My stepbrothers BTS ff


You and the boys go back home but you can help to think what did your dad say to your brothers

* FlashBack BTS POV *

Fonis: Boy please take care of Yn

BTS: Ok Dad we will

*End FlashBack BTS POV*

you getting notification on your twitter so look on your phone

Fan: Jhope oppa B-day is tomorrow

you look back to see sleeping hobi but the rest of boy are a woke

YN: hobi B-day is tomorrow

BTS(expHobi): it tomorrow what are we go to do for him

Yn: a party

BTS(expHobi): yaeh

after at you and the boys fall, asleep but you wake up to see at your at the airport and you wake up the boys After at you all go home But you whit to buy jhope a gif for him so you go to the mall after at you go back home and sleep

Next moring

you wakeup go shower after at you pike your outfit and your hair

After at you go to the kitchen to make breakfast for the boys after you finish you wake up the boys the only person left to wake up is hobi

Yn:oppa wake up

Hobi: 5 more min

Yn: but I make breakfast for you

Hobi: breakfast yes !!!

Hobi run down to the kitchen to eat you go after him

Yn: here your breakfast hobi

Hobi: thank you Yn and Yn I love your Style

After at the boys go to work so you at the house alone

Yn: time to get ready


me and the go back home we go inside the but all the lights are off

Jhope: why are the light are off

So jhope turn on the light and see this in the in the front door

Jhope : what's all of this

BTS(exphobi): we don't know

All them go through it and go to the living room and turn on the lights and see you

Yn&boys : Happy birthday jhope

Jhope:Thank you guys love is birthday

Yn: and here's your present

Jhope: thanks Yn I love it

Yn: here your cake

An:srroy for the short story and Happy birthday jhope , love you my children

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