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Life of the Party ✔️||Hitoshi Shinso|

~Chapter 2~

It had been a few weeks since I woke up at Shinso's house. Reo and I were now seeing other people, we never officially broke up but by the way he'd stick his tongue down the blond's throat in between classes was enough for me to take the hint.

Well, less of a hint and more like a brick hitting me in the face.

I texted Shinso a few days ago, asking where he'd want to go. The choice was his because he did help me out a lot before. And I wasn't a picky person.

As of now, school was almost over and I stared at the clock during the last class of the day: Math.

I had this class with the blond and it turned out her name was Keiko. Dammit even her name is cute.

As much as I didn't like her, I couldn't deny the fact that she was pretty. She had a small nose and round face, her lips weren't plump but they weren't thin either. She had large brown eyes that reminded me of a baby deer. Blond hair fell to the middle of her back and she was tiny. She was shorter than me by a few inches and she was the definition of hour glass figure.

However, Keiko seemed to be a little... slow.

Every time the teacher asked a question her hand would slowly raise and shoot back down as the teacher called her name as if she didn't expect to be called on. She would give a one number answer.

The problem was we were working with equations with variables in them. Solving for the variables wasn't what we were being taught, we were learning how to simplify. So a single number answer would be incorrect ever time.

The class flew by quickly, way quicker than usual and I got up and walked to go find Hideyo; who was probably somewhere with Tony. Lately they have seemed to be arguing, drifting apart. They had only dated for three months but Hideyo kept telling me that He was the one. I didn't have the heart to tell her it probably wasn't true.

An image of Reo flashed into my mind, I'm one to talk.

I left the classroom the see Reo leaning against the lockers nearby, just seeing him made anger bubble inside of me.

Speak of the devil.

I quickly walked past him to get to the parking lot but I felt his strong grip grab my arm. I tried to shake it off but it wouldn't budge.

I turned to him with a glare but I took a deep breath to calm myself down. If I didn't I might do something I'd regret. "Yes?" I asked in what some would call a scarily calm voice.

"We need to talk," Reo answered, his grip never left my arm. Of course he didn't let go, we went out for a year, he knows if he let go, I wouldn't stick around much longer.

"There's nothing to talk about," I insisted pulling against his grip again. Reo sighed and ran his free hand through his mess of orange curls. I glanced back inside the classroom where Keiko was obliviously talking to some of her girl friends. "Wouldn't you rather speak to her? Or can she never get a word in 'cause your tongue is always down her throat?"

"This is why we need to talk," Reo groaned and stared walking with me in tow.

I struggled but knew it was no use, he was stronger and bigger than me, but that didn't mean I couldn't cause a scene.

Attracting a crowd had always been my thing.

"We're talking right now aren't we?" I asked in a sarcastic tone that could easily be misinterpreted for bitchy. "A pretty nice and refreshing conversation don't you think?"

"(N/N)," Reo insisted, loosing his patience and he turned down a hallway. I knew where he was leading me: the janitors closet.

It was always where we went to skip class, our secret make out spot. But looking back on it know it made my stomach turn just at the thought of him kissing me. His lips were tainted with poison the minute he locked them with Keiko.

"Don't call me that," I almost growled. The anger bubbling was increasing. This whole situation was pissing me off, I would have preferred if he broke up with me before kissing her. Made me wonder what else or who else he did. "You lost your right to call me that, it's (L/N) to you."

We had made it to the closet and he pushed me into it before he followed, closing the door behind him. "Look," he started, impatient from my previous behavior, and I prepared for the whole take me back speech. "I know what I did was pretty fucked up and I know you don't want to talk to me. But can't I at least apologize?"

I sighed angrily. "Damn right it was fucked up!" I agreed as I stared pacing around the small space ready to rant. "If you liked her enough to cheat on me then why didn't you dump me first! It would've been the mature thing to do. But no! You're a teenage guy, you only listen to your..." I looked down at his pants and used air quotes, "brain." I continued my boisterous complaining, "Did you cheat on me before her? Have you done more than just kiss other girls while we were together?"

Reo huffed, "I apologized! What else do you want from me?"

"A damn answer," I folded my arms and stopped in front of him. I glared up at him but he wouldn't met my gaze.

He stayed silent but that was enough. "Glad to know how much I meant to you." I shoved past him to walk out but he caught my bicep again.

"But you do mean a lot to me," Reo pulled my arm to drag me closer to him and he leant down as he spoke. "More than you would think. I know I made mistakes in the past but..."

The remainder of his sentence was cut off as he kissed me. It was familiar, something I was used to. The tingles were all the same and his mouth still fit mine perfectly.

Poisoned lips.

I pulled away and yanked myself out of his reach.

Backing up a few steps I gave him another glare, "I'm not stupid. I'm not going to let you kiss me just so you can, what? Cheat on your new girlfriend? You did it while you were with me so now you're going to do it while your with her," I spat and I made my way to leave, "Find someone else you man whore."


As I left the school people who were still there waved to me and said goodbye like usual. But I wasn't having it after that enlightening conversation. I gave them a small extremely forced smile and kept walking and found Hideyo and Tony leaning on Tony's car in silence.

The small glances they gave each other made it obvious they just got out another argument. But Tony was too nice to leave while Hideyo was still here and Hideyo was too nice to leave without me.

"Let's go, Hid," I said as I walked past and she quickly followed, "Bye, Tony." I raised my hand up a little as a feeble attempt of a wave.

"Seeya," he mumbled and I could hear the uncertainty in his voice but I heard him as he got into his car and drive away.

"What happened?" Hideyo asked eventually. The question alone pissed me off all over again.

Who the fuck does he think he is? A fucking bachelor?

I clenched my fists and told her what happened. Hideyo was almost as mad as me by the time I finished. "That son of a bitch," she murmured. She turned to me, "No need to worry, sweetheart, I'll kick his ass tomorrow."

She would definitely win.

"I'm going to warn his new girlfriend, wether she thinks I'm being jealous or not I'm going to try," I stated. No way was I going to let that little shit get away with something like that again.

"Or we could always start a rumor," Hideyo clapped her hands a little, "rumors are so much fun! The absurdity of them is endless. People will believe anything!"

"You're starting to sound like Keomi," I commented but Hideyo didn't hear me. She was too busy making up plans for her different rumors.

"We could say he's a communist! Or maybe that he doesn't shower daily, or even weekly. That he signed a pact with the devil to become good at basketball. OH! We could say that he has an STD!" The list went on and on. In the end I was both impressed with her creativity and concerned for her sanity.

When I got home I felt my phone buzz and looked to see a text from Shinso.

Is it alright if we don't go to a restaurant? I have another idea on how to cash in the favor you owe.
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