My stepbrothers BTS ff

New girl part 2

bumped into Jackson he was my friend in Middle School
Jackson: sorry miss
He lend out his hand to help you he didn't see your face cuz have had your head down low until he pick you up he see your face
Jackson: y/n ??
Y/n: yes
Jackson: I miss you
Y/n: I miss you 2
Jackson: so what are you doing here
Y/n: I new here because my mom wanted me go here with my stepbrothers
Jackson: oh your parents got divorced and big brothers
Y/n: no they died 2 years ago
Jackson: sorry y/n
Y/n: it ok
Jackson: y/n what calss do have
Y/n: math
Jackson: me 2 let's go
We walk to calss
Jvkook pov
Teacher: ok calss we have 2 new students
Girl5: I hope it's a boy
Girl3&4:I hope he hot
Boy 3: I hope it's a girl
Boy 1&5: I hope she hot
Jvkook: it let's be y/n but I wonder who's the other student
Teacher: ok you can come in now
??: hi I'm Erik I hope we can be friend
??: hi I'm Y/n hope we can be friend
Teacher: ok y/n you can sit next to Jackson Jackson raise up your hand
You walk up to Jackson to sit next to him
Teacher: ok Erik can sit next to v v raise up your hand
Jackson: it looks like we just sitting next to each other
Y/n: yep
Jackson: hey y/n do want to have lunch to getter
Y/n: ok
After calss was finish
Erik: hey y/n do you want to have lunch to getter
Y/n: oh ok but can my friend join us
Erik: yeah
We walk to the cafeteria and empty cable
Y/n: ok Jackson this is Erik my childhood friend and Jackson he is my middle school friend
Jackson : hi Erik hope we can be friend
Erik: hi Jackson me 2
Jackson&Erik: hey y/n what calss do you have next
Y/n: Dance class what about you 2
Jackson&Erik: Dance class we can't wait to see you dance again it's been a long time we has seen you dance y/n
After lunch
You walked your locker to get your dance clothes and head to the girls restroom to go change for dance class

After that I start walking to the dance class
Teacher: you must be y/n
Y/n: yes I'm y/n
Teacher:ok class is starting so miss y/n you will go first
A/n: your the girl in red

After after you're done the whole class was clapping they're amazed by your

dance you up to your friends
Jackson&Erik: y/n your so good at dance
AllBrothersthoughts:y/n make me love her more wait who are those two guys talking to y/n
Teacher:ok class is over
We all left because today was Friday and it was a short day I walk to the locker to get my stuff for the said bye to the boys and the hop on my motorcycle and drive home after 10 minutes I was at home Jin in the kitchen making dinner after hour we all ate dinner after. All of us head to our rooms go to bed you already drifted to sleep but you had a nightmare about your dad and your two big brothers and they say it's your fault that you should die
Y/n: Dad , Peter,Rod I'm sorry please don't leave me!!
You're screaming and crying sleep and both of your hands are choking you in your sleep
Suga room was right next to your room he woke up and he heard screaming
Suga pov
I woake up cuz I heard screaming from y/n room I ran in there I see y/n she's crying and choking herself in her sleep I ran next to her to wake her up
Suga: y/n wake up !!
After that all my brothers ran in the room
All the boy : what's wrong with y/n
Suga: I don't know
After that she woke up
Your pov
You woke up when you see all your brothers in your room
All the boy: y/n what's the matter
Y/n: I had a nightmare about my dad and my big brother's they're saying that was my fault they died and I was choked cuz I fell in water
You started to cry again all the boys hug you
Jin: it ok y/n fine and it's not your fault
All the boy: do you want all of us to stay here with you y/n
Y/n: yes
Jin was hugging you to calm you down after a few minutes you fell asleep in his embrace
All boy pov
Namjoon: at least she fell asleep now jin did you know that y/n have brothers
Jin: no
All the boy but not namjoon&jin: but why does she think it's her fault that they die
Namjoon&Jin: I don't know but let's let her sleep for now
After that they all fell asleep in your room
Your pov
You dreaming and talking in your dream by yourself
Y/n: I never told no one my problems I'm balling up inside me I Cry by myself I can't be free I'm chain down to this please all Nightmares come true percent to be happy in front of everyone I wear a mask the cover-up my sadness I hope one day I can me free be love again.

A/n: hey you guys I hope you enjoy my story see what the next chapter what happens bye

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