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Wakatoshi Ushijima ร— Reader

~โ—‹ Wakatoshi-kun โ—‹~

I'm sitting in my chair in class writing on a worksheet that the teacher gave us when I suddenly feel a looming presence behind me. I can already guess who it is. I lean back, look up and say, "Hi Kato-kun." Wakatoshi just looks down at me with a blank stare. "Are you coming to practice?" he asks. "Yeah, after I finish this worksheet," I retort.

"You can just come to the gym and finish it there," he persuades. "Coach wouldn't let me, you know how he is," I say going back to my paper. "Plus I'm almost done, I'll be there in a bit," I inform. He knits his brows together before sitting in the seat next to me. "I'll wait for you then," he comments. I nod and continue to work on the paper.

Wakatoshi pulls out his phone and scrolls while looking at something. "Done!" I announce while slamming my pencil down on my desk. I look over to Wakatoshi and give him a big, goofy grin. He almost looks shocked but not before he says, "Let's head to practice then." Of course he wouldn't bother to express how he feels. We walk to the boy's volleyball gym. Wakatoshi has already changed into his practice clothes, "Imma go change," I tell him. He sets his stuff down and gives a low grumble signaling for me to go do my business.

I head to the girl's changing room and think to myself just how I got the one and only Ushijima Wakatoshi to be my boyfriend. I mean he's the most stoic, unexpressive, mysterious guy in school that I know. I didn't even know that he liked me because he did such a great job of hiding it until he confessed to me one day. I almost couldn't believe that somebody like him, could be attracted to somebody like me? We're almost polar opposites. He's quiet and keeps his feelings mostly to himself while I'm an outgoing, kind, and expressive person who's selfless.

I said yes to him out of pure surprise and also because I didn't want to see how he would behave if I said no. But as time has gone on I've come to like Wakatoshi, maybe even love him. He's a big teddy bear to be honest. That's also how I ended up becoming the boy's volleyball club manager; because Kato-kun wanted me to.

I finish getting changed and head back out to the team. I walk into the gym hearing shoes squeaking and volleyballs slamming. I put my hair up in a high ponytail and it goes quiet. Everybody is looking at me. I look down at myself seeing if anything is wrong and I look back up with a confused look. "Get back to practice!" Wakatoshi warns. I continue to look around confused. Were all the boys, looking at me? I then realize that being the only girl in a gym full of guys is going to attract some attention.

Wakatoshi got jealous! That's why he shouted at the rest of his team! I giggle to myself in realization. Poor Kato-kun, he's got a team full of hungry animals looking to snag my attention. He'll probably scold me later for acting too freely around his team. Surprisingly for the stoic Wakatoshi, he can get pretty jealous over simple things. But he doesn't let anybody but me know that. And it's pretty cute.

I walk over to Coach Washijou. "What are we focusing on today, Coach?" I ask while looking at the boys practicing. "The usual, but we will do a little bit of individual training towards the end," he responds. I nod in understanding and continue to observe them practice.

After practice~

"Kato-kun, do you wanna come over for dinner?" I ask. My parents are never home and it gets really lonely by myself. Practice has just finished up and Wakatoshi is done changing. Plus he lives alone so he's been coming over more often. "Sure," he replies. But I can sense something different in his voice and I'm not sure whether that's a good or a bad thing.

I grab my stuff from the locker room and meet up with him outside the gym doors. We walk side by side when he suddenly grabs my hand. I'll let him relieve some of his jealousy by letting him hold my hand. We walk in silence all the way to my house. And when we get to the door I pull my hand away from his and rummage around in my bag for my keys. I grab them and unlock the door. We go inside and take our shoes off. And just as I'm about to turn the lights on Wakatoshi grabs my hips from behind pulling me into a back hug.

I stumble a little bit surprised that he's being handsy. He settles his arms around my waist and leans his head against the crook of my neck. Of course he would do something like this when nobody is looking. I blush, "H-hey are you okay?" I ask. He doesn't say anything for a minute. "Why are you so careless? I don't like it when other guys look at you. It's like you don't even care," he complains into my neck. He thinks I don't care?

"Kato-kun, I never ever said that I don't care. Just because I allow others to look at me doesn't mean I don't care. Plus I like seeing you get jealous; it's adorable," I tell him. He grumbles and holds me tighter. He probably won't let go for a while but I might as well attempt to get him off of me. "I've gotta make dinner. You need to let go," I say resting one hand in his hair and another on his arm. "No," he pouts. He's such a little kid.

"Come on Wakatoshi! I'm hungry; I'll let you snuggle with me when I'm done cooking and after we've eaten," I persuade. "Fine," he says releasing me. Finally! I walk away into the kitchen and grab the ingredients for homemade ramen. I get to work preparing the vegetables, turning on the stove and heating up the water. I continue to cook and listen to Wakatoshi he turns on the t.v. in the living room and gets comfy.

That is until he walks in the kitchen observing what I'm doing. I turn around and add the vegetables into the chicken broth I've prepared. Then I cut up the chicken and place it in a separate pan to fry it. I spend my time at the stove stirring the chicken. Wakatoshi comes up behind me putting his hands around my waist and resting his head in the crook of my neck again. Such a needy baby he is.

I move around a little bit as Wakatoshi has no intention of letting me go. It's only when I need to pick up the pan with chicken to transfer it into the pot that he gets the hint of needing to let go. He backs up, still resting his hands on my waist. I stir the chicken into the noodle concoction and give it a taste. I add a little bit of salt and voila! "Food's done," I announce.

Wakatoshi lets go of me completely and goes to the cupboard to get bowls while I get chopsticks from the drawer. He spoons the ramen into our bowls and heads to the kitchen table. We start to eat when Wakatoshi asks, "How is your college prep class going?" "I think I'm doing pretty well actually. We've gotten into some math that I've been understanding and we've been focusing on some English grammar things which I'm finding is pretty simple. How's your normal class going?" I finish off with a smirk.

Kato blushes a tiny, "Fine," he says in a quiet voice. I giggle and that's when he gets really flustered. "I-I got a 97 on my test a few days ago!" he announces. I take a bite of noodles and smirk once again. I know just how to push his sensitive buttons. "I never said that you were stupid Kato-kun. I just inquired that your class is normal while mine is advanced," I say taunting him. He flushes a deeper red and goes quiet. "I never knew you were going to be so mean when I asked you out," he says in and quiet voice.

"Ehhh?" I say. He apparently knows how to push my buttons too. "I-I'm not mean," I pout, "Just tactful," I counter. I finish my ramen and go to the kitchen to wash my dishes. He doesn't think sometimes! I'm not mean at all, I just like to get a reaction out of people. What's so wrong with that? Wakatoshi must've sensed that he made me mad because he walks into the kitchen, bowl empty. He sets it on the counter next to the sink and I walk away while drying my dishes.

I reach to put my bowl up in the cupboard but can't quite reach the shelf. I go on my tiptoes just before Wakatoshi comes up behind me and takes the bowl out of my hand, placing it on the shelf it calls home. I take this opportunity to escape from him but not before he swiftly blocks me with his big arms on either side of me, leaning against the counter. Which he also forces me to do making his way closer to me. "I'm sorry Y/N," he says. That's not good enough.

"Get out of the way, Ushijima," I say not looking him in the face. He basically insinuated that if he knew I was going to "tease" him before he asked me out that he wouldn't have done so. And that really gets me. That he doesn't like a simple quality and wants to go back on a descision he made in the past. He gives me a shocked expression and backs up letting me go. I only ever call him by his last name when I'm really mad at him. So I retreat to the living room to watch t.v.

He comes in and sits on the opposite side of the couch. I do my best to ignore his presence and focus on the screen. That is until Wakatoshi decides to seductively crawl over to my side of the couch. I blush when I glance at him but immediately avert my eyes to the t.v. He slowly-carefully- sits next to me. As close as he possibly can at that. What a brat. He knows that one of my weaknesses is physical contact. So we sit like that for a little bit with his arm along the back of that he couch and him leaning on me.

No! I won't give in so easily. He's my boyfriend, yes, but that doesn't mean he can make me forgive him that easily. That is until he puts his arm around my shoulders. I attempt to squirm out of his grasp and stand up but not before Wakatoshi grabs my arm and pulls me onto him. I blush as he wraps his arms around me. Great, now I'm stuck in between his legs with our fronts facing eachother.

And he's just calmly watching t.v.! Uhg, this brat. I get an arm loose and try to push myself away from him. I'm struggling and grunting so much that Wakatoshi dares to say, "Stop it Y/N. You're ruining the show." What!? How dare he say that! How dare he! "You are the one who's hold-" and the next thing I know is that I'm shut off with Wakatoshi's lips against mine. I'm in complete shock and don't have enough time the respond to the kiss before he pulls away. "I'm sorry L/N Y/N. I didn't mean what I said. I wasn't thinking. Will you please forgive me?" he asks sincerely.

How can I say no to that? He looks like an adorable puppy dog and all I want to do is be with him. "Yes, I forgive you," I say and he gives me a look expecting more, "Kato-kun," I mumble out. He then gives me a look of approval and pulls me into a hug. I pull away slightly and adjust myself more comfortably so that I'm sitting on his lap.

He must've gotten an idea because he leans up to me and whispers into my ear, "I'm not quite done with you yet though." I give a look of shock before he kisses me again. I relax and kiss him back. Thank goodness that it's Saturday tomorrow because I don't know how much of a mess we'll be in the morning. And I know this as the kiss starts to get more deep and intense.

Kato is kissing me more hungrily before he slips his tongue into my mouth and casually dragging mine into his. We fight for dominance but he wins as he flips me over onto the couch and traps me leaving no space between our bodies. I just realized something. What if my parents come home? Wakatoshi seems to sense my worry because he stops, panting, "W-what is it?" he asks. I take a moment to breathe before saying, "What i-if my parents c-come home?"

Then he even realizes what we're doing. "Then let's just go to your room," he says shocking me. I didn't know he was so desperate. I smirk, "Okay," I say seductively. He gives me a sexy smirk before sitting up, grabbing me by my ass, and carrying me to my room. After we get started walking, he starts kissing me again, still hungry. I never knew Kato was this good. He walks me to my room and kicks the open door closed.

I bury my hands in his hair as he sets me on the bed and immediately crawls on top of me. He breaks the kiss leaving wet, steamy kisses along my jaw and down to my neck. He picks a spot and starts to suck harshly. "K-kato-kun," I huff out. He growls finishing off that spot and picking another. How can he make me feel this good. He moves his hands grabbing mine with one hand and pinning them above my head while taking his other one and pressing it into my back, asking me to arch up into him.

I do as he asks and continue to be pleasured. He finishes that love bite with a long leisurely drag of his tongue. And then he removes his head from my neck and looks at me in the eyes. "Are you okay with this?" he asks. And I've never felt more ready in my life as I nod my head. He comes back down moving next to my ear saying, "If you have any doubt, tell me. I-I'll do my best to stop." I would've never guessed that Kato-kun would be so polite.

I nod and begin to take my shirt off as he does the same. Damn he's got some muscles and oh do they look sexy. He makes me look like a wimpy potato chip. His eyes widen as he gives me a look-over. "Y-your beautiful," he whispers and I blush. He slowly comes back down and kisses me softly at first. Getting hungrier as we go on. Only time will tell but I think we might last a while as I realize that I trully love Ushijima Wakatoshi.
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