The Malfoy That Wasn’t || Draco Malfoy

Chapter 10

**Major SMUT!!! Huge sex scene! don’t read with anyone around!**


I wake up and get ready for us to leave for New Orleans.

-They arrive in New Orleans-

They go to the Mikaelson compound. Two people are in the room, a man and a woman. The man had sandy blonde hair and the woman had brown hair. He has an English accent and she doesn’t, maybe that’s why I have an American accent. “Mom? Dad?” they turn to me, they look at me for a moment and then they realise “Faith?” the man asks “Yeah”. They run to me and hug me. I heard my mother say to Narcissa and Lucius “thank you”.

“You probably have a lot of questions” my mother says “yeah I do” I say “Why don’t you guys explore New Orleans for a little bit, while we talk to her” Klaus says to the three. Draco looks at me, I nod yes to him.

“Why did you guys give me to Narcissa and Lucius?” I ask “Two reasons, love! Your great aunt and your grandmother” my father says fixing himself a drink “Well can I get more than that!” I say fiercely “She’s definitely our daughter” my mother laughs “Your great aunt Dahlia took Freya, your aunt, when she was a kid and told your grandmother, Ester, that she will take every first born of the Mikaelson bloodline. She channels your magic and makes it so you can’t die. So we had to hide you from her so that we could kill her, which we did so we don’t have to worry about that” he says to me as he gives me the memory. “And the second?” I ask “Something we found out after we killed Dahlia and the reason why we haven’t brought you here yet” “which is?” “Ester! Ever since she created vampires she has been trying to get rid of them! You are the key to that! If she kills you with a certain spell then all vampires will die.” Klaus states “where is she now?” I ask “She is currently dead but she can rise from the dead at any minute” Hayley says.

“Voldemort wants me to become a tribrid” I say “Really?” my mother says to me “So then I will find someone for you to kill and we will teach you the ways of being a Mikaelson and a hybrid!” my father says.

That night I was going to be the most powerful being to ever exist!

As my father is out compelling someone for me to kill, I am in his room looking at his paintings. I guess I get my artistic side from him, as I love to dance and sing.

Draco walks in. “Hey” He says quietly “hey” I respond, I go and kiss him “What was that for?” he asks “I’m going to die tonight might as well kiss you before I become a vampire for centuries” I say.

-around 30 minutes later-

I snap the girl’s neck my father had brought me. I fall to the ground in pain. Narcissa stops Draco from rushing to me. I look up to Draco as I feel my eyes glow, my father then runs a stake through my heart.

I gasp for air as I am now in a bedroom. “Here love, drink this blood to complete the transition” my father says, handing me a glass. I drink it, I am now a Tribrid.

A few hours later we decide that the next 2 days I will stay in New Orleans to figure out how to live as a vampire and then I will go back to the Manor for my meeting with Voldemort and to get packed because I will be with my family during summer.

Throughout those 2 days, I learned how to control my hunger, how to hunt, how to turn into a wolf, and got lessons from Freya on my magic. I also facetimed my sister and my other family members. My parents also told me about everything with the Hollow. I also met and immediately connected with Josh.

-back at the Manor-

As I had just 2 days until the meeting and then I leave. I start to pack some things, after a few hours I walk into Draco’s room as he is reading, I climb next to him on his bed. He immediately wraps an arm around me and kisses me. We lay there for a few hours and I then get up to leave. “Where are you going?” he asks “To take a shower I will come back once I am done” and with that I left.

I took my shower and changed into something I know Draco would like.

As it was now midnight, I walked to his room and opened the door. Draco looked up at me, he put his book down and got up “is it my birthday?” he says “not yet, but because we won’t be under the same roof and I will have to do a spell every time I want to come back I decided these next 2 nights should call for some of those outfits I talked about” I say ask, he comes up and puts his hands on my hips. “I wish I could say you won’t be able to walk but you will because you are a vampire but it doesn’t mean I won’t make you scream” he says.

I spell the door and put a silencing spell on the room.

He pins me against the door. He starts to kiss my neck, I jump up and wrap my legs around him, as I already feel him hard. One hand is on my neck, the other is rubbing my thigh, whilst he kisses me. A small moan escapes my lips, he smirks. After a few more minutes I start to unbuckle his belt. He lets me down, I get on my knees. I quickly get his pants and underwear down. As his dick is bigger than I have seen before. ‘Bitch that dick was 11 inches’ “Sacred baby?” He asks “yeah a little” I say looking up at him, he leans down “don’t worry I’ll make it fit” is what he whispers in my ear.

I lick his dick, his eyes roll back, I tease him a little bit by kissing the head and licking him. I then put him in my mouth. He puts his hand in my hair as I start to move my head and suck. The other hand he puts on the door. “Awe fuckkkk baby just like that” I start to go faster. His hand tightens in my hair. I look up at him as he is looking down at me, I see his eyes roll back a few times as I swirl my tongue around. “Ok that’s enough for me baby, now it’s your turn” He says, picking me up off the floor. I wrap my legs around him as he brings me to his bed.

He lays me down and starts to kiss me all over. He then takes off my bottoms. He stands there admiring me. But then he comes up and kisses me, as he is kissing me he says “lets see how wet you are”. He goes over my stomach down to my pussy with his middle finger. He slowly runs his finger over my entrance, at his touch my back arches “I don’t think I have ever seen a girl this wet before” he says to me with a sexy voice. “What happens if I slip one finger in” At his words he slips his middle finger in me. I moan and arch my back. “Now 2" he places his ring finger in me, I can feel the cold silver of his rings in me. I moan again. He slowly starts to move his fingers to rub against my g-spot. “Aw fuck- fuck baby” I say arching my back and start to squirm underneath him. “What’s my name?” He asks me “Draco” I respond, “nope” he says and starts to move his fingers incredibly fast, faster than anyone has before. I grip at the sheets “fuck” I say. As he keeps his speed, I moan. “What’s my name?” he restates. I can’t even think straight at this point “fuckkkkk” I say gripping at the sheets more and more “Slow down- aw fuck” I piece together. “Say my name” he says quickening his motions “FUCK” I shout, I squirm, I start to claw at his back in pleasure “say it and I will slow down” “Y-y-y-yeah?” I ask “yeah” he says. I try to think but at the speed he’s at I can’t but then it comes to me. “Daddy-y” at my words he stops “now was that so hard?” “Well I can’t think when you do that” I respond trying to catch my breath.

He takes his fingers out of me and runs them over my lips and my clit, at his actions my back arches. He then runs his tongue from my stomach down to my pussy. He kisses my thighs. I moan. He then touches his tongue to my heat. “Aw fuck” I moan out.

He moves his tongue to my clit, he flicks his tongue over and over, pleasure taking over my body. As he starts to suck my back arches and I start to moan, grabbing at the sheets. He then adds his fingers back into me, he starts to movements he was doing before. “FUCKKKK” I cry out as he starts to move his fingers and tongue faster, him watching my every move. My hand finds his way to his hair. I start to grab at it.

As my legs begin to shake, he holds one leg down with his extra hand. I cry out in pleasure. Grabbing at his hair, and the sheets. I begin to squirm as I get close to my climax. “Fuck daddy I’m going to cum” I say “No not yet” he says and goes back to what he was going. “Fuck daddy” I say grabbing even harder at the sheets “Dra-a-aco I can’t hold off” I shout “that is not my name, you must be punished” he starts to move his fingers incredibly fast and his tongue too. As my vagina tenses up as I am seconds away from hitting my climax, he stops.

“Draco! You dick!” I say and he slaps my pussy, “what did you just say?” “aw fuck nothing” “that’s what I though” he says as he grabs my thighs and starts to rub my body. “Fuck daddy please make me cum” “oh you wanna cum?” Draco asks as he has his hand around my throat, his rings pushing against me. “Yes daddy” at my words he starts to finger fuck me. I moan out but they quickly get cut off by Draco’s lips crashing into mine. My climax quickly arrives. “Fuck daddy can I cum?” I ask looking at him with puppy dog eyes “yes you can, cum all over my fingers” My climax washes over me, my whole body starts to shake, I grip at his back with my nails. I yell out “FUCK”.

As my climax finishes Draco runs his finger over my clit, I tremble. “Sensitive are we?” “ye-yes” I say breathless. “You are so fuck hot when you cum” Draco says to me “I have never came like that” I admit.

As I become less sensitive, Draco starts to place his dick. “You ready baby?” “Yeah” I answer quietly. As I lay on my back with Draco over top of me. He enters me. “Aw fuck!”

He starts to move faster and faster “Awe baby your so fucking tight how is that possible!” Draco says. I dig my nails into his back as he kisses me, ramming his body into mine. As he completely enters my body I start screaming in pleasure, he starts to move faster. As my nails dig deeper, blood starts to draw. “Ow fuck baby!” he says as he grabs my hands and pins them over my head. “Can I cum daddy?” I ask weakly “Yes, cum all over my dick my littleslut“. I do as I am told.

After I cum Draco grabs my legs and brings them up on his shoulders, he grabs my hips and rams me into him. I moan, getting tangled in the sheets from grabbing at them. The black veins run through my face, “You’re bleeding daddy” I state “Yesmy slutyou dug your nails into me” He says and then picks up the pace. I soon cum without asking.

He picks me up and flips me over. He traces my spine with his tongue and then starts to fuck me again. Him sucking on my neck and going at a pace I can’t handle. “Slower! Slower daddy!” I manage to get out “you want me to go slower?” he asks, pulling my hair to make me look at him. “Yes daddy” at my words he moves quicker. I scream out, he quickly puts his hand over my mouth. I continue to scream into his hand before I knew it, I was cumming. My climax washes over me, he takes his hand off my mouth so that he can hold me up, because my legs were getting too weak. As I climax again, he starts to climax too.

After he finishes in me, he pulls out and lays down, panting, I lay next to him.

“Fuck, I have never came like that” I say

“I have never had sex that hot before” Draco laughs, I laugh too, placing my hand on his chest.

“I heal quicker and I still feel like I can’t walk” I say, Draco laughs at my comment. He pulls me close to him and kisses me, softly.

“Sorry baby, but I know you like it” He smirks

“Ugh, I do” I admit.

He continues to cuddle me and at that we fall asleep.

A/N: I cannot take credit for the whole Ester situation! My favorite fanfic writerfanofpottahis the one that came up with that! Go check her out!

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