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I’m sorry (little space Bakugou)


Bakugou is abused by his parents and the Midorya’s adopt him BakuDeku

Action / Horror
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I’ve always needed help

Bakugou pov

I look into the mirror and all I see is an ass hole I hit Izuku again it broke my hart HE ENDED UP IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL the worst part was that he said he had fallen down the stairs i pushed him and I laughed at him it broke my hart why-why am I like this I just feel like ugh I don't even know like I need Human contact but the only way I know how is to hurt someone why am I so angry I think to myself I'm not angry I'm sad "you're weak" the words of my "boyfriend" rang in my head Azrael is and has been my boyfriend for three years I hate him but I'm To scared to Break up with him just then I Heard the door open and I flinch I looked back to see Azrael he has short black hair and blue tips yellow eyes he was handsome and tall like 5'9 tall I look at him and smile shyly right now I'm in my room trying to read he looked at me then I smelt it the alcohol I swallowed the lump in my throat "h-hey babe" his eyes got dark and I started to shake I know he was going to activate his quirk "cut" he uses his right hand to cut the body apart ( like the septumsempra in Harry Potter) and the left to heal them but it hurts like fuck with his right hand he grabbed me I wanna scream but I didn't I know were that would get me he quickly put his left hand on me I let out a small wimpier shit this hurts when he's done he kicks me in the stomach because I fell from the pain he hits and kicks me for like an hour then let's me go "I'm sorry you useless bitch but we don't stutter when we talk god can you do anything right oh wait it's you of course not" he said to me I just laid there when I did nothing he got angry he got on the floor next to me

He grabbed my ass and I cried out in surprise he put his hand in my pants "NO NO NO Please I'll be good I'll be really good I promise please please I'll do anything I'll be a good boy please n-"


He hit me in the face "you are my toy toys are to be seen not Heard" he said I nodded and let him continue
2 hours later
I sat there in more bodily fluids then I would like to admit everything hurts and I needed to leave his house I grabbed as much stuff as I could and I ran out of the house crying I didn't even know were I was going I just ran till I was in a familiar neighborhood it was Izukus I'm still a sobbing mess and obviously not thinking straight (caz he gayy) as I walk up to his door and knock a split second later there's a tied looking Deku his hair falling into his eyes perfectly in his big green eyes that remained me of a beautiful Emerald he was in his pjs and had a cast on his arm from the "fall" that I caused "kacchan?!?!?!?" "OMG GOD KACCHAN OR YOU OK" he yelled and all but dragged me to his room "kacchan did you get if a fight omg are you ok" he asked again I don't answer and he turns to look at me I flinch and fall on the floor shit Deku got on the floor and helped me up
3rd POV
Izuku sat bakugou on his bed and went to get the first ad kit he came back and tried to tack off Katsuki's hoodie what happened though broke his hart

Izuku pov
I see kacchan flinch and start to cry "NO NO IM sorry I'll be good I-I I promise please not this please no please not again" he's sobbing now and it broke my hart I sit next to him on my bed and Pull him into a hug he lets out a strangled scream "PLEASE NO DONT" then looked at me right in the eyes "Deku?" He asked "hi kacchan what's up" I ask him in a soft voice " eh-what are you doing" he asked me I had to think for a second then my eyes widened he flinched but I pulled him into a hug again "it's called a hug silly" I say to him to be honest I had a million questions right now but he seems to over whelmed right now so I ask him

The one I'm most certainly needed to know

Katsuki POV
"What happened to you kacchan" why did he care what's a "hug" and why is he being so nice I put my head on his shoulder and I pulled him closer I like hugging him it's comforting? I don't know but I just let the tears fall on his shoulder

As he Rubs my back in soothing circles "I'm sorry" I say to him " oh why kacchan you didn't do anything" I pulled away and look at him "why are you being so nice to me I hit you kick you push you Break your bones and give you hell WHY DONT YOU HIT ME LIKE EVERYONE...... like everyone else" I look back to Izuku and he has his arms open I all but throw myself at him and hug him

"Because your still my friend and I would do anything for you just to see you smile" he said "and I could never hit you not every" I moved and looked into his eyes of pure honesty I can't help but start to sob
"Your the only person to ever give me a hug and tell me that you weren't going to h-hit me Your so nice and im so not I'm just a useless slut bitch who can't do anything right and would be better of DEAD" I cried into his shoulder "oh Katsuki you would not be better off dead there's so much to live for now please let me fix you up then tomorrow we're not going to school (there still in middle school) my moms out of Town for a bit and you can tell me what happened" he said I nodded into his shoulder and sat up he took off my Hoodie and gasped slightly I flinch

My body is filled with bruises and cuts I looked tortured (witch I was btw) and he got straight to work then he saw them the cuts on my wrists and arms he took my arm and ran his fingers across the cuts hit it didn't hurt it
Just felt weird he looked at me now tears in his eyes "were else" I know what he was talking about I just looked away when he was done with the top Half he got me a pj shirt and started to take of my pants I pushed him of me
And he fell on the floor "NO PLEASE NO IM SORRY PLEASE" I cry I started shaking he got up and came over to me " kacchan I sear I pinky promise I will not do anything at all I'm just patching you up" I slowly nod my head and sit back down right before he took of my pants I remember my pull up I were them because I can never hold it in I put my hand on Dekus silently pleading with my eyes for him not to he picked me up and put me on his lap "oh baby please I just wanna help you" I nod again and he pulled down my sweatpants I held my breath "see not going to do anything" he said he pulled down the pull up as well I flinch but let him hand shaped hand print and self harm cuts littered my thighs he said nothing and told me to stay there and left I wanted to feel his touch again it was nice and gentle he came back with a pull-up and a cup he put the cup on the night stand and put on the pull-up he put me in pj pants and gave me the cup I tried to take a sip but it all dripped out the cup I felt like crying I can't do any thing he looked at me and pulled me into his lap "oh baby boy it's ok I'll get something for you it's ok" he picked me up and walked to the kitchen he looked but I guess he couldn't find what he wanted because we were now heading to the attic and looking through boxes I got tied and the next thing I know there's a bottle in my mouth Field of warm milk and sleeping medication I look at Deku and he smiles at me "Go to sleep baby" he said I finish the bottle and burp Izuku laughs a little then we cuddle up together "Izuku what's a hug" I ask him again he raps an arm around me and pulls me closer to him
"It's how you say I love you".

HEY guys new book I have know idea we're this is going to go lol
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