Girl wonder


Alec is walking to Magnus house when a girl ran pass him he ran after her when he got there the girl was on the ground she was hurt so what dose he do the only thing he can read to find out what happened

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Alec's pov

Come on Isabella I am just going to Magnus house don't worry go on your date I can take care of myself now go"said Alec. "Fine but you better call if something anything comes up"said Isabella. "Yes Isabella I Know now go before I push you out the door "I say. "Fine Alec I love you stay safe"Isabella said. "You as well I can't loose you to"I say sadly. "You won't loose me Alec I will not go down that easy I am to stubborn to go down without a fight"she said. They hug then they go off on there way Alec is half way there when a girl runs past of course he goes after her when he gets there the girl is on the ground she has cuts on her face and on her arms he picks her up gentle as he could he then he opened the door. "Love I was getting worryed I was about to text you who is this"said Magnus. "I don't know but she is hurt can you please help her "I say. "Yes love put her on the sofa "he said. When Magnus started to heal her he felt something about her just when he was about done she jumped up and her eyes for just a small second they were like his.
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