The Malfoy That Wasn’t || Draco Malfoy

Chapter 6

**This chapter deals with triggers! Such as rape!**

-After spring break-


Draco, Maza, Blaise, and I are sitting in our compartment on the train. Pansy comes to the door and starts to speak “Hey Draco” Draco doesn’t say anything “I said hey Draco” “Pansy take the fucking hint!” I say annoyed with her. She gives me a bitchy look, I give her one back.

We are now back at the school, I have spells on our marks so that we don’t have to worry about them accidentally being seen. We sit down at dinner, I look down the table and see a new boy. I lean to my left, where Maza is, “Hey new kid alert” “Yeah I know, he’s really hot” Maza says back to me. “I want him!” I whisper in her ear just to make sure Draco didn’t hear me.

-A few days later-

The new guy, Theo Rockson and I have gotten close. He came up and talked to me yesterday and asked if I could give him a tour of the school. Of course I said yes but made it sound like I wasn’t desperate.

I show Theo around campus and then we go back to me and Maza’s dorm.

He comes up to me with lust in his eyes. He pushes me onto the bed with his grip tight around my neck. “Hey ever heard of consent much!” I say to him because yes even though I sleep with a lot of people, I still believe in consent! “Shut up,” he says roughly to me. His hand still around my neck.

He gets up and puts a spell on the room to silence it and the door was already locked. And in that moment I knew what was about to happen.

He goes back towards me. His eyes were scary, cold feeling on my body, like a lion hunting. As he gets closer I scoot back on my bed. He grabs my thighs roughly and pulls my hips close to him. “Get off of me!” “I heard a lot about you. Now show me how much of a slut you really are!” He says putting one of his hands in my underwear. He starts to rub my clit, I repeat myself “Get off of me!“. He takes his other hand and puts it over my mouth and says “Shut up!“.

He rips off my clothes. As he man handles me, I become numb.

As he starts to rape me, I feel hopeless. He was fucking me sensless. I then get an idea, I can send messages to people. If I wave my fingers from the direction of my mouth outwards, whatever I was thinking about saying the person I sent it to will hear my voice in their ears.

I unlock the door with my magic and send a message to Draco. “Draco! Help me! Please! My dorm! Quick!”

I can sense Draco running towards my dorm. As my door opens, my orgasm washes over me. I grab the sheets. Draco pulls him out of me and starts beating him until Theo runs out with just his boxers and shirt on.

I lay there sensitive, weak. Crying. Draco grabs the blanket at the end of my bed and sits me up, wraps me in it as I cry on his shoulder. I didn’t care that my own brother just saw me cum or because he saw my naked, I just cried on his shoulder and felt protected around him.

Draco helps me into my shower, as my body is still numb, like I have no life left in me.


Maza comes rushing in once I texted, as Faith is still in the shower.

“She’s in the shower.... She’s numb. Just watch over her, I will be back” with that I leave. I did what Faith would want me to do, I went to Dumbledore. I told him about what just happened. Let’s just say he’s not coming back.

I want to scream, someone just raped my sister! It was my fault I should have been paying attention to her!

I wait till Maza tells me to come in, I do. Maza is comforting Faith who is now on her bed with clean sheets which I am guessing Maza did while Faith was in the shower. Maza passes her to me as I sit down on her bed. “Come on let’s go to bed” I say softly to her. When I looked in her eyes it looked like she had no life left in her. I looked over to Maza, who was giving me a worried look.

Faith lays on her left side facing over towards Maza. She lifts her right arm signalling to me to come cuddle her, I do as she wishes.

Me and Maza wait for her to fall asleep before we talk. It took a few hours but she was finally asleep. I tell Maza about how Theo is expelled.

After a few hours, I wake to Faith rustling around and whimpering in her sleep. She was having a nightmare about what happened. As I go to wake her, she starts to scream and jolts awake. “It’s ok! I’m here!” I say to her which I could tell comforted her. She turns toward me as I was turned towards her. She buries her head into my chest, she soon falls asleep.

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