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I’m sorry (little space Bakugou)

I’ve only wanted a friend

A/N hiii I'm having a mental breakdown sooo I figured that I'll write instead of....other YAY let's go also think I might change the no little space idk

Bakugou POV

I fell asleep to that smiling to my self

It was the next day and I was scared I had to tell zuku what has been happening and it's scarring the shit out of me he's next to me still asleep I sigh and try key word here try to get up but I feel something wet on my pants and the bed shit I peed through the pull up shit I felt like crying I really wanted to like bad I tried not to
For 10 whole minutes but my emotions got the best of me and I let out a cry once the first tear came down so did the rest I cr-no sobbed right there when Deku woke up "kacchan? Oh are you ok" he was tired but still smiled at me shit I peed he's going to hit me I know it I PEED IN HIS BED I'm dead so dea- I was taken out of my thoughts when a hand was placed on my face "Katsuki did you have an accident hun" he asked me now on the usual day I wold have blown him up and yelled but to be honest I miss my best friend

I shake my head 'yes' and he smiles soft and calm safe I feel safe with him "you were scared to tell me?" I again nod my head yes he smiled at me "don't be I promise I will never hit you" he said to me he picked me up and brought me to the bathroom I didn't protest out loud but I started to shake the last time someone took me to the bathroom didn't go well

It was lunch time at school and Azrael was mad at me "Azra please I'm hungry please let me eat today" i pleated "I don't need a fat ass boyfriend god your ugly useless fat selfish and just a fucking disappointment" he said this was quite common for him I still got sad though I started crying and he slapped his hand on the table and drags me to the bathroom "I'll give you something to cry about" Azrael said that was one of the worst beatings I've got in a long time I couldn't walk for 3 days after that and I said that I had feel of my bike that's the same day Deku 'fell' down the stairs.

Flashback over

I didn't realize how bad I was shaking till zuku said something about it "hey baby boy it's ok I'm just cleaning you up shhh it's ok" why dose he calling me baby boy it's kind of weird so I ask him "zu-err um Deku why do you k-keep calling me baby boy?" I saw his check turn pink "sorry I can stop heh guess it was just I don't know sorry I'll stop"
"No I l-like it it m-makes me feel safe"
"Oh ok yeah ok"
He pulled of my shirt and pants I feel scared that he was going to hurt me but he promised he puts me in a nice warm bath with lots of bubbles I don't know what but I feel Super Childish today and splash him a little he washed my hair and played with me with bath crayons he gets a towel and wraps it around me he sits me on his bed and tells me to stay there when he comes back he has a pull up and a bottle in his hands he puts the bottle on the night stand and changed me into the pull up and day clothes the bottle had some kind of juice in it I think it's apple mmm my favorite he hands me the bottle and takes out his phone and leaves the room

Izuku POV

I call are school it's the last week then summer " hello Mr. Midorya what do you need"
"Yes me and bakugou Katsuki will not be in school for the rest of the year"
"Why is that sir"
"It's a family matter"
"Ok thank you for telling the school"

I end the call and go back into the room and sit down on the bed after I turn off the light I lay in bed next to kacchan and start the questions


A/N heyyy cliffhanger caz I'm sleepy hah well sees u later
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