Riven asks me and I nod, he starts walking and I wave goodbye following him. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and whispers in my ear "You look really fucking beautiful" I look at him with wide eyes as we walk over to the table where Sky and Bloom are at. I stand next to Bloom after getting out of Rivens embrace and I grab her hand quickly "You ok bug?" I nod and Sky looks at me "Hey didn't we meet on the first day" I look at him and nod "You uh, never told me your name"

"Sky meet my twin Y/n, bug I guess you already know Sky." I nod "She's mute. She uh lost control of her fire at a party and hasn't talked since" I lay my head on her shoulder "She's really clingy to me but I'm glad I can help her out"

I look towards the two boys at the other end of the table and I can see him smirking.

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