My stepbrothers BTS ff

,love hurts and alone

Wake up to my alarm clock

Yn: ok time to get start

I go to the shower 20 min after at I go to my closet and pick my outfits Hair

After at I go to the kitchen to get an Apple so I can hang out with my friends later I walked in and I see all my brother's looking at me weird

Jin: Yn what are you wearing

Yn: I can wear anything I want so none of y'all don't talk to me right now

Suga: Yn gone Savage

I go get my apple left the house and I hop on the motorcycle to meet my friends after 30 min later I see them

Yn: hey guys

Jackson&Erik:hey Yn

Little did I know that my brothers is watching me


we decided to follow Yn cuz we wonder why was her attitude like that looking she didn't see us until she stopped and we stopped

RM: look there's Yn with two guys

Hobi: but what she's doing with them

Kookie: time spy evil laugh

Suga: kookie you need to stop watching spy movies

Yn Pov

We were talking for awhile I was going to ask Erik and Jackson for something but Erik got a call after he finished he came back

Yn: who it was on the phone

Erik: My girlfriend

Yn thoughts: he have a girlfriend I wish I told you sooner at I love you

Yn: oh ok oh yeah Jackson I need to ask you something

Jackson: what is it Yn

Yn: just going to be another competition and it go to be a partner thing so I'll you want to join me

Jackson: yeah sure Yn

Yn: ok let's practice after we finish here

After a while talking we got done and me and Jackson had to his house and I called my brothers

On the phone :

Hey jin I go to friends house and spend the night over there so is that okay

Jin: yeah it's okay

Yn: bye jin

Off the phone

Me Jackson's practice for a while

Now to competition day

Me & Jackson Outfits

We wait four are turning now we're are next

After we finish and we won I see my brother is in there cheering for me and Jackson and we go to them
Then I got a call from my mom

On the phone

Mom: Yn are you dating Jackson

Yn:No why were you think we're dating

Mom: well your brothers your live streaming on Facebook so yeah I watch the whole performance

Yn: oh ok

Mom: okay I'm on the plane right now sweetie so I'll call you back once I get back home okay bye

Yn: bye

Off the phone

I was looking at my brother's with death glares but I hear someone calling my name

??: oh look it's a little slut Yn

Jackson: what are you doing here Chris

Chris: I see at Yn be slut again

Yn: I'm not a slut you bastard your just mad at me cuz I didn't get it what you want it back then I don't know why I even date you

Chris: then who are all these guys

Yn: My family and friends you dimwit tell me you're the one who cheated behind my back because one little thing I couldn't give you

After I left


We see Yn left we got mad at this person

BTS: Don't call are little sister a slut

After at jimin punch him in the face and then we left

Yn Pov

I went back home and my brothers at home

An: hey my children right now go to the top and play the song cuz right it's the right time to play right now.

But Jin got to call when I come inside
Jin looks sad and he look at all of us

Jin: guys Bad news mom and dad ..... pass away

I started to cry I feel my heart turned out for my chest all the bad feelings came back to me

Yn: jin please tell me it's not true

Jin: I'm sorry Yn but it is

I ran to my room

Yn: I can't handle this right now my mom was Only person left why is it always me

I hear voice is coming again

Voice: Yn come back to me I'll make everything feel so much better


Voice: you want your family back don't you


voice: don't you want Erik to love you


Yn: why am I always alone why all of you leave me come back to me please

I fell asleep crying I have a nightmare

In nightmare : Yn: why I cover in blood
I look up I see my mom and dad , my brothers

All: Yn it's your fault we die

Voice: Yn you killed them your family never loved you in the first place


I wake-up screaming crying

All my brother's raining here

BTS : what's wrong Yn

Yn: I kill them I've ever loved me in the first place

Jin: who Yn who you killed who didn't love you

Yn: My family I did it I didn't want it I want them back

RM: calm down Yn

Yn: I can't I killed them it my fault they are my family I did this to them

Suga: Yn snap out of it!!

I snap out I was still crying all of them hug me I stopped crying I fell asleep again.

Kookie: what's going on Yn

Suga: I think this is Yn depression

Hobi&V: I think we need to take care of Yn

BTS: yeah I think we do need to take care of her and help her

An: hi my beautiful children. I'm sorry I post this little bit early but I was working on my other Story two and portent events are coming up next month so I'll be writing the event in the little Story to I hope you love is character bye my children.

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