The Malfoy That Wasn’t || Draco Malfoy

Chapter 8

A/N: Thank you so much for reading! Shit is getting interesting!!!! The story is developing more, and there are things about the Originals story line that will be different so please don’t call me out as if it is a mistake because it isn’t! The main one is, is that Klaus is in New Orleans even though him, Hope, Kol, Rebekah, and Elijah have the Hollow split in them. Simply Klaus only goes out and kills tons of people when he drowns in his thoughts of not having his daughters with him.


She isn’t my sister?

This is why I have always been attracted to her.

Should I make a move?′ I asked myself in my head but decided against it because she did just find out that her parents aren’t her parents.

After dinner Faith and I went upstairs. During dinner we decided that we will travel to New Orleans 2 days from now. All I can say is my mind is racing. Tomorrow we have me, Faith, and Maza’s first meeting with the death eaters, then the very next day we are going to the states to see my “sisters” parents.


Instead of going to my room I went to Draco’s with him. He went in first and after I went in and shut the door, I fall to my knees crying. Draco rushes to me and pulls me close. He wraps his arms around me, I grab at his arms. He buries his face into the side of my head and whispers in my ear “I know, it’s ok, it’s ok”. After a few minutes of cries being the only sound filling the room, I notice Draco is still telling me those same words. I just continue to lay in his arms, anymore that’s the only place I truly feel safe.

I move my head to look at Draco, I notice tears in his eyes. I wipe them off.

Draco helps me up to the couch, so that we can be comfier. I lay in between his legs, still with tears slowly moving down my face. As Draco plays with my hair with one hand and the other rubs my arm, I begin to fall asleep.


“We will have to tell them soon that we want them to wed” I state to my wife

“I know Lucius, I just don’t know how they will take it”

“You told me that both of them have at least came to you once asking why they are attracted to each other!” I shout at her

“Yes but you know how Faith is when she is told to do something! She retaliates!” She shouts back

“We will tell her, just not yet I guess” I say, wondering how this will play out.


I wake to Draco just staring outside at the bright shining stars. “Draco?” I say sitting up “Yeah?” he says looking at me with puffy eyes. I turn around to face his and go up to him placing my hand on his cheeks, feeling that they are wet. “Why were you crying?” “Because you were crying” He says, placing his hand over mine. He takes my hand off his face and kisses it. He then places his hand on my jawline and runs it down to my bottom lip. He pulls me in and kisses me, I kiss back. I quickly climb over him. Straddling him. Our lips intertwining, our tongues running together, tasting each other. He runs his hands from my face down my sides, to my hips, then my ass. Our kisses deepen. “I can feel your pussy pulsing” He smirks with our foreheads touching “What can I say you turn me on Draco Malfoy, always have and always will” at that he kisses me quickly, deep passionate kisses. Then a knock at the door “Draco? Faith?” The woman I thought was my mother says “Yeah?” we respond as I get off of Draco.

At that she walks in. “I just wanted to talk to you two. Faith I know that you really want to meet your parents but....” “But what?” I respond. “You might not like what you see when we are in New Orleans, your father is.... Worse than Lucius” She says looking at her hands “Soo” “I just wanted to warn you, I believe that he changed after he had your sister” “wait! sister?” I say in shock. “Yes, and don’t ask why he kept your sister but not you, he will tell you that when we see him” She says reassuring me “Does he know that we are coming?” I ask “Yes, I sent him a message with magic” “Ok” I respond as she turns around to leave. “Oh and tomorrow the Dark Lord only wants Faith to be in the meeting, sorry Draco” And with that she leaves.

Draco puts his hand on my inner thigh and starts to rub it with his thumb. After a minute or two, I get back on top of Draco. We go back to making out, his lips leave mine, he kisses my jawline and then starts to kiss my neck, a small moan leaves my lips at the sensation of him on my neck. He takes one hand and puts it on my neck, as the other is on my ass. After about 20 minutes of him going back and forth of kissing my lips to my neck, and when he would lick my neck, I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head. I start to unbuckle his belt “what are you doing?” I kept unbuckling his belt “Faith” He said a few times in between kisses, he grabs my hands to make me stop “What?!” I ask “Stop” “why?” He places my hands to be on his neck “Because I know you haven’t had sex with any one since Theo, and I don’t think your ready to have sex again yet, your pussy is ready but your mind isn’t” He says placing his hands on my cheeks, a tear runs from my eyes. “I just want your touch, I just want to be yours right here right now! I just don’t want anyone else to have you” I say, he grabs my chin and lifts it up to get me to look at him, I don’t “Look at me” I still don’t “Look At Me Faith!” at that I look into his eyes and another tear falls. “You will always be mine and I will always be yours!” He says and then kisses me, and with that my anxiety eased.

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