My stepbrothers BTS ff

New girl part 1

woke up cuz my alarm was ringing
Y/n: it's too early for this
I look at my alarm to see its 6 in the morning I went to my restroom to get take a shower after a 10-minute shower I go to my closet and pick up my clothes and hair and makeup

After that I went downstairs to eat breakfast I see all so the boys in the kitchen eating
Y/n: good morning
All boy : good morning y/n
Jin: here's your pancakes y/n
Y/n: thank you
After breakfast the boys go to would to their cars and I went to my motorcycle

Yes I have motorcycle before my dad died and my big brother's they bought this for my 15th birthday after 10 minute drive I ride at school everyone was looking at me after I parked it I start walking to hear Whispers
Girl 1: oh my God she's so beautiful
Boy1: she's hot I wonder if she has a boyfriend
After at I heard someone call my name I see my brothers
All boy : Y/N!!
I walked over there and we start walking inside the school I see a girl's giving me death glares and I hear them said.
Girl2&3: what is she doing with my oppa
Girl 4: she is so dead when I get to her
I say goodbye to the boys and I headed to the principal's office to get my schedule
Principal : you must be y/n here's your schedule sweetie have a nice day
Y/n: bye
After that I walk to find like first class but I bumped into someone

A/n: sorry for this being short you guys I just got back home after I celebrate Christmas with my grandparents and I have classes on Saturday so next post will be on Sunday so I'm very very sorry for the short story part 2 will come out soon

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