New dragon slayer


Gabriella and her exceed Isa are walking around when they walk into Wendy read on to see what happens next

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Gabriella's Pov

Gabriella and Isa were walking around town when they walk into a girl. "Oh I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going I'm Gabriella and this is Isa so what's your name"I say. "My name is Wendy are you looking for something maybe I can help"she said. "I'm looking for fairy tale do you know where that is"I say. "Yes follow me"she said sweetly. When we get there I open the door and a table was coming right at us I grabbed Wendy and flipped right over the table then I set Wendy down. "Wendy are you okay"I say. "I am fine thanks to you"she says sweetly. "Great okay which one though the table"I say. They all pont at two boys one had black hair the other had pink hair I go over to them I didn't care if you were fighting they brought Wendy into this she looks like she can take care of herself but she almost got hurt because of them and that won't fly with me I grabbed them by the ears. "You almost hurt Wendy and I could care less if you fight but you almost hurt Wendy so you two are going to sit down and chill and if you want to fight take it outside I have my eyes on you two now your going to say sorry to her do I make myself clear"I say. "Yes ma'am"they both say. "Good now go say sorry to Wendy now"I say. "Yes ma'am"they say. "Natsu Gray what are you doing over here"Wendy said. "We're sorry about the table Wendy we're gald your okay"they say. "Thanks Natsu and Gray your forgiven"Wendy. I walk over to them. "I'm sorry for before my name is Gabriella this is Isa"I say. "It's alright so are you joining oh my name is Natsu this is Gray "Natsu says. "Yes I am also Gray your clothes"I say. "So what kind of dragon slayer are you"he says. "I'm a Elemental dragon slayer which means I can control Earth water fire and air"I say. "That's so cool so what do you eat"Natsu says. "I can eat fire, Earth, water, or air"I say. "So which team are you joining"Natsu says. "Yours if you don't mind"I say. Once I got my fairy tale mark which was green and I got it put on my forearm Isa was the same color but on her back we got a house it was next to Lucy's house then I went to bed. ( That's it for now bye.)

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