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NSFW one shots Requests: OPEN DISCLAIMER: I do not own Haikyuu!! or any of its characters. All credit respectfully goes to Haruichi Furudate. A/N: This story is completely original. I have not copied or taken any ideas, characters or thoughts from somebody else. My work is not to be copied in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

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Tetsurou Kuroo ร— Reader

~โ—‹ An Invitation From Kuroo โ—‹~

I was at home studying when I got a call from Kenma. He said that Kuroo wanted me to come to the bar to hang out with them and his friends. Kuroo actually wanted to hang out with me. I smiled and asked where they were at. I wrote down all the info and went to get ready. After I had picked out a sexy shirt and my favorite jean shorts, I grabbed my keys and went to my car.

When I arrived the parking lot was packed, it took a little while to find a parking spot. Then I headed inside the bar, and just like the parking lot, it was packed. Great, just how am I going to find Kuroo and Kenma in this mess? I started weaving my way through the crowd to see if I could spot either one of them along the wall of the bar. Then suddenly a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me. When I looked to see who it was, I didn't recognize them at all. It was some random guy pulling me away from the crowd.

And when we got out of the huge, dancing group of people I saw the guy's face. It wasn't one of Kuroo's friends or anything so I was confused. That is until the guy pulled me closer and pinned me against the wall. I tried to push him away but it was no use. He was too strong, and drunk. The stranger whispers into my ear, "Be a good girl for daddy and maybe I won't punish you." The next thing I know is that he's kissing my neck as I struggle to free myself.

As I'm struggling I feel pain. He's biting my neck now and grabbing onto my waist too hard. "Sssssssstop s-struggling ssssooooo much, or it'ssssssss going to g-get really painfulllllll," he slurs. I stop struggling, and pray that somebody will come and help me. That's when the stranger is pulled away by somebody else.

It's Kuroo who pulls him away, and Kenma is right behind him. Then Kuroo punches the stranger. Kuroo is beating him up. I'm too shocked to say anything until Kenma puts a hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay?" he asks. I shake my head in response with tears ready to spill out of my eyes. Kenma says, "Ugg, I hate guys like that. I'm going to get Kuroo and then we can leave, okay?" and I nod. I watch Kenma as he wearily walks towards Kuroo and the now unconscious stranger. So much for an enjoyable night with my friends. Kuroo gets off the stranger and walks over to me.

Then he hugs me. I immediately feel safe. I hug him back and grab onto the back of his shirt tight. I'm lucky that he and Kenma found me before it was too late. I let go of Kuroo and lightly push his chest away. "I'm so sorry that we didn't find you sooner. But that bastard got what he deserved. You don't have to worry as long as you stay by my side, okay?" he says. Those comforting words were music to my ears. I smiled and blushed a little.

Kenma tells Kuroo to take me home or somewhere else other than the bar while he finds the manager and talks to him about the stranger. Kuroo nods his head and holds my hand as we weave through the crowd. And I hold on tight, not wanting anything bad to happen again. When we find the exit we go to my car and I pull out my keys so that I can drive but Kuroo plucks them out of my hands and when I turn around, my face meets his rock-hard chest.

I immediately blush and stutter out, "G-give me my keys b-back please," and he just gives me a smirk. Then takes a step forward and I back up into my car. "Do you remember what just happened in there?" he questions while putting his hands on either side of me and nodding toward the bar. I frown and bow my head. "Y/N, that was pretty serious. And if I hadn't arrived in time I don't know what would've happened to you. And I don't know what I'd do with myself if I found out that somebody had... " he says as I lift my head. He looks like he's in pain.

"S-sorry Kuroo," I whisper. He gives me a sympathetic look and hugs me again. "Y/N I don't know what I'd do if something bad happened to you. You are my best friend and mean way too much to me," he whispers into the crook of my neck. I blush while saying, "I don't know what I'd do without you either Kuroo." He gives me a gentle squeeze before letting me go and putting his hands on either side of my face.

He gives me a cute smile and pulls me over to the other side of the car and ushers me in. Then he gets in the driver's seat. "Where to?" he asks as he starts the car and puts it into gear. "Can I spend the night at your house?" I ask. He blushes while coughing. Did he have a miny freak-out session just now? I try not to laugh while he grabs a water bottle from my back seat and takes a swig.

"We haven't done that since we were kids," he says incredulously. And this time I laugh. "That's why it's the perfect time to do it again," I comment. He looks at me skeptically before giving into my puppy dog face. I pump my fist through the air in victory. "I may have some clothes that you can borrow. Also, you can sleep on my fold out couch and I'll take my bed if you're okay with that?" he asks. "Yeah, that's fine," I say. Then my stomach growls.

And Kuroo hears it. Then he starts laughing, uncontrollably. "Kuroo! Be careful, you're driving," I tell him. He sits back up straight wiping away the tears in his eyes. "I guess we should stop by the store before we go to my house?" he says rhetorically. And when we arrive at the store I unbuckled my seat belt and open the car door before Kuroo even has a chance to turn off my car. I'm really hungry now and I can feel my tummy rumbling every few minutes.

Kuroo finally gets out of the car and I walk to his side. He puts his arm over my shoulders and says, "Everything ya want is on me tonight." and with that I grin like a spoiled little kid. Then we walk into the store and he still hasn't taken his arm off my shoulders. I blush as I catch a couple of people staring at us as we pass by. It makes me feel real special. That I have this amazing friend who cares about me.

I walk to the snack row, leading Kuroo up and down the isle. Everything looks so good and I can't decide. "Are you going to pick soon? We've been here for 5 minutes already and you haven't even picked one thing. I'm getting hungry too," Kuroo whines. "Okay! I'll pick something then," I say with a humph. I decide that I want Goldfish, Oreos, green tea mochi, and a Sprite to finish it off.

Kuroo takes his arm off my shoulders so that he can get the snacks that he wants. It makes me sad but I can't let Kuroo see that or he might make fun of me for it. I don't like it when he teases me. We walk to the register, pay for our food, and leave the store. When we get to Kuroo's house we grab our bags of snacks and walk inside. All the lights are off and that scares me a little bit because Kuroo walks off leaving me at the front entrance.

Then finally there's light. I take off my shoes and walk into his kitchen. It's about 10:00 p.m. right now, and I probably shouldn't have gotten a Sprite so I put it in his fridge for tomorrow. I put my mochi in his freezer so that the ice cream hardens a little and then I go to the living room with my Oreos and Goldfish. "Kuroo!" I shout. "What is it?" Kuroo asks as he rushes into the living room. "Is everything okay?" he asks worried. He must have went upstairs to grab me a pillow and blanket because he had them in his hands.

"Oh, I was just wondering where you were since you disappeared on me," I say with an innocent smile. Kuroo lifts his chin looking down at me with a small scowl. Hehe, I must've scared him. "Sorry if I scared you, Kuroo," I say giggling. I don't hear anything as I start full out laughing until Kuroo says, "Okay, that's it!" and I look up. He drops the pillow and blanket he was holding and comes at me with his hands out.

And then I'm trying to escape so that he can't tickle me, but it's no use. Kuroo is too fast and tackles me to the ground. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Somebody help me!" I shout uselessly. And Kuroo laughs evilly before attacking my sides with his giant manly hands. Then I'm a flailing, wriggling ball of laughs and giggles. Nobody can save me.

And when Kuroo gets a firm hold on me, he lifts me up like a child. Our faces are only inches apart. His face is serious now and we're both breathing heavily. I stop smiling and break the eye contact. I can't describe how much I love and care about Kuroo. We've always had this strong bond ever since we met. I know that I think of Kuroo as more than just a friend, but does he see me in the same way? What if he likes somebody else?

"Y/N," Kuroo breathes. I look back at him. "If you want me to stop, tell me now," he says all sexy. And that's all the confirmation I need. He goes in slowly and I meet him half way. The kiss is soft, sweet at first. But then Kuroo wants more, deepening the kiss. I move my hands from his shoulders and fist them in his hair, pulling his head closer while also tilting my head for better access.

He hoists me up a little bit and walks over to the end of the couch laying me down and then climbing on top of me. I pull his shirt closer to me so I can kiss him again. I don't know how far we're going tonight but at this point I don't care. I want Kuroo, and I want him bad. Kuroo kisses me with passion and sucks on my bottom lip. He leaves my lips and leaves hot open-mouthed kisses along my jaw and down my neck.

Kuroo starts to suck hard, while squeezing my thigh. I can't hold it in anymore. I moan a little and Kuroo hums in pleasure. As he finishes his first hickey, he finds another spot along my collar bone and repeats the process. He sucks harder this time and bites. I arch my back up into him and he starts grinding on me. I moan again and so does Kuroo. I love the way his voice sounds while we're together like this.

Kuroo then gives me an opportunity to take control. So I flip him over so that I'm hovering over him. I want to make him want me, so I don't press my body to his as I start kissing him. He grabs onto my hips trying to pull me closer. He groans when I resist. It's fun to see him want me so bad. So I come closer and slowly start to grind on him and he moans in pleasure.

I'm going to give him a taste of his own medicine. So I leave steamy open-mouthed kisses along his jaw, until I reach his ear. I lick and then bite and he moans louder. I smirk knowing that I'm making him feel this good. I get to his neck and start the same process he did with me. Biting every few times so that I can hear Kuroo practically beg for more.

Kuroo seems to have had enough of being dominated because he grabs me and flips me back over. He hovers looking into my eyes. "I want to hear you say yes. I don't want to do anything that you don't want to," he pants all red-faced. "Yes," I barely get out before he's pulling me up into his lap and kissing me again. He grabs my ass and squeezes. It feels so good to feel Kuroo touching me. He stands up, carrying me down the hallway to his bedroom.

He pushes me against the door and I turn the knob and bury my hand immediately back in his hair. He kicks the door closed. He lays me on the bed and takes his shirt off, so I follow. When he throws his shirt somewhere he looks at me up and down, eyes wide. "You're gorgeous," he huffs out before climbing on top of me and kissing me again.

The night was full of ecstasy and bliss. I don't think I will ever forget it. And when I wake up in the morning wrapped in Kuroo's arms, I know that I'm safe and that I have somebody who loves me very much. Now just to wait and see where life will take us next. Maybe we'll even get married and have kids. But I'll focus on what I have right now and enjoy this moment.

"Kuroo," I whisper. "Mmmmmm. Good morning baby," he says in his cute morning voice. "I love you," I turn around to face him. He's opened his eyes and looks at me a little surprised. Then he smiles and says, "I love you too, Y/N."
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