My stepbrothers BTS ff

Y/n. Is a idol

I Wake up to my alarm

Y/n: Not in the mood for is

You decided to go shower you take 20 min after you finish go to your closet pick your outfits

You go downstairs twoeat breakfast when you got there you see all your brothers

BTS: Good morning yn

Yn: good morning oppas

Jin:here your breakfast

Yn: thank jin oppa

You started to eat but you got a call

On the phone:

Yn: Hello

Manager:Yn you need be soon you have a video to make

Yn: oh ok be there soon bye

Off the phone

You started to eat again but your brothers said something

RM: who was call you

Yn: My work be there soon so I got to go bye oppas

BTS: bye sis

After you left the house and go to work 30 min drive you at the work
You go in where the video is being made

Manager: oh Yn on time go to the dressing room and change

Yn: ok

I go to the dressing room and change
In the video outfits after at we started to record the video after 3 hours we finish

Manager: oh ok we finish

Yn: can I see

Manager: ok here

Yn: it perfect

Manager: ok it go on YouTube now oh Yn you have a concert tomorrow ok and here tickets for your family

Yn: ok and thanks

After I go change back to NY outfits and go home I got home see boys not home I go to the kitchen and see a note

Note: Yn we have to work and we be home late so we have dinner in the fridge for you
- Love your oppas

Yn: ok I guess I eat and to go to sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow

After you finish you go to your room and sleep

Next Morning

You wake-up and go shower take 30 min after at you pick your outfits

And hair

After at you go to the kitchen and eat breakfast and write a note for your brothers On the tickets after at you left and you at the concert and them everybody getting ready for it
We woke up at 12 we go to the kitchen to eat and we see a note

Suga: it Yn note it said hey bros I have to go now but there's a surprised for you I hope you love it
- Love sis

Kookie- Yn got us tickets for a concert it is back stage tickets

Hobi- cool at Yn got it for us but we have to pay her back these tickets are expensive

Jimin: yep the concert in 2 hours so let get ready

Yn Pov
It time for the content to start I was get ready and it my time to sing

Yn: hey guys I hope you have a good time with me

An: ok Your the one in pink ok

Yn: hey fan I made a new song for you I hope you love it

Oh why do I love you so? There's no where for me to go
Drowning in these tears I believed you would see me through

As I close my eyes I'm reminded of a time so long ago, Joined as one when our voices harmonized
You and I were closer than can be, living in a blissful dream love was born instantly

Who would guess we'd go our separate ways to this day, the pain revealed with all of my fears
Could it be the two of us are both the same?
And we never realized love was right there all along

Oh why do I love you so? There's no where for me to go
When I hear your voice ringing in my mind my will's not my own
The words that supported me were yours or were they a dream?
Even though we're far apart I want to know

Oh why do I love you so? There's no where for me to go
When I hear your voice ringing in my mind my will's not my own
The words that supported me were yours or were they a dream?
Even though we're far apart I want to know

Oh why do you touch me so? Your the only one who gives me hope
Clinging to lonely dreams your voice always will be with me

We came back stage and the concert started but we see a familiar face

BTS:is at Yn

And then she started to sin after 1 song she stop to say something to her fan

Yn:hey fan I made a new song for you I hope you love it

And then she started to sing again when she was singing a tear fall down her face

BTS: it is and she crying inside

Yn Pov
After finish sing tear fall down my face after at I sing few more song after

Yn: hey everybody I hope you love today concert and have a good night

After at I get off stage and go see my brothers and there face they were surprised at you a idol

BTS: why didn't you tell us that your a idol

Yn: like you didn't tell me that your BTS

BTS: FairPoint

Yn: ok I'm going to go change and we can go head home ok

BTS: ok

An: ok go to the top start the song at :14 ok

After at you change back to your outfits and hand home with your brothers and all of you are back home

Yn: ok I going to my room and sleep good night oppas

BTS:ok good night sis

You go to your room and lock the door you set down in front your door and cry


Voice: but I can help Yn


Voice: you want your family back and Erik two


Voice: yes I can I can't leave you I part of you Yn


Voice: Yes your family just didn't tell you at your different of normal people


Voice: I can show you just agree with me I can bring back your family and your loved


Voice: just wait and see yn

Yn: My body it hurt what are you doing to me

Voice: you will see soon Yn you slow disappear I be you soon

Yn: what do * pain* you mean

Voice: soon just soon

You where confused and whole body hurt and Wonder why

Yn: why me I want be free and see you again I miss you why do I have to be alone I miss the happy day why do I have to suffer here can I just be happy

You where crying your body is in pain

Yn: I need you but why do I do to deserve is I want be happy but I can't
I where a mask to Hind my sadness and my pain can you see I need you

You cry and past out be cuz the pain

In mind : you see all of your memories you cry it hurt to see is You just tide down to the sadness

An: hi my children I was going to post is yesterday but I didn't finish drawing until now but I hope you love the story and stay healthy my beautiful children love you all bye.

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