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her flame ; FATE: THE WINX SAGA (SKY)


Bloom throws the ping-pong ball into the cup making us throw our hands up in excitement. This happens for a couple of rounds. The score is 3-3, a tie. Whoever wins this round wins the game. I throw my ball making it into the cup and throw my hands up in excitement. Bloom can tell how happy I am and how I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. She throws one next and I heat up the cup a bit and Sky touches it and winces "It's hot" "You gotta drink up" Bloom says shrugging her shoulders and he does so. I can tell how disgusted he is and I smile.

After we won the round Riven and I walk into the b after a small incident of beer getting on him, Dane with us. We were looking around for a shirt until Riven looked at Dane "Why do you hang out with Terra so much, she's thirsty for your dick" He lets out some smoke from his joint and Dane looks at him "Listen man shes nice she even made the brownies for everyone" "No she made them for you, plus she puts as much weed as Dowling would have. Now what size are you" Dane looks taken back at him "In shirt, what shirt size are you"

Dane tells him and takes it off handing to Riven, I cover my eyes over the exchange and then someone pulls my hand away and I see Riven there. "Hey princess, why you covering those pretty e/c eyes of yours" I blush and look away from him. Bea walks in and looks at him clearing her throat. He takes a step back and looks at her and she walks over and kisses him. I walk over to Dane and lay my head on his shoulder.

He looks taken back by this and tenses up but soon relaxes. We ignore Riven and Bea making out while he and I play a game on our phones. Whenever I lost my face grew angry giving me a small pout. Once Bea left to go wash her hands Riven walks over to me and grabs me by the arm making me look towards him. "C'mon princess, give me a happy face yeah?"

I look at him and he starts slowing leaning in. I tense up a bit but once I can feel his breath on my face we look at each other and he smirks "Something the matter princess? We're you, possibly expecting a kiss?" He pulls away and I blush. I leave the room weaving through people trying to reach Bloom. In that moment I didn't realize I left my phone, I just wanted to go to my sister and hide from everyone.

And I wanted to forget that stupid almost kiss
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