The Malfoy That Wasn’t || Draco Malfoy

Chapter 2

I help Draco upstairs into his room. I plop him on his bed. Draco groans from pain. I learned something as a kid, I can take away pain. I take Draco’s hand and wrap my hands around his so that I am holding his hand. I start to think about taking the pain but the key is to not rush it. Suddenly black veins run through my arms taking pain from him and transferring it to me, I wince at the pain just a little. Draco’s eyes snap open at my wince, my twist in pain. “Faith STOP! It’s hurting you too much” I kept going “Faith!” Draco tears my grip off of him. “I can do with the pain” He says to me as I breathe heavily from the pain I took from him. He pulls me into a hug “You know that you don’t have to take my pain” “I feel bad if I don’t” I say as the pain has now left my body.


It has been a week, Draco and I haven’t talked about it yet. As I get back from classes, I see a text from Blaise on our group chat. ”Come quick to the hospital wing!“. I wave my hands and appear at the hospital wing. I don’t know why I can do really strong magic or why I can do it all without a wand or even saying a spell.

I see Maza in a bed. Ron is another but who cares about him. “What the hell did you do!” Blaise quickly walks up to me and grabs my arm and whispers in my ear “she cut herself, I found her in your room. She said she will only talk to you and Draco” I look up at him, I nod. And go to her bed as Draco runs in, Blaise goes to talk to him, I’m guessing the same thing that he told me. I see Hermione give me a weird look.

“Why?” I asked, trying to stay calm. “Guess your parents didn’t tell you the other part” She says as I go to grab her hand, she slaps my hand. I could tell that the golden trio was watching us now “You cut yourself! I am taking your pain!” I say as I grab her hand. The black veins race through my arms. “God! Maza!” “Well then stop taking it!” I kept going as my face twist in pain. Draco goes and takes my hand off of hers “I swear sometimes I wish you couldn’t do that”

Since Draco is now by the bed, I wave 2 fingers in a circle so no one can hear our conversation.

“What do you mean our parents didn’t tell us everything?” I asked

“My dad told me that I would be getting mine the same day as you guys”

I rub my forehead and run my hand down to cover my mouth, I dropped my arm

“Why do you think he wants us three” I ask

“I don’t know maybe he wants us work on the inside” Draco says

I wave my fingers again to drop the veil. The golden trio giving us a weird look. “What?” I ask, kinda pissed off at this point, “Did your mothers never teach you not to stare?” I pause for a quick moment “Oh right Pottah yours died before she could” I smirk and walk away with Draco.

-Another week later-

We are at dinner as we leave the next day. Draco, Maza, and I are silent. “What the bloody hell is wrong?” Blaise asked, the three of us just looked at each other and then back at our food that we barely have touched. “You guys have been off lately” Blaise asked honestly considered “None of your damn business Blaise!” Draco said to him quite loudly.

That night me and Maza couldn’t sleep so we started to talk about things not to do with the Dark Lord.

“I’m scared for when you are at my house! I don’t know if your going to kiss Draco, my dad, or DL” (We made up a nickname if anyone asks who it is, it is Dickson Laufeyson) Maza laughed “Looks like we will just have to find out!” “ewww” I throw a book off my nightstand at her. She reads the book title ‘After’. “Hey you wanna watch the movies?” “Yeah!” I hear my phone go off. I look and see a text from Draco ‘Can’t sleep, hbu?’ I text him back telling him to come to our dorm and watch movies.

We start the movie. Draco and I on my bed, Maza on hers. “Damn she’s in college and has never been touched sexually before!” Draco says in complete shock “Yes Draco” I turn to him and say.

We watch both of the movies. Maza and Draco are both asleep, I start to fall asleep. I thought it’s weird how protected around Draco. What was bad though was sometimes I would find myself attracted to him, like he’s my brother!


Draco and I arrive home. We walk into the parlor to be greeted by our parents. “The Dark Lord arrives in 2 days! Maza will come tomorrow and be spending her break here” Lucius says to us, Draco and I look at each other nervously “Are you two hungry?” our mother asks. We nod and the four of us go into the dining room.

After dinner Draco and Lucius get into an argument. Lucius grabs Draco’s right arm and goes to burn him with his cigar. I start to get mad, the ground starts to shake, I use my magic so he can’t move the cigar closer to Draco. Draco was staring into my eyes as my gaze was on our father. “Faith I need you to calm down!” Narcissa says “Faith!” she says once again. I start to breathe heavier, I feel my eyes do something but I don’t know what. “Mother why is her eyes glowing blue?” Draco asks “Faith calm down!” mother says once again. Lucius’ gaze is now on me as I am staring at him. He tries to move the cigar closer to Draco, making me more mad. The ground starts to shake more. “Lucius stop! Faith calm down!” My mother shouts.

With my magic, the cigar tears out of Lucius’ hand and burns him. I get up out of my seat angry. “You burned me you fucking bitch!” he yells. I stand there tall as he stands up towering over me. He slaps me. “Why didn’t it hurt?” I say immediately “You want it to hurt?” “Why can I heal? Why is my pain tolerance higher than anyone I have ever met?” “We will explain one day sweetheart!” Narcissa says taking Draco from the table to get him away from me and Lucius. “Here I’ll show you pain then,” Lucius says, going to the storage closet and grabs a mop. A confused face forms on my face. “Lucius don’t” Narcissa says to him, he breaks the wood handle in half. He walks up to me, tears form in my eyes. He plunges the wood into my stomach, I stumble back. Draco runs towards me. “LUCIUS!” mother says pushing him into the kitchen.

I fall into Draco’s arms, he lays me down on the ground. “Ah” I say gripping around the stake “Don’t touch it!” Draco says to me, I grab his bicep “I need you to take out the stake” “What no!” “Draco just take it out I will be fine! Please I can’t do it myself.” Draco slowly takes out the stake, I throw my head back in pain, my face twisting. I pull up my shirt to just reveal my stomach. The wound already healed. “What?” Draco says “Clear they won’t explain so let’s not even try” I say with Draco helping me up.

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