My stepbrothers BTS ff

World tour

You wake up to your alarm


Yn: oh ok I wake

You go to the shower take 20 min after at you pick your outfit

And hair make up

After at you go to the kitchen to eat breakfast you walk in and see boys

BTS: Good morning yn

Yn: good morning oppas

Jin: here your breakfast Yn

Yn: thanksJin oppa

You eating your breakfast but you got a call from your manager

Manager: Yn you have world tour be here soon if you want to take your family it's okay

Yn: ok see you soon

Yn: hey oppas do you want to go on my world tour


Yn: oh ok after we finish eating Packed your stuff

After at you go packed your stuff and left the house go to the airport to meet your manager after 2 hours drive you all go to the plane

Yn in mine: how beautiful it is

RM: hey yn we here

Yn: will we here in AL now

BTS: AL baby

hobi: so yn when does the tour start

Yn: tomorrow but we go the hotel put your stuff up and we can go eat

BTS: yes

the boys decided to eat at Panda Express all of you walk there it not far for the hotel you and RM order your food and rest of the boy confuse what you saying all of you finish eating and walk back to the hotel but there were boys staring at your butt

RM: Can you stop staring at my sister

Boys: can you tell our sister at she has a nice butt

Yn: stop staring before I rip your balls off

the boys look at each other runoff

Yn: let's go oppas

BTS(expRM): yn what did you say to the boys that run off

all of got to the hotel and sleep

Next Morning

you wake up you go where concert at and your brother came to and you get ready its time to start you go on stage to sing

Yn: hey LA are you ready for me

AllFan: YES!!!

AN: ok you are in outfit in song ok

after you singing few more song and concert end

Yn: Goodnight LA

you get off stage but your manager call you

Manager: Yn you video to shoot tomorrow

Yn: ok bye

Next Morning

you wake up and go to the location at the video shoot at you go to the dressing room and get ready for the video after 3hours you finish the video

manager: video is finish

Yn: can i see

manager: ok here

Yn: good

Manager: ok it going on youtube now oh yn the next concert in mexico we are go to leave today

Yn: ok

An: Hi my beautiful children sorry for the short story but there going to be a part2 to this chapter and stay healthy and work hard in school love you all bye .

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