The Malfoy That Wasn’t || Draco Malfoy

Chapter 5

A/N: Hey this is a small chapter, it’s pretty much just a filler chapter. Hope you like it though!!


I wake. I see Draco sitting on his couch, “Draco?” I say starting to sit up. He looks over at me with tears in his eyes, I get up and walk over to him. I sit down and grab his left wrist, I go to hold his hand. “No” “Yes” I respond. I take his pain away. I plant a kiss on his forearm “all better!” I say. Draco grabs my left arm to look at my dark mark, he kisses it. We look into each other’s eyes, after a few minutes Draco leans in and kisses me. Our lips connecting, we pull away for just a second and then kiss again. His warm soft lips touching mine filled me with joy. I pull away and quickly get up, “um we shouldn’t of done that um let’s just forget about it ok?” I nod at my own words, Draco looks down and nods without looking at me. I quickly walk out of his room into my own.


I sit on my couch with the taste of her lips still on mine. They tasted like cherry chapstick, how is that even possible? She just woke up! I wonder what our parents aren’t telling us. Faith’s eyes can glow blue! She can do things I can’t even explain! She made the ground shake when she was mad, she threw our father into a wall, moved the cigar out of my fathers hand and had it burn him, and she healed when he stabbed her with a broom.

Narcissa & Lucius

“Lucius, when should we tell her? I think we should do it the first day of summer”

“I think so too, then if she wants to see her parents she can”

“Which she will and she can be with them all of summer besides when The Dark Lord needs her, and she will be back for the school year”

“Yes she MUST come back for next school year, there is no negotiation on it”

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