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harry potter oneshots

ron weasley x reader

what's wrong?;

i looked in the mirror, more than displeased at what i saw looking back at me.

i had always been very insecure. i was all for spreading positivity and self-love but i just couldn't. i couldn't love myself no matter how hard i tried.

i stared in the mirror, becoming gradually sadder at the way i looked.

my eyes grew teary as i held my breath as an attempt to stop the tears.

they eventually fell from my eyes, rolling down my pink cheeks.

i heard a knock on my door, causing me to turn around. "Y/N? what's wrong?"

"nothing, ron. i'm fine" i said, sniffling.

he slowly approached me, wrapping his arms just above my waist, resting his chin on my head.

my arms hung loosely, my head leaning against his chest as the tears continued to fall.

"oh, not this again, Y/N" harry said sympathetically as he entered the room, seeing the sadness in my eyes.

ron immediately let go,

"oh, enough, ron. we all know you love h-" he slung his hand to his mouth, "sorry" he continued in a hushed whisper.

the glare ron gave him made me hold back a smile.

"you love me?" i asked, confused and flattered.

he exhaled deeply, "yes. i do, Y/N. i have since our first year. listen, you shouldn't feel like this about yourself, i have literally never met nor seen anyone so beautiful in my entire life. no one, not one single person...or witch...in this entire universe is or ever will be as kind, as talented, as funny or as special as you. you're gorgeous, Y/N. i love you so much"

my tears stopped, leaving my eyes watery as i stared into his eyes blankly.


"don't. i'm sorry, i understand you don't feel the same, it's okay. but just know that i meant every word of that" he turned and walked out of the room quickly.

so quick that i didn't get to tell him how much i actually did love him and how wrong he was.

"i love you too" i whisper, knowing he couldn't hear me.

harry came over and wrapped his arms around me as i continued to cry, leaning into his chest.

i couldn't figure out whether it was from guilt or my own sadness.

i really did love him.
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