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a collection of harry potter character x reader oneshots for you to read and enjoy :) *some mature content, smut and rude language*

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harry potter x reader


"what were you thinking?" harry questioned her, frustrated, "you could have died, Y/N!"

"i was just trying to help you, harry" she pleaded.

"well, don't! you think i want you to risk your life for me?" he asked.

"i don't fucking care, potter. i want you to be safe!"

he paused, "language, Y/N" he warned.

"and what the fuck are you gonna do about it?" she sassed.

his hand snaked around her neck, catching her off guard.

"how dare you speak to me like that?" he asked, seriousness in his voice but a gentle twinkle in his eye, the same one he always had.

she gulped, adrenaline coursing through her veins.

"apologise" he said sternly.

she scoffed, "no"

"apologise" he paused, squeezing slightly harder on her throat, "now"

she remained silent, "right then" he said, giving her his usual sassy smile.

his hand clasped around her wrist, gently but firm enough that she couldn't escape.

Y/N was instantly pushed against the wall of his room in the gryffindor dorm, which, being a hufflepuff, she was unfamiliar with.

his large hand once again wrapped around her neck.

she was vulnerable as harry pushed his shaky lips against hers. she presumed that they were shaky the anger he felt from her teasing earlier.

his tongue soon went between her lips, them immediately opening up for him and granting him an easy entrance.

Y/N tried to fight for dominance during the rough make out but she knew that he was the one in control. always.

"t-touch me, harry" she moaned into his mouth, somehow untangling one of her hands from the harry's grasp to bring it up around his neck.

"you don't really think i'll let you have my hands that easily, do you?" he said, chuckling.

"no, potter. i'm sorry"
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