Freckles and Fireworks | Fred Weasley


Fred, George, and the entire Weasley family are quite excited when Molly's best friends' daughters, Dumbledore's granddaughters, and their best friend, transfer to Hogwarts.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:


(I rated this 18+ cuz sexual content but if you aren't 18+ and your finger happens to slip and you accidentally read it I can't stop you and I couldn't care less)THIS IS A FRED STORY EVEN IF SHE KINDA DATES SOMEONE ELSE FIRST. To be clear, Sophia is literally my name but I didn’t feel like coming up with a new one. I do not own the majority of these characters. This story is also on Wattpad and ao3 where my username is soph12025.


Sophia and Eliza are cousins and Eliza is adopted. Sophia and Eliza are transferring to Hogwarts from Ilvermorny with their best friend from school, Cora. Sophia and Eliza’s moms are best friends with Molly Weasley so the girls were always close with the Weasley family. Dumbledore gave Sophia the elder wand when she turned 11. Sophia can read minds when she wants to and gets random visions of the future. Eliza is a chameleon Animagus. Cora is a half-mermaid.

Eliza is based on my friend Lyla who I don't think has an inkitt account

Cora is based on @godofwatershoes

Thank you so much if you chose to read this book! I have put a lot of effort into writing so far!

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