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My Hero Academia Head-canons


Head-canons and sometimes one-shots that I come up with! so uh.. let me know what you think and I take all constructive criticism, or just straight up tell me u hate it that works too 😗 If you would like to see anything specific let me know and I’ll do my best :))

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Bakugou Angst *Oneshot*(TW mentions of blood!!)

Startling herself awake with a sharp gasp and clutching at her chest, her limbs have a slight tremor to them as she can feel the adrenaline racing through her blood stream, the pounding of her heart against her ribcage was a sensation not to be ignored.
Looking to her left at the man beside her, his blond hair slightly squished against his pillow, it looked soft compared to its normal stance. During the day his hair stood straight against his head. The random, destructive patterns of his hair fit well with his volatile personality, and explosive quirk. She was no longer soundly asleep in his arms, he sensed the lack of warmth in his sleep and lazily opened his eyes. Those crimson beads hazily looking up at her in this panicked state she found herself in, and his body shot up almost instantly. His eyes searching her, showing that he was worried, that he needed to know that she was okay. Everything around her felt incredibly real, almost too real. But in her anxious state, with each nerve and muscle in her body hypersensitive, it was no surprise she felt that way.
She couldn’t talk, her throat threatened to enclose on itself every time she dared to open her mouth, in desperation she grabbed his face and met his lips with hers. The stream of tears flowing down her face and mixing into the desperate kiss, it was gentle, and full of fear. It was grounding. She desperately pushed herself into his lips, grazing her tongue along the entrance to his mouth, asking him to open to her. She needed to know he was there, that he really was in front of her. Tongues dancing
around each other in an elegant yet explosive battle, the taste of his mouth, her tears, their love for each other. Pushing herself farther into his mouth she tasted the sting of iron across his tongue.. The blonde haired man had no piercings in his mouth. Why was she tasting metal? The taste of pure iron overwhelmed her sensitive tongue as she aggressively pulled away from her love to find his mouth hung open, blood pouring from between his teeth with no remorse. He began coughing as more of him left through the walls of his lips, teeth, and tongue. He couldn’t speak, turning up to face her, his eyes pierced into hers. Burning his image into the forefront of her mind, he wasn’t there anymore.
His breathing was slowing, his body was going limp, everything seemed to shut down before her eyes. Sobbing at the sight before her, pleading for him to come back, she jolted awake with a sharp gasp. Clutching at her chest, tear stained cheeks, but no man was laying by her side. He had passed long ago, but she would never forget the look in his eyes, as he moved into another life without her.

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