mission to Hogwarts


Nico, Will, Eva, and Brigette go to Hogwarts to protect and befriend the wizards of Hogwarts will they succeed or will they fail find out in this alsome and wonderful book

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Will's Pov

Nico, Eva, Brigette, and Will arrived at a house type thing and when Brigette knocked on the door a boy answer it. "You must be the exchange student's mom was telling about please come"he said.
(Brigette's Pov)
We went in but my guard was up just in case I could tell everyone's guard was up well being a demigod will do that I thought. "Hello my name is Eva this is Will that's Nico and this is Brigette"said Eva. "Brigette la tua ragazza a volte è un cervello di alghe"said Nico.(brigette your girlfriend is a seaweed brain sometimes) "Conosco Nico ma non è cattiva come Percy e non parlare della mia ragazza in quel modo"I say. (I know that Nico but she's not as bad as percy and don't talk about my girlfriend like that) "Mi dispiace Brigette, farò del mio meglio per non stuzzicarvi entrambi"said Nico (I'm sorry Brigette I'll try my best not to tease you both) "Ti perdono e non ti azzardare Nico"I say. (I forgive you and don't you dare Nico) "vedremo Brigette vedremo"said Nico. (we'll see Brigette we'll see) "Are you two done now"said Will with a smile. I rolled my eyes and Nico smacked his boyfriend's head (that's all for now bye bye)
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