My stepbrothers BTS ff


You and Boys go back to hotel get your stuff go to the airport and get on plane you got a call from your dad friend you pick it up and start to speak in Spanish

A/n: I forgot to tell you at you dad is Mexican

Yn: Hi Fonsi

Fonsi: hi sweetie how you doing

Yn: good and you

Fonsi: good I heard at you come to Mexico

Yn: yeah why

Fonsi: so I can see you again it's been a while and so we can make a video together

Yn: oh ok I will see you once I get there

Fonsi: bye sweetie


The boys look at you confuse

Yn: what

BTS: who was call you

Yn: oh at my dad

An: yes you call your dad friend dad

BTS: but you said at your dad died

Yn: yes at my dad friend I just call him dad cuz he know me when I was born

BTS: oh what else we don't know about you

Yn: well I was born in Florida I lived there until 1st grade I'm half Mexican on my dad side and I'm half Korean on my mom side I'm fluent in English, Spanish, Korean and you know I'm idol I sing and dance, rap, I play guitar, piano and I moved to Korea in 2nd grade so yeah

BTS: wow yn you are so talented

Yn: yeah so I go to see my dad once we land but you can if you want

BTS: we love to meet your dad

Yn: I think he loves you guys

after we land we go see your dad after 1-hour drive we at your dad house you walk up to the door and knock and your dad open the door and see you , hugs you but after the hugs you he see the boys

Fonsi: umm Yn who are the boys

Yn: oh at my stepbrothers

Fonsi: your mom got married

Yn: yes but she passed away with my stepdad

Fonsi: oh Yn I'm so sorry I know at your dad and your brothers passed away it so hard for you and your not alone I'm here still and I'm your dad

Yn: yes I know dad oh let me introduce you to the boys

Yn: is Jin the oldest

and is Suga 2 oldest

is jhope 3 oldest

is RM 4 oldest

Is jimin 1 youngest

is V 2 youngest

is jungkook 3 youngest and at Is BTS and they are idol two

your dad started to speak English

Fonis: Hi BTS nice to meet you

RM&Suga: nice to meet you yn dad

Fonis: come on in and call me dad

me and the boys walk in the living room and the boy see pictures of you and your brothers when your little and one in your rock band

BTS: Yn is at you in the pictures

the boys show you the picture

Yn: oh yes I remember those days the 1st one is my birthday we where here in Mexico and my family wanted my brothers to kiss my cheek and the 2nd one is me in middle school me and my brothers wanted to play in school talent show we where rock band and we win

after you said at your dad walk in

Yn: you still have the pictures

Fonis: Yes I love those days oh Yn I have the songs we are going to sing and the video shoot is tomorrow

Yn: oh ok see you tomorrow dad

BTS: bye dad

Fonis: Bye Yn and Boys

Next Morning

you walk up and get ready

after at you go to the location where the video is shoot at and your brothers came two when you got there you go to the dressing room to get ready after 5 hours you finish the video

Fonis: Yn the video is finished want to see and you two boys

Yn&BTS: yes

An: imagine at the hair color in the pictures in the video

Yn&BTS: WOW it perfect

after at you change back to your outfit you and your dad,Brothers were hanging out but your dad got a call after he finished he came back

Yn: what is it dad

Fonis: the video got so much View that news channels want to talk with us

Yn: oh ok when are we going to meet news channel

Fonis: in a few minutes

Yn: you mean they're going to meet us now

Fonis: yes sweetie so please don't complain

Yn: ok dad

After at news channel came talk to us
The boys we're just waiting for us to finish

Reporter: So Fonis how do you know Yn

Fonis: oh I know her ever since she was born me her dad been friends ever since we were little

Yn: yes he new me for a really long time so that's the reason I call him dad

Reporter: oh so Fonis so are you proud of your daughter at she a famous singer here in Mexico and the US and Korea

Fonis: Yes I am proud of Yn ever since watching her grow up as a little girl me and her family always believe in her dreams that she will be here today

Yn: yes him and my family always supported me through my dreams I can't believe I'm here today being supported by so many fans around the world my family was the biggest thing to me they were my first fan

After at you and your dad got finish and all you hang out for a little while more and you and your brothers got back to the hotel and go sleep for your concert tomorrow

Next Morning

You wake-up and get ready to go to the concert you got there early will still setting up things the concert doesn't start for a little while more it was all ready for an afternoon it was time for the concert to start you're getting ready and your outfits

And time to start the concert

Yn: Hey Mexico I'm happy to be back home and I happy to perform to all my fan

After at you change your outfit really quick

Yn: I want to say this to all the girls never let no one tell you what you should do now perform one of my favorite dance

An: okay you're the one with the silver hair

Yn: I'm going to sing one of the songs that I wrote a long time ago and it's really important to me

After you saying few more songs the concert is over

Yn: thank you Mexico I'm happy to perform back at my home in to all of my fans love you and goodnight

An: hey my beautiful children sorry I've been off for a while I got busy and I want to say stay healthy work hard in school and I love all of you.

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