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Life of the Party ✔️||Hitoshi Shinso|


(Y/N) had always been more of a free spirit. She was the life of the party and is the happiest person anyone could meet. Barely anyone disliked her, and those who did were just jealous. She was the kind of girl all the guys had crushes on and everyone always wanted to be around her. (Y/N) goes to a weekend party as usual and almost wished she hadn't. After walking in on her boyfriend making out with someone else, she wakes up on a stranger's couch with a killer headache. Possibilities flood her mind, but none of them were true. She is met by a indigo haired boy with tired eyes. (Y/N) is quick to befriend him, after all, he did help her out more than even she could comprehend. Despite his best efforts, they become friends. Instead of being quiet and closed in, (Y/N) helps him learn that it's okay to let loose sometimes and party. She teaches him that you can have fun and work hard at the same time. But now it's his turn to teach her a few things. The worst comes into play for (Y/N), but with Shinso at her side, it's not impossible to get through.

Romance / Drama
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I wasn't sure which house the party was in, but it wasn't hard to figure it out.

Music blasted through the neighborhood and lights danced through the windows. A couple of kids were doing random things outside like trying to get beer cans to stick to the side of the house. But I wasn't here to judge.

As soon as my friend, Hideyo, and I walked into the house, I could smell the stench of alcohol before I even reached the door.

The odor of beer and whiskey had never bothered me, and after I got over the burning sensation in my throat, I didn't mind drinking it either.

When I entered the house many people I recognized came over and said hi. I carried a few conversations until I saw my boyfriend in the crowd.

He wasn't hard to spot, Reo was about a head and a half taller than everyone else here. His orange hair was almost like a beacon usually. But with the bright lights flashing constantly his curly hair blended right in.

I pushed through the crowd over to him, "Hey, babe!" I greeted cheerfully. I stood on my toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey," Reo said, looking down at me. His face remained emotionless but that was nothing new. He had always been distant.

"Let's go dance," I grabbed his hand to urge him onto the dance floor but he pulled away and chuckled. I looked up at him curiously, but he was already looking the other direction.

"I think I'm going to stay by the drink table," Reo said, making his way the other direction before I could respond.

I didn't think much of it, Reo never wanted to dance but it was worth a shot. I moved my way over to Hideyo.

She was with a few other people, but I didn't mind. I have always been and always will be a people person.

Hideyo had always been a natural beauty. She could've showed up in sweat pants, a baggy t-shirt, and her hair in a messy bun and the boys would still be all over her.

She was the type of person who had a natural hour glass figure, no working out required. That paired with her five foot ten frame she was a natural born model. Her long brown hair fell in classy waterfall waves down to her waist. Hideyo's emerald green eyes were naturally big, but they looked huge with her eyeliner. Her red lipstick on plump lips matched her red dress to the exact shade.

Her boyfriend, Reo's best friend, Tony stood next to her. He moved from America when he was five and was only an inch or two taller than Hideyo. Tony had always been one of those people that was in many sports but he didn't have much muscle. His shirts always hung loose since he was tall and thin but it didn't seem to bother him.

I recognized the other five people in the circle immediately. Ahmya, she had always been the smart type. Haruhi, a fairly shy and plump girl who I'm surprised even heard about the party much less showed up. Keomi, she was the gossiper. If anyone wanted to know the dirt on someone else, you went to her. Fujio, I'm just going to say it: he was the fuckboy. If anything with an ass walked past, even guys, it would be a sure thing he'd try and get into their pants. And Mitsugi, he had to be the most innocent, pure, kind hearted person anyone could meet.

It wasn't hard for me to join the conversation. Everyone talked for about an hour before we slowly departed.

Fujio was the first to leave when a guy who clearly did his squats walked past. Fujio didn't hesitate to follow.

Tony and Hideyo left next to go do some close dancing when a particularly good song came on over the speakers.

Keomi disappeared to join a different crowd who had formed to watch two people who got into a verbal argument. It was clear it wouldn't stay verbal for long however.

Ahmya and Haruhi left after Keomi. Ahmya wanted to study and I'm pretty sure Haruhi just wanted an excuse to leave.

That just left me and Mitsugi, I waved bye after I decided to go and talk to Reo. I think Mitsugi then went to find his older sister.

I checked by the drinks but didn't find him there. I wandered around for a bit, checking rooms and asking people if they'd seen him.

I opened the door that lead to the garage, thinking he wasn't going to be here of all places.

God was I wrong.

There Reo stood lip locked with a short blond. Her waist was curved and so were her hips and chest.

Reo had one arm wrapped around her waist and his other hand under her chin.

The girl's hands clasped together behind his neck as they swapped saliva in a way that made my stomach churn.

He never kissed me like that.

Reo broke the kiss and whispered something into her ear. Whatever it was it made her face turn bright red.

She bit her lip and nodded and they began to hastily move out of the room.

That's when they saw me.

Reo and I locked eyes and it took me a little to realize that I was crying. Tears streamed down my face and down to my neck.

Reo's mouth began to move, whatever he was going say, I didn't want to hear it.

Without a word I slammed the door in anger.

A year.

A year.

I did nothing to deserve this over the span of our relationship. A year I spent just trying to make sure he was happy and this is how he returned the favor?

I wanted to hit something.

I kept storming past many familiar faces until I reached the drink table. Hideyo and Tony stood on the other end, they hadn't seen me yet so I did my best to hide my face.

I'll tell Hideyo later, but not now. Not while other people could hear us and rumors could start spreading.

I poured a cup full of whiskey and went to drink it. "That's not a good idea," I didn't have to turn around to know it was Tony who said that. Apparently I didn't hide as good as I thought.

"(Y/N)," Hideyo placed a hand on my shoulder, turning me around, "what's wrong?" The tears stopped flowing, the sadness and pain was now replaced by anger and even more pain.

Hideyo wiped my wet cheeks off with her thumb. The look of concern dominating her features.

I didn't answer. Instead I added a splash of coke to my cup of whiskey.

"I'll tell you later," I mumbled as I walked off and started chugging my drink.

I looked back to see Tony, Hideyo, and Reo talking. Well, Tony and Reo talking. Hideyo was silently fuming, she caught my eye and looked back at Reo with clenched fists.

She walked over to me briskly and took the half empty cup from my hand. "No," she commanded, "You're not getting yourself drunk because of that asshole. Go and talk to some interesting people and distract yourself."

"One more sip?" I asked with a forced smile. "I'm not a lightweight."

"Still, it's not good for anyone to drink hard whiskey," Hideyo said walking back to the refreshment table and I followed.

"There's some coke in there," I insisted, watching her as she poured me a cup full of soda, no alcohol. "What?"

"No drinking for you," Hideyo narrowed her eyes, "You get violent, that's not what you need."

Hideyo was right. Out of the two type of drunk people: blubbering and pathetic or violent and angry, I was surprisingly the second one.

"Maybe it's not what I need," I looked at where Reo and Tony stood making conversation. I narrowed my eyes as some of pain the alcohol buried resurfaced. "But he definitely needs a good punch to the face."

"And that's why you're sticking to soda," Hideyo turned my shoulders so I couldn't see Reo anymore. "Go and talk. And if you think I'm not watching, you're wrong."

I nodded and sighed, I should listen. She was just trying to be a good friend.

I walked off and found a random guy. I strike up a conversation rather easily and we talk for a bit.

I set my drink down on a table nearby after getting tired of carrying it. We talked for a bit and he seemed like a pretty interesting guy. Akinari was his name and after a bit more of conversation, I learned he was gay.

"Hey," I turned around at the sound of Fujio's voice. I watched as he winked at Akinari.

I examined Akinari closer and after looking at his ass, I realized this was the guy that Fujio was following around before.

Fujio looked at me and he looked at me and jerked his head a little. I gave him a confused look before jumping a little when the realization of what he wanted hit me.

I glanced between Akinari and Fujio swiftly, "I got to go," I grinned a little at Fujio who responded with an eye roll, "But I'm sure you two wouldn't mind talking to each other."

Akinari blushed a little and I walked away, "Don't forget your drink!" Fujio called and I gave him a small smile before grabbing it hastily and walking away once again.

I took a few large gulps of it before looking around Hideyo. I was ready to leave, the conversation with Akinari distracted me briefly, but I was very easy to distract.

I wanted to go cry into my pillow and wonder why it was so easy for him to forget about me for that girl.

I kept wandering around, bitter anger returning, and things started getting blurrier and blurrier.

The music and chatter became combined into one continuous noise that made my eardrums ring.

The colors merged together so much I couldn't tell the difference between lights and a person. I remember seeing floating colors of red, yellow, blue, tan, black, and indigo swarm around me as I lost consciousness and stumbled.

Then the weirdest thing happened, one of the colors caught me. I looked up to see indigo through my half lidded eyes.

What a kind color.

My thoughts were jumbled to the point I didn't even make sense to myself anymore.

My eyes shut and a whirlpool of darkness and headaches greeted me.
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