The Malfoy That Wasn’t || Draco Malfoy

Chapter 9


I wake in Draco’s bed as Draco is in the shower. I get up and leave to get in my shower since I have to be at the Death Eater meeting today around 1 pm. I get to my room and get my outfit ready. I look at the clock and it reads 8 am. I go and get in the shower. After my shower I get dressed and do my hair and makeup.

As I finish, Draco walks in, his jaw drops. “What?” I ask “Nothing nothing at all” He comes up behind me as I am looking at myself in the mirror, he grabs my hips and spins me around to look at him. “You look really hot in this” He says holding my hips close to his “If you think I look hot in this, you should see me in some of my other outfits” I say looking over to my lingerie drawer in my dresser. At my words Draco lets go of my hips, I turn back to my mirror, he goes to open the drawer but I quickly shut it and put a spell on it so he can’t open it. “Hey!” He says “You have to wait for when you see me in them dumbass!” I say to him “Ughhhh” He plops down on the bed. Maza walks in “wow!” “Ya like?” “Um yes!” She comes over and slaps my ass. “Thanks!” I say “Your welcome” She says going to sit next to Draco. I exhale loudly “You’ll be fine!” Maza says “Honestly I’m glad you’re not going!” I say to Maza “Why do you say that?” “Because you would try to seduce Voldemort!” I say turning to face her “Yeah you’re right!” she says, Draco huffs.

Narcissa calls us down for lunch. As I get down there I see Lucius and Snape talking at the dining table. “Faith you look beautiful” Cissy says “Thanks” We sit down and start eating, I eat here and there but not really since I am nervous. After the house elf Dobby (I’ve always been very fond of Dobby, he is very nice!) takes our plates away, Lucius says to me “Go change you’re not wearing that!” “Yes I am!” “NO YOU ARE NOT!” At this I get up out of my chair “Oh god” Draco says. “You can’t tell me what I can and cannot do!” “YES I CAN” He yells “NO YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER AND YOU CANNOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!” I yell back “Yes I can” he slams his hands down on the table. “Lucius!” Narcissa says “You wanna see how it will go! I will throw you into a wall again” I say “No you won’t” he says, angering me more. “You wanna bet” I say slamming my hand on the table next to him and show my eyes to him. At that a glimmer of fear flashes through his eyes, him knowing about my werewolf curse and theanger issues, he backs down. I look over to everyone else as my eyes fade, Maza gives me a weird look.

I storm upstairs, I quickly notice fire leading behind me from my anger. Draco follows me.

I get into my room and I punch my full length mirror as Draco walks in. “Faith!” He shouts, my heart racing from the anger. He grabs my hand that I used to punch the mirror. “It’s fine! Look I am healed already!” I say still trying to regulate my heart rate. “Come here” He brings me to the bathroom and washes off my hand.

I have now calmed down, Draco wipes my hand with a towel. “You calm now?” he asks “Yeah, you shouldn’t be around me when I am mad” I say quietly “Why is that?” he says “Because I could kill you, you know with the anger issues and the urge to kill and all” I state. “I know that you won’t kill me!” He says grabbing my face. He plants a kiss on my forehead. We leave the bathroom and read the clock, 12:48 pm.

Narcissa knocks on the cracked door, “You ready Faith?” “Yeah” I respond

I go down and enter the dining room, where the other Death Eaters are, besides Draco and Maza.

“Ah one of our new members! Faith Malfoy” Voldemort speaks “Mikaelson actually my Lord” I correct him. “Good they told you!” He says as I go take a seat next to mymother.

They talk about some business. “Now Faith, your task is to become a full tribrid by the end of the week!” I look over to Narcissa, she nods to me “Yes my Lord” I say to him. After he assigns tasks to other Death Eaters the meeting ends.

Cissa meets me before the staircase. “When do you want to do it?” “I want to do it in New Orleans with my real parents” and with that I go upstairs.

I walk into my room and Draco is in my room trying to get my lingerie drawer open (He can’t because my magic is too strong). I close the door and lean up against it and hit my head. “Stop trying, my magic is too strong!” I say. Draco rushes to me “what happened, did he give you a task?” Draco says, grabbing my hand leading me to my bed “I have to kill someone and get killed by the end of the week” I smile sarcastically. I bury my head into his shoulder not caring about my makeup now that the meeting is over. Draco places one of his hands in my hair “He wants you to be a full tribrid” He says quietly. At that I start crying. Draco picks my head up off his shoulder and kisses my forehead and places my head back on his shoulder. He holds me for hours.

I have found my one and only

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